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  1. Any news on the Paschalakis front? Would like to hear that he has been sold.
  2. Didn't see the game but I'm already seeing people moan about Ferreira again on some sites. Really pathetic, leave the guy alone.
  3. Αυτό να μου πείς. Και το χειρότερο είναι οτι φέτος δεν κοπήκανε εισιτήρια για να "κλαπούν" τα έσοδα!
  4. Dude, just out of curiosity - which team do you support?
  5. And there goes the second Greek team (along with their 100-year unbeaten record at home). Absolutely shocking and just shows what state Greek football is in. I wonder how Karipidis will pay the new players now that there will no be income from Europe 🤔
  6. Painful watching these teams play. They are both as bad as each other except Apollon can keep the ball better. Full time 0-1 and there is one of the 5 Greek teams out. This is what happens when a crime organisation takes over the football scene of a country and "dominates" for 25 years.
  7. This is it. For any UK-based people - the game will be shown live on BT Sport.
  8. I am sure some of us were thinking the same when we sold Prijovic. Swiderski will just have to step up now. This is his chance.
  9. We got him for around €1m so we would be selling for €2m profit + 10% on any resale. I think it's a good deal just at the wrong time perhaps.
  10. We accepted the offer and he wants to return to England. Bittersweet feeling really. Surely he would have wanted to (potentially) play in CL? On the other hand he cost us €1m and we are selling for €3, so it is a good bit of business.
  11. Άντε να σας ευχηθώ καλή επιτυχία. Απο Κυριακή πάλι οι κατάρες.
  12. @pashthoughts on Crespo's new hairstyle? I would say surf instructor or perhaps even CBD salesman. Definitely an upgrade from used car salesman.
  13. Zivkovic is not ready to play a whole game. Akpom should start up top again.
  14. Μεγάλη νίκη. Είχαμε πάρα πολύ υπομονή στο παιχνίδι μας και το πλήρωσαν οι πορτογάλοι. Του Ζέσους του πήρε τη ταυτότητα ο Αμπέλ απόψε. Πάμε παρακάτω τώρα, αϊντε ΠΑΟΚΑΡΑ!
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