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  1. FT 1-2. Bad game. But last year they lost too while I watched the game and we won the Super League. Soooo
  2. Murg missed a penalty at '47. Or keeper saved one could say. But in '54 Baba scored. Assist Despodov. HT now. 1-2.
  3. The match against Genk is being played as scheduled today but in a 4x30 minutes format. Started off very bad. Conceived two goals in the first 10 minutes. Score after 50 minutes is still 0-2.
  4. Like the new format. O Aris and Lamia/Atromitos/OFI/or can't have any fun knowing to finish 5th and 6th for sure. And the top two of the relegation group were too strong. So this subdivision added is good. Season starts August 17th btw.
  5. Draw will be on Tuesday July 16th 20:30 EEST.
  6. About 9,000 fans renewed the season ticket. Since everybody is able to buy one from now on 11,300 season tickets have been sold (aggregate).
  7. Could very well be their last match as Vitesse faces bankruptcy. Can't remember that we someone loaned to them. But Ruud Knol played there before joining us. Vitesse is known best for Nikos Machlas for sure.
  8. Kotarski definitely to blame for that goal. Saw the friendly against Genk was cancelled according to soccerway. On the wiki page of Genk our friendly is not mentioned. Anybody information about this?
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