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For every point PAOK gets, it gets added to Greece's total and divided by the amount of teams participating in Europe.  Depending on the stage of each competition, wins/ties get different amount of points. This year, it was all PAOK and OLY.  The fact that we got 8 points is based solely on them.


Cup qW qD qL #W #D #L Bonus Points Average
4 teams
  7 4 3 9 2 7 3 32.0 8.000
26 PAOK Thessaloniki ECL 2 1 1 6 2 2 1 17.5 not out
52 Olympiakos Piraeus EL 3 3 0 3 0 5 2 12.5  
163 Aris Thessaloniki ECL 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.0  
163 AEK Athens ECL 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1.0


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7 hours ago, kolokotronis99tripoli said:

Can anyone here pleeeeeease explain to me the breakdown for our Uefa league coefficient???? IK on the website Greece is the 15th league right now, but has PAOKs efforts brought us up a spot? Do we have to beat Marseille to ensure that? What spot do we have to be to get out guaranteed champions league group stage spot back/ any Europa league spots backed. HELP

We don't have to defat Marseille to keep the 15th spot. It all depends on what Slavia Prague does in the quarterfinals of Conference League. PAOK beating Marseille will greatly help keeping the 15th spot. As for Champions League automatic group stage spot Greece has to climb to number 11 spot in the coefficient standings. With the 15 place we get to send 2 teams to the qualifying rounds of Champions League. And as Aetos tis Olandias mentioned, all this is for the 2023-24 European season.

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Correct. But any success this year is still good for next year, as we stand to benefit from an increased ranking (preferential seeding). There have been many times in the past that we have just missed out on being in the seeded group of a draw, after all.

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We are entitled to make two changes in the squad and the deadline is April 1st.

Michailidis offcourse out. But will Lucescu put Sastre in or Varela?  At this moment I don't see that a second replacement is necessary unless someone gets severe injured the upcoming days.

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Are we? I thought I read that we can only make changes if we sign players from Russia or Ukraine.

If the case is we can make the 2 changes regardless, then he may do Varela in for some insurance incase disaster strikes.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Jaba come in maybe for Soares? As always Lucescu does not rush any signing into the team, we'll see more of Soares from next season. So unlikely he'll get any minutes in Europe especially when you consider we already have Kurtic, Tsingaras, Schwab, Augusto (who can go back to his natural position) and even El Kaddouri who can play deeper if needed. 

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My belief is that we have slim chances of qualifying, but anything can happen in the game of football. I just hope our players will give their all to achieve something positive.

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On 3/31/2022 at 5:24 AM, Blackhawk said:

Enjoy the game guys. We expect live reports from the Velodrome.

No live reports please. This is one of PAOK's biggest moments so enjoy the game guys and take it all in by staying off your phones!!

You can report everything back afterwards.

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2021-2022 European Season Recap

The 2021-2022  turned out to be PAOK's most successful European campaign in the teams history. We managed to reach the quarterfinal of a European competition, which equals our accomplishment in the 1973-1974 season (quartefinals of Cup Winners Cup). This time it took us 16 games to do it, while in 1973-1974 we  only needed 4 games before we faced AC Milan in the quartefinals.

This season in the Europe Conference League we played 16 games starting in the Qualifying Round 3. We won 8 games, tied 3 and lost 5.

Our scorers in the competition were:

4 - Zivkovic
2 - Schwab
2 - El Kaddouri
1 - Oliveira, Akpom, Biseswar, Mitrita, Murg, Sidcley, Vieirinha and one own goal

PAOK's Overall European Statisctics 

SEASONS PLAYED:   40  (out of 67)
GAMES PLAYED:      216
GAMES WON:             80
GAMES TIED:              60
GAMES LOST:             76
GOALS FOR:              288

We played in all 7 European competitions . The statistics are as follows:


GAMES PLAYED:        22
GAMES WON:               5
GAMES TIED:                8
GAMES LOST:               9
GOALS FOR:                31
GOALS AGAINST:        37


GAMES PLAYED:          6
GAMES WON:               1
GAMES TIED:                1
GAMES LOST:               4
GOALS FOR:                  5
GOALS AGAINST:        12


GAMES PLAYED:         18
GAMES WON:               8
GAMES TIED:                5
GAMES LOST:               5
GOALS FOR:                24
GOALS AGAINST:        23


GAMES PLAYED:          6
GAMES WON:               2
GAMES TIED:                0
GAMES LOST:               4
GOALS FOR:                  5
GOALS AGAINST:        17


GAMES PLAYED:          62
GAMES WON:               22
GAMES TIED:                17
GAMES LOST:               23
GOALS FOR:                  90
GOALS AGAINST:         86


GAMES PLAYED:          86
GAMES WON:               34
GAMES TIED:                27
GAMES LOST:               25
GOALS FOR:                 114
GOALS AGAINST:          85


GAMES PLAYED:          16
GAMES WON:                8
GAMES TIED:                 3
GAMES LOST:                5
GOALS FOR:                 20
GOALS AGAINST:         13


20 - Athanasiadis
14 - Salpiggidis
11 - Mak
 9 - Giasoumis
 9 - Vieirinha
 8 - Sarafis
 8  - Pelkas
 8 - Prijovic
 7 - Zivkovic
 6 - Frantzeskos
 5 - Dimopoulos C.
 5 - Maragos
 5 - Konstantinidis P.
 5 - Tzolis

In bold players that are still active.

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