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  1. Before anybody calls him a traitor - all players are mercenaries these days. To be honest, so is nearly everyone in this world.
  2. So we made just over €4m. Perfect amount for us to get 34 year old washed-up central midfielder on the last day of the free transfer market.
  3. €500k for a Conference League win. UEFA has money to burn.
  4. Pelkas won a penalty in the last minute of the game. He then missed it, his team mate scored the rebound but it was cancelled out due to encroachment. Not sure why he is taking penalties after last season's shocker against Krasnodar.
  5. Thank God you're here to tell us otherwise we would have never come to that conclusion.
  6. Wasn't able to go to this one in the end but i'll try and make it to Copenhagen or Bratislava depending on whether our overlords allow travel.
  7. Just saw an easyJet plane arriving in the background This really is just a more intense training session.
  8. For the majority of the first half I saw 11 players playing for themselves.
  9. Honestly speaking, pretty much every football team worldwide is used mainly for one thing. Laundry.
  10. Personally I believe elections are fixed anyway. At least by not voting you aren't playing their game.
  11. I noticed that both Benfica and Besiktas are playing in CL group stages this year. Even Sheriff made it. Just us that cannot make the group stages. What a joke.
  12. This is the problem in Greece generally. Greeks have been voting for the same families for years now.
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