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  1. Its Official the Ethniki has hired Ivan Jovanovic as the new head coach.. Thoughts?? Εθνική Ελλάδας: Νέος προπονητής ο Ιβάν Γιοβάνοβιτς (sport24.gr)
  2. Lets see if they hire anyone before Junes friendly match. Anyone have any idea who the EPO is considering for his replacement?
  3. Pretty good read, I agree with a lot of what is said in this article as it discusses the last few coaches including Poyet and what the teams needs going forward if any wants to give it a read. The Ethniki needs a cultural shift to a build a winner (hellasfooty.blogspot.com)
  4. I'm with you man. He had so much time to prepare for Georgia, what's even more concerning is this to me was one of the worst performances I've seen under Poyet In a must win game. He hasn't done a good enough job to warrant a stay. He did the same thing in Holland when we got smoked 3-0 in a huge game for us in our fight for 2nd. Yes in between he does have the team pull off some good performances and did build some unity with the team but it means nothing when you lose to teams like Georgia to make the Euros. I'm done with seeing guys like Pelkas on the wing when we have so much better options, Or even guys like Mantalos. Bakasetas i can't really say anything negative as he's been our leading scorer and plays with heart but he can only give you so much and i think Poyet is asking him to do more than he's capable of. I'm not confident in a new coach either anymore as it just seems everyone that takes the job just keeps recycling the same players and hoping for a different result. Bottom line Poyet had one of his worst performances as a coach in the biggest game this team has had in years and he has failed. He needs to go.
  5. Εθνική Ελλάδος: Αρνήθηκε πενταετές συμβόλαιο της Ιρλανδίας ο Πογέτ και περιμένει την ΕΠΟ (sport24.gr)
  6. Apparently reports are that Poyet has rejected the job with the republic of Ireland and wants to stay with the Ethniki.
  7. Reports today are the players went and spoke with the head of the EPO and asked them to keep Poyet as per Novasports below. https://www.novasports.gr/sport/podosfairo/event/uefa-euro/article/13351234/ethniki-ellados-oi-diethneis-zitisan-apo-ton-mpaltako-na-meinei-o-poget/
  8. Boys just count how many coaches we’ve had since our last tournament we made. Not one of those coaches could figure it out? I’m all for getting a new coach I just don’t see it making a difference. At this point how can we seriously think we are only a good coach away from making a tournament. I don’t buy it anymore.. Maybe I’m just still super pissed from yesterday but all the good we did under Poyet means nothing now I feel like we are back square one.. No idea what the answer is at this point.. So frustrating..
  9. No Excuses... it doesn't get any easier than this All we had to do was beat Kazakhstan and Georgia to make the Euros. If we can't manage that then we haven't progressed at all. We were in a difficult group during the Euro campaign and we played two very good teams and finished 3rd call it what you want but we still failed to qualify. We had a second chance by winning the nations league but once again we failed. Winning the group means absolutely nothing if we cant beat Georgia in a one game playoff. Even though i have seen some signs of growth the inconsistency of brining it game in and game out is not there. Poyet has done some good things for sure but his ability to read the game and change the style of play when its not working out on the pitch is terrible. Poyet failed in the Euro campaign and failed at the nations league so really does he deserve to stay? Do we start all over again with a new coach and go down the same road we've been going down for 12 years of failure or do we stick it out and let them work it out and build on the chemistry? do we have enough trust that Poyet will shake things up with younger talent or will it just be the status quo. Such a disappointment, we were given a second chance a golden opportunity and once again we blew it and this time to Georgia in the playoffs NOT a team like Croatia which was our last closet chance to qualify under Skibbe. This one is going to hurt for a while.
  10. We should’ve been able to play our B lineup and beat a team like Georgia, I didn’t see anybody complaining when we spanked Kazakhstan 5-0 with that exact same lineup. Am I happy with Poyet selections? No, Do I think he’s the sole person to blame? No I don’t because not one coach in the last 12 years could figure it out with the players you’ve named above. Personally, I don’t care if he stays or goes he didn’t take us to the euros so he probably should go.
  11. So if we can’t beat teams like Georgia have we really progressed? I mean Georgia has improved but they are still a bottom team. We had one shot on net in 90 minutes which I think sums it all up.. So busted right now.. I guess we have to wait another 12 years before we even get a sniff at a major tournament..
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