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  1. An addition here: No real points yet as all participants of ECL GS start with 2.5 points regardless what they do in GS. A win is 2 points, a draw 1. So we are at 2.0 points now. Every single point we get from now on WILL increase our tally for this season in the club ranking. Our win however does effect/increase the coefficient of Greece (but with the divider of 5 as Greece started this season with 5 teams and thus 0,4 points (2.0:5))
  2. FT. 2-3. First points. First money. Bravo. Our 100% score against Finnish teams is a fact 😁
  3. Just returned from two weeks Agios Nikolaos (Crete). Saw the match in a sportsbar. I know there is no brains in those in power of EPO or SL as matches aren't at different times but at the same time or with a gap of just an hour or half an hour. Normally I don't care if they do not want the brand to be marketed in the best way but now we were there with 10 PAOK-tzides. And suddenly some 100 Gavroi showed up to watch their match against the paper ones. 5 out of 6 televisions switched the channel and our commentary was shut down and the other turned on loud. Could not stand their cheering when they scored. Sadly our cheering for Gospodinov's goal was all for nothing. Anyway did not return to that bar after this happened. Watched Feyenoord somewhere else. On a positive note: no swearing or fighting between the rivals. Probably as all those locals know eachother. Everybody was doing his own thing and all PAOK-tzides (including my wife and myself) left after the game. Weird experience.
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