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  1. The first wasted points of the season. Fully deserved. We were deteriorating from the 50th minute.
  2. I like the commentators of Metropolis style. It is just like they who talk now are codering a funeral.
  3. Official debut for Koutsias. Just 16 years old. And Pelkas also coming in. And is the captain,
  4. Could (or should?) have been 2-0 down but we are lucky to be 1-0 up. Though we had the better of the game the first 50 minutes.
  5. Tzolis has his contract with us renewed till 2024 without a buy out clause! Smart move.
  6. Congratz, Omonoia9! You have a GS for sure. Either CL or EL.
  7. Just scored the opener and third goal for Willem II in their EL Q2 match against Progres Niederkorn of Luxemburg. 0-3 after only 37 minutes being played now.
  8. According to the match calendar on paokfc.gr PO leg 2 will be played on Wednesday September 30th.
  9. PO leg 1 will be played on Tuesday September 22nd 22:00 EEST. Krasnodar had already scheduled that day as they were qualified automatically and had drawn at home first. PO leg 2 will be played September 29th or 30th. In Toumba.
  10. Thanks, Dean. Also glad to see kolokotronis99tripoli back after a while. And glad Apolo Vaz did not show up. All the other times we were eliminated. 😉
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