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  1. I’n all honesty in order for us to have a chance at 2nd in this group JVS has to call up Manolas and Siovas and then you have a back line of them with Hatz and Tsimikas. You need to bench Bakasetas and have Fortounis in the middle and the wingers should be Tziolis, Liminos, Masouras and Fountas. I would also like to see Donis he has good one on one speed and quick feet. As far as our Midfield its an Issue and so is the striker position. Pavlidis hasn’t showed me anything.
  2. What happened to Crete? I would play anywhere else rather then OAKA
  3. Spain would have qualified by the time they play Sweden for the last game, I hope they don’t rest players and make it easier for Sweden to take something from that game..
  4. You Cannot go into this qualifier with Mantalos on the wing or Bakasetas in the middle. I think right now on the wing you need to start Tzolis and Liminos on the wing with Fortounis in the middle. As far as a striker goes i don't know what the answer is maybe try Fountas??? I know Mitro might sign with Oly but i don't think we want to go down that road again as he has completely fallen out of form and will not present anything to the team unless you literally feed him the ball. As far as our midfield this has been an ongoing problem and our current duos are not the answer. Manolas and Siovas n
  5. That will be key As Greece can not afford to drop one single point to either Georgia or Kosovo, if they do they are done as I don’t see Sweden getting anything but wins against those teams. Also we need to realize this won’t be anything like the nations league where we had majority of possession as Spain we know but Sweden will control more of the ball so we better shore up our defence and put the best possible players available if we want the best chance at taking points from Sweden. I’m games against Sweden and Spain you know you will have guys back so your hoping to catch something on the c
  6. I don’t think it’s completely hopeless, Will it be difficult? 100% it will. Can JVS Continue with the same line up against these teams? Short answer No. But m not going to be like that clown @Torontobluewho comes on hear and just trolls everyone like a clown putting up laughing emojis everywhere.. The guy is talking like everyone on hear said we will advance and beat Sweden and Spain.. No one said that everyone recognized this team has a difficult task ahead.. Are chances high that we finish 2nd? No, Obviously Sweden are favoured to take second but is it an impossible task? I don’t think so. B
  7. Spain will run away with this group. For us there are no easy games we are capable to drop points to Georgia and Kosovo as we've witnessed. In regards to Sweden we don't really fair well against Scandinavian teams. This draw is difficult but as @Ellada2004 said it could have been worse.
  8. We would have had Azerbaijan instead of Kosovo but do to restraints Serbia and Kosovo can’t be in the same group so they moved Kosovo with us
  10. Well that sucks So far Spain Sweden Greece
  11. try this and see if it works. FIFA World Cup 2022™ - News - UEFA preliminary draw for Qatar 2022 to be streamed live - FIFA.com
  12. The most important team for us will come out of pot 2.. Chances are who ever comes out of the first pot will take the group so having a weaker team in group 2 is key for us.. Also let’s hope we don’t draw Bosnia again out of pot 4.
  13. That would be a dream group for us...
  14. I figured with the world cup qualifying draw tomorrow I would start a new thread like in some of the other forums. The Draw takes place tomorrow Monday Dec 7th at 12pm est. Pot 1: Belgium, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands Pot 2: Switzerland, Wales, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia, Romania Pot 3: Russia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, Greece, Finland Pot 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Israel, Belarus, Georgia, Lux
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