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  1. Schwab subbed out in '60 and Kurtic subbed in.
  2. Με 10 αλλαγές ο ΠΑΟΚ στο δεύτερο ημίχρονο: Ζίφκοβιτς, Βιεϊρίνια, Κάργας, Νάσμπεργκ, Τσαούσης, Σβαμπ, Φελίπε Σοάρες, Ρικάρντο, Μουργκ, Μπίσεσβαρ, Τόμας
  3. Lineup for the friendly against AE Lemesos: Κοτάρσκι, Ράφα Σοάρες, Κουλιεράκη, Ίνγκασον, Σάστρε, Ντούγκλας, Σβαμπ, Νάρεϊ, Κωνσταντέλια, Ομάρ Ελ Καντουρί, Νέλσον Ολιβέιρα.
  4. Still managed to score a 5.7 (maybe for working hard)
  5. Poland was sooooo bad. I can't remember Swiderski touching the ball in the only half he played. I only saw him around his own box trying to block the Argentinians. Poor Karol.
  6. Will be a spicy game with the Swiss players with Albanian/Kosovar roots vs the Serbs.
  7. Yes. Thought I saw that too but later just one assist was mentioned at the livescore app I use. Might better get me another app ......
  8. FT 4-1. Konstantelias scored our fourth goal. Selimai received a yellow card.
  9. HT 3-1 against Ashdod. Goals Felipe Soares, Biseswar and Brandon.
  10. Andrija did not score but assisted the first Serbian goal. FT 3-3.
  11. Zivkovic again a starter versus Cameroon. Will he be the first (active) PAOK-player to score at a Worldcup?!?!? Hope so!
  12. Players that travelled to Cyprus: Κοτάρσκι, Ζίβκοβιτς, Μπαλωμένος, Ταλιχμανίδης, Βιεϊρίνια, Λύρατζης, Σάστρε, Κάργας, Νέσμπεργκ, Μιχαηλίδης, Κουλιεράκης, Τσαούσης, Ράφα Σοάρες, Σελιμάι, Σβαμπ, Φιλίπε Σοάρες, Ντούγκλας, Μπίσεσβαρ, Ελ Καντουρί , Κωνσταντέλιας, Ρικάρντο, Μουργκ, Νάρεϊ, Κουαλιάτα, Ολιβέιρα, Μπράντον. Surprises for me in this squad are Selimai and Murg. Ντάντας, Κούρτιτς, Ίνγκασον will join later in order to rest some days extra after their international duties. Andrija Zivkovic is in Qatar. At least till December 2nd. Longer if Serbia reach the knock-outs.
  13. He is, but personally I only recognize it as a clubrecord if this was for our A-team. But he is a promissing prospect.
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