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  1. There is unconfirmed report that there is a widespread COVID-19 outbreak in the U21 national team, which includes 5 PAOK players. The U21 is scheduled to play Cyprus tomorrow.
  2. VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki -Volos NFC COMPETITION: Superleague 1 – Round 6 DATE: 17-October-2021 TIME: 16:00 EEST (13:00 UTC, 08:00 CDT, 00:00 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Novasports Prime (Greece, Cyprus), PAOK TV, Net TV Plus (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus) PAOK - NFC Volos history: 2020-2021: 3:1 (Schwab, Ingason, Krmencik) - Attendance: no fans 2019-2020: 1:0 (Vieirinha-p) - Attendance: 11,995 GAMES: 2 WINS: 2 TIES: 0 LOSSES: 0
  3. It's final. The 'B' team will play their home games at the Makedonikos Stadium in Nea Efkarpia. Capacity 8,100.
  4. One addition to our "international" players is Ismael Ouedraogo from our 'B' team who represents Burkina Faso in the African WC qualifiers.
  5. Sweden are clearly the favorites in this game and I believe they will win. They just have a better team then us. However as we have seen in the past anything can happen. Our player will have to go out and give it their all for the win.
  6. 2:0 away win against Belarus with Diamantis and Sardelis scoring the goals. With this win we go to the top of the table but other teams played less games. Next game is against Cyprus away on 12.10.2021 Standings after todays game: 1. Greece 8 (4 games) 2. Cyprus 7 (3) 3. Portugal 6 (2) 4. Iceland 4 (3) 5. Belarus 0 (3) 6. Liechtenstein 0 (4) The 2 ties against Cyprus (home) and Iceland (away) will probably cost us the qualification from this group.
  7. The punishment was for delay of game (several times) because of low visibility due to the flares. They do that at every "derby" and never got punished for it in the past. Apparently there is a confusion if they have the right to appeal the decision. In any case I would like to beat them in front of a full house.
  8. El Kaddouri and Varela returned to full practices today. Ingason took part in in some portions of the practices.
  9. Here is the complete draw results for PAOK 'B' team. Be warned that at least 4 other teams are trying to get into Superleague 2 through courts. If they manage to succeed the current draw will be null and void. Kick-off is scheduled for October 17. Round 1: AE Larisa - PAOK 'B' Round 2: PAOK 'B' - Pierikos Katerini Round 3: Apollon Larisa - PAOK 'B' Round 4: PAOK 'B' - Olympiakos Piraeus 'B' Round 5: NFC Veroia - PAOK 'B' Round 6: PAOK 'B' - Thesprotos Round 7: AO Trikala - PAOK 'B' Round 8: Almopos Aridaia - PAOK 'B' Round 9: PAOK 'B' - Anagennisi Karditsa Round 10: AO Xanthi - PAOK 'B' Round 11: PAOK 'B' - Olympiakos Volos Round 12: Panserraikos Serres - PAOK 'B' Round 13: PAOK 'B' - Niki Volos Round 14: PO Triglia (fake Iraklis) - PAOK 'B' Round 15: PAOK 'B' - Apollon Pontou
  10. PAOK players international duties this coming week: GREECE - Paschalakis 9.10.2021 20:00 EEST: Georgia - Greece (World Cup Qualifying) 12.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Sweden - Greece (World Cup Qualifying) SLOVENIA - Kurtic 8.10.2021 19:00 EEST: Malta - Slovenia (World Cup Qualifying) 11.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Slovenia - Russia (World Cup Qualifying) ALBANIA - Mihaj 9.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Hungary - Albania (World Cup Qualifying) 12.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Albania - Poland (World Cup Qualifying) POLAND - Swiderski 9.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Poland - San Marino (World Cup Qualifying) 12.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Albania - Poland (World Cup Qualifying) ROMANIA - Mitrita 8.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Germany - Romania (World Cup Qualifying) 11.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Romania - Armenia (World Cup Qualifying) SERBIA - Zivkovic A. 9.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Luxembourg - Serbia (World Cup Qualifying) 12.10.2021 21:45 EEST: Serbia - Azerbaijan (World Cup Qualifying) GREECE U21 - Lyratzis, Michailidis, Tsiggaras, Tsaousis, Koutsias 8.10.2021 19:00 EEST: Belarus - Greece (Euro U21 Qualifying) 12.10.2021 19:00 EEST: Cyprus - Greece (Euro U21 Qualifying)
  11. With the development concerning Kaftanzoglio Stadium for the PAOK 'B' team today, I will go on record saying that as long as New Democracy (ie Marinakis) is in power new Toumba stadium will not be build. Let's not forget that the initial agreement signed back in 2018 or 2019 was that we had 4 years to start building the stadium or the agreement would be void. I am fairly sure that their (government/Marinakis) will drag this for that long.
  12. BTW the draw was made and our first game is AE Larisa - PAOK'B'
  13. Kaftanzoglio is a property of GGA (Geniki Gramatia Athlitismou = Greek government). The boss of GGA is Lefteris Augenakis, who is the right hand of Evaggelos Marinakis and his man in Greek government. Avgenakis was behind the PAOK-Xanthi allegations of dual ownership on orders from Marinakis. It's quite obvious that this is nothing but obstacles being thrown at PAOK at the plans to build the new Toumba. They (government, Marinakis, etc.) don't want PAOK to build a new stadium with private funds (Savvidis) and will do anything possible to delay or prevent the stadium to be build. Also, they placed Olympiakos 'B' team in the north division of Superleague 2. Olympiakos has announced that their 'B' team will be based in Thessaloniki and will play their home games at a stadium in Thessaloniki that has not been announced yet.
  14. Yeah that's a big loss for Copenhagen and sadly for our NT as well. Let's hope it will make it easier for PAOK in our next two European games. The problem is that our game in Copenhagen is sandwiched between our games with the SL leader Volos and the hated rival Olympiakos. We will play 3 tough games in the span of 7 days.
  15. This Sidiropoulos ref has to be one of the worst refs in Greece.
  16. Common Schwab. What else do you need to score there.
  17. After scoring we are giving them way too much playing space.
  18. Three OFI players came down with COVID. Two more positive results and the game will be postponed.
  19. PAOK always gets results when we are not favorites. I think we will do well against Copenhagen. It's the Slovans and Imps games that worry me. Taylor has been good the last couple games. Most goals we sore come with his involvement. Our problems are midfield and very slow and unreliable defense. Mihaj and Michailidis in 2nd half our worst players today.
  20. I would not say that yet. Two wins against Copenhagen and we are first, but we still have an away game in Bratislava. We just made our job so much harder. We always make it hard on ourselves. I think in the end we will finish second, but third place is also a possibility.
  21. Slovan is easily creating scoring chances against our defense. We should be happy the games is still tied and we can thank Paschalakis for that. This game can go either way.
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