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  1. Unless he is cooperating with PAOK behind the scenes to drive down the asking price by Brugge (4 mil Euro), but I kind of doubt it.
  2. Read Krmencik's interview on Czech site iDnes.cz this morning. - in it he is clearly saying that he and his wife want to return to Czech Republic - he said he does not want to go back to Brugge - he said he is in talks with both Slavia and Sparta but Brugge is not accepting their offers (loan) - he said he enjoyed his 6 month in Thessaloniki and that PAOK fans are great - he said that PAOK did not approach him or Brugge about him staying in Thessaloniki I think the link pash posted above originating from the Belgian sources (and spread by the Greek copy cats) app
  3. You can watch the game live here. Sunday, June 13, 2021, 20:30 EEST:
  4. I would thin you would want the best athlete in each event in order to have a better chance of qualifying to the Super League.
  5. I think so too, but it will be very hard to do that.
  6. Krmencik's fate won't be finilezed until the end of the EURO in my opinion. Articles like that could just be maneuvers to influence negotiations among interested parties.
  7. Don't understand why Stefanidi is not competing in the pole vault. I think Papachristou should compete in triple jump even though Karydi has better performance so far this year. Experience counts in these kind of competitions.
  8. He showed resilience when things were not going his way in sets 3 & 4. Something that Sakkari could not do. Good job by Tsitsipas.
  9. Too many careless mistakes at key points of the game. She was not mentally ready when things did not go her way. So close to make it to the final.
  10. PAOK women’s football team accomplished a new record. In today’s championship game against Agrotikos Asteras Aghia Varvara they scored 15 goals. With this win PAOK finishes the season winning Group 1 (North) with 30 points and a record of 10 wins and 0 losses. Goal difference 69:2. The results of the regular season: Round 1: PAOK – AE Larisa 2:0 Round 2: Doxa Drama – PAOK 0:3 Round 3: PAOK – Trikala 8:2 Round 4: Agrotikos Asteras Euosmos – PAOK 0:3 Round 5: PAOK – Giannina 6:0 Round 6: Elpides Karditsa – PAOK 0:5 Round 7: Aris – PAOK 0:3 Roun
  11. Looks like it was decided that the pre-season training will take place in Holland between July 12 - July 26. The team is expected to play 4 or 5 pre-season games.
  12. Did not get a chance to go. I did not expect Surinam to beat Canada. The troubling news that came out today is that Surinam will play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup taking place in USA between July 10 - August 1. If Biseswar takes part in the competition with Surinam it means he will miss all of the pre-season training. In this case it might be a good idea to drop him from the PAOK roster.
  13. There is a great possibility that we will have two Roland Garros finals with Greek participation. Hopefully both Tsitsipas and Sakkari are mentally ready to give their all in the semifinals. Both opponents are beatable.
  14. Swiderski started on the bench in the friendly against Iceland. he entered the game in 82th minute and 7 minutes he equalized the game with a nice goal. Poland - Iceland 2:2 final. Krmencik not even on the squad for today's Czech Republic - Albania friendly. Later today Suriname plays Canada in WC qualifier. Biseswar will surely start. The game of all places is played in Chicago (Bridgeview) in the old Chicago Fire stadium. Still have time to drive down there to see the game.
  15. Yet another interview with Lucescu. This one from PAOK TV:
  16. I don't want Limnios back. Would say the same for my favorite player Biseswar, but we are stuck with his contract so I reluctantly welcome him back. In other rumors/fake news, Oliveira was offered to PAOK. No, not the one that played for us during our championship season. It's the wanna be Oliveira that was set free by AEX.
  17. Expect quite a few players to be cut from the pre-season training squad right after that game.
  18. The Greek National Track & Field Championships took place at Pampeloponisiako Stadio in Patra over the weekend. In the team competitions Alexandros Makedonias in the men's division and GS Glyfada in the women's division were the winners. With very few exceptions the performances were just average. The 8.48 meters in the long jump by Tentoglou, and the 4.75 meters by Stefanidi in the pole vault were the top performances. Stefanidi competed out of competition and her result did not count in the championship standings. Notable results: MEN HIGH JUMP: Baniotis (Olympiada
  19. Apparently El Kaddouri agreed to a 3-year contract extension worth 730K per season. At the beginning of negotiation Kaddouri was asking for 1.1 mil. Recently the offers/demands were PAOK 650K/Kaddouri 800K. if this latest rumor (plus hints by Lucescu at press conference) are true than both sides met in the middle and agreed at 730K.
  20. Krmencik is a starter in the Italy - Czech Republic friendly which is about to start in half an hour.
  21. Two more friendlies before our next WC qualifying game. - Norway on Sunday in Malaga, Spain - Switzerland away on September 1, 2021 at 13:45 EEST.
  22. Stupid to start 2 left backs. Giannoulis playing out of position and it shows. Take him out and put in Tzolis who can do a lot better in that position. Also you need score on the limited chances you get.
  23. Well Kaddouri turned down an offer for 600K per year offer, which would be quite a pay cut. However that was before Lucescu's comeback. Also, I don't think he has been getting any big offer elsewhere. I think with a 750K offer he will stay.
  24. Basically what we learned today is that - Biseswar, El Kaddouri are staying - we will not be getting a new goaltender - we will try to loan Krmencik again but nothing is guaranteed - he likes Prijovic but he is under contract and expensive
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