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  1. Would have preferred a tie. Must win against Slovan in our next game, before we face Copenhagen twice in a row.
  2. Very poor first half by PAOK. It's a miracle that we are winning right now. Bad news is the injury to Crespo. Hopefully we will improve in 2nd half. I would throw in Vieirinha and Schwab.
  3. Akpom 1:0 Nice play by Taylor to serve the ball to Akpom.
  4. I am going to make a prediction here. We are not winning this game.
  5. Watching the pregame on TUDN and I see some PAOK fans in the stands. The stadium looks like a Greek 'B' division field only with artificial turf. There is also an airport next to the stadium.
  6. I don't mind this lineup, but why does Esiti get a start and not Tsiggaras?
  7. Now that we have a clear picture as far as TV rights for Superleague 1 rights in Greece here is how the international rights for the season 2021-2022 are shaping up: PAOK TV - available worldwide except Greece & Cyprus PAOK Thessaloniki NET TV PLUS - available worldwide except Greece & Cyprus Aris Thessaloniki Asteras Tripolis Atromitos Athens Olympiakos Piraeus PAOK Thessaloniki PAS Giannina ANTENNA SATELLITE/PACIFIC - available in USA, Canada/Australia Apollon Smyrnis Ionikos Nikaias Panaitolikos Agrino Panathinaikos Athens SPORT PLUS - available in USA, Canada/Australia AEK Athens NFC Volos OFI PAS Giannina
  8. TV coverage via COSMOTE Sport in Greece, Stan Sport in Australia, Paramount+ and TUDN apps in the US.
  9. The same applied to the Bohemians players and we barely qualified. If we don't take them seriously we will pay for it.
  10. Which again does not solve the problems, because it makes it easier for the family oligarchs to win the elections.
  11. Score one early and then add couple more and then relax, but we know that will never happen. It will be a nail bitter until the end.
  12. Pro communist city? What does that even mean? Where do you live? Austria? Thessaloniki was always pro New democracy/Right wing city. Not only that, the people of Thessaloniki are so brainwashed that they keep voting for the same people despite the fact that once they get elected they do nothing for the city and instead kiss the ass of the masters in Athens.
  13. Final count for season tickets: 7,800 Very disappointing!
  14. Yeah Savvidis reads the Phantis PAOK forum every day and what we say here is going to change his mind. If I was him and I had to deal with the most obnoxious fans that don't appreciate anything I would have quit long time ago.
  15. VS MATCHUP: Asteras Tripolis - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Superleague 1 – Round 2 DATE: 19-September-2021 TIME: 20:30 EEST (17:30 UTC, 12:30 CDT, 02:30 AEST next day) CITY / STADIUM: Tripoli – Th. Kolokotronis Stadium (Capacity: 7,616) REFEREES: Evaggelos Manouchos (Argolida) - Polychrinis Kostaras (Aitolokarnania), Christos Baltas (Achaia) TELEVISION: Novasports (Greece & Cyprus), net TV Plus (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus) Asteras Tripolis – PAOK History 2020-2021: 1:1 (Swiderski) - Attendance: nf (play-offs) 2020-2021: 2:1 (Zivkovic) - Attendance: nf 2019-2020: 1:2 (Swiderski, own goal) - Attendance: 3,068 2018-2019: 0:3 (Vieirinha, Mauricio, own goal) - Attendance: 2,115 2017-2018: 3:2 (Campos, Prijovic-p) - attendance: 1,580 2016-2017: 1:2 (Koulouris 2) - Attendance: 1,960 2015-2016: 2:1 (Pelkas) - Attendance: 2,101 2014-2015: 1:0 - Attendance: 2,462 (play-offs) 2014-2015: 3:0 - Attendance: 2,449 2013-2014: 1:0 - Attendance: 1,845 (play-offs) 2013-2014: 2:1 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 2,351 2012-2013: 1:2 (Athanasiadis, Katsouranis) - Attendance: 2,634 (play-offs) 2012-2013: 1:0 - Attendance: 2,218 2011-2012: 1:0 - Attendance: 1,892 2010-2011: 0:0 - Attendance: 2,367 2009-2010: 1:1 (Fotakis) - Attendance: 2,500 2008-2009: 0:2 (Anastasakos, Conceisao) - Attendance: 2,092 2007-2008: 2:0 - Attendance: 3,685 GAMES: 18 WINS: 5 TIES: 3 LOSSES: 10
  16. The ref in the Olympiakos - Atromitos game added 10 minutes of extra time in hope that gavroi would score or win a penalty, but he gave up after the 10 minutes were up.
  17. The other thing I could not believe was how bad the condition of the turf at Toumba was. Reminded me of the Giannina turf of the past.
  18. Round 1 results Panathinaikos Athens - Apollon Smyrnis 4:0 Panaitolikos Agrinio - Asteras Tripolis 0:0 NFC Volos - PAS Lamia 2:1 PAOK THESSALONIKI - PAS Giannina 0:1 AEK Athens - Ionikos Nikaias 3:0 Olympiakos Piraeus - Atromitos Athens 0:0 Aris Thessaloniki - OFI 0:0
  19. Does anybody know if today's PAOK game was also available on Net TV Plus?
  20. That's what happens when daddy Lucescu and son Lucescu act as Technical Directors.
  21. I paid 6 dollars for this s%$#!. Tragic team.
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