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  1. Toskitsis says the Konstantelias transfer is a done deal and the PAE are simply waiting for Ivan's green light. Real shame.
  2. Razvan: "GET HIM ON THE PHONE NOW!"
  3. I think it's clear we need to get Biseswar back on loan.
  4. Fun fact: they actually spoke in Mallorcan dialect, not Spanish!
  5. With fans (women and children) apparently.
  6. I saw a picture of him on the weekend (he was also at the big screen watching the game against OARIS). The guy looks like he is 46 years old (of course, no offence to any 46 year olds out there).
  7. Time to qualify for Champions League. We need to take the next step.
  8. Although it seems nobody posts here anymore, I know some of you still visit (no doubt to read up on how PAOK is getting on). Your pills are definitely not going to be strong enough for yesterday's debacle so I thought I would leave this here: https://www.klimaka.org.gr This is the suicide hotline in Greece. I know your players gave EVERYTHING THEY HAD AND DIDN'T HAVE but even against 10 men, we still managed to beat you and WIN THE TITLE IN YOUR STADIUM. However difficult it was witnessing that, seeing Konstantelias send your defender for a hotdog before watching Taison smash it home, ending it all just isn't worth it. Seek help before you do anything stupid. Remember, you still have the cup next week to look forward to! Most people (including us) wanted Aris to win it and bring both trophies to Thessaloniki but after yesterday I think we will be cheering on PAO. Your players tackling ours from behind, fans signing anti-PAOK songs the entire game, Mantzios not even congratulating PAOK for the title - you really are a small and pathetic club. Σας εύχομαι ολόψυχα να πέσετε (και να μείνετε) στη Β Εθνική για πολλά χρόνια.
  9. What a night! Not only did we win it, but we did it in OARIS' backyard as well. This really is for everyone, the players, us, Savvidis and most of all Lucescu. Now let's finally qualify and play Champions League football.
  11. Frustratingly I will be on the train back to London from Paris while the game is on. I will have to watch via Livescore. This will probably be better for my health than watching the actual game anyway.
  12. Knowing us we will no doubt inquire about Ingason.
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