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  1. Its going to be very difficult that draw against Georgia might have ended our chances. Spain and Sweden looked pretty good at the Euros. Dropping points against Kosovo or Georgia will end our campaign as i cant see Sweden or Spain dropping points to those teams.
  2. JVS doesn’t get it or sees something that we don’t in regards to Bakasetas.. The team is so much more fluid when he’s not on the field.. I don’t know how JVS doesn’t see it.. Bakasetas is the starter and the captain for this team and JVS go to guy.. It’s becoming very aggravating watching him start every important game and ruin any flow the team has.
  3. Man we look so much better in our friendless then our qualifier matches..
  4. s%$#! I just missed it.. was it a good goal?
  5. I’ll have a look I haven’t gone through the posts yet..
  6. Guys I couldn’t watch the game, did Greece play good or was it more like the Spain game and we got one opportunity and tied it? For those who watched the game what was your overall impression?
  7. At this point I have lost any hope I had in JVS. He gave us some optimism when he first came in and had the team playing high tempo only to go back to questionable player selections and playing confused and not knowing if the team wants to attack or defend. Also decisions he's made in regards to keeping Manolas in the dark and keeping Siovas off the team for his comment is just not right. At this point it looks like another failed qualifications which will ultimately lead to a new coach and back to square one we go.
  8. Ya you might be right but after escaping with an unexpected draw against Spain the Georgia draw feels like a loss.. We had a huge opportunity to grab 4 points and still be within striking distance of 2nd.. More then anything the more I think about it now that i had some time to digest the games JVS was completely at fault for the draw against Georgia, it’s like he had the team playing scared and afraid to press.. It truly was a pathetic performance. I do see your point when you look at it your way it just sucks because we accomplished a huge point against Spain only to give it back against Geo
  9. Not only did we not get into the Euros but after the draw with Georgia making the World Cup is extremely slim. I think JVS get removed after this World Cup qualifications and they will bring someone else in for the Euro campaign.. I’m still so gutted from the Georgia Draw.
  10. He was very humble and spoke openly and honestly without disrespecting other players.. He mentioned something that we always knew about how shady things are going on in the background. He also mentioned how there our Greek players that are playing for big leagues that are not being called up. He was honest about the player call ups and how he thinks they are not the right choice.. You can see that Manolas, Socrates, and himself will not play for this coach.. At this point I just want a coach the plays our absolute best players I’m so tired of this s%$#!.. we are trying to win
  11. Watch the video of Siovas opening up about what happened with him and JVS as well as the current state of the NT and if the right players are being called up.. I agree with everything he said.. https://m.sport24.gr/longreads/o-dimitris-siovas-apokleistika-sto-sport-24-itan-schediasmeno-na-me-fane.9206688.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR09VUhBCpssIrO1RIE7yoQVqjoqm53U8ozGmOf5u6_eOXPrl7afr-PZGVM
  12. Came across this video of the NT journey to the last world cup tournament they made.. Man i miss this team and players, so sad how low we have dropped ever since this last world cup appearance..
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