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  1. Apparently the friendly against Turkey is off, but now we play away against Norway on the 6th of June. Location Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo. https://www.epo.gr/News.aspx?a_id=50311&NewsType=22
  2. We will but not yet. The week after this one. Think this is better. The players have played 44 matches (for PAOK; our internationals played way more) so far this season in only 8 months time. Pana played just 31. Asteras too. Aris 35. We must stay as fresh as possible. See Tzolis: he is a shadow of him playing in the early season. They need some rest. We will finish SL on May 16th. 7 games left. And 1 or 2 in the cup. Again a lot of games in one month time.......
  3. Yellow Warda and Murg replacing him right after that. Our last sub as it is the third during the game
  4. Should have done better with that opportunity. No penalty. Arm was at a natural pose.
  5. Zivkovic with his usual yellow. I forgive him this time as he stopped a dangerous counter.
  6. Aris lost at home against AEK. Gavros are crowned champions of they win against Panathinaikos later this day. I'm glad we do not have the tradition of the so called pasillo.
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