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  1. Όποιος έρχεται στον ΠΑΟΚ ξεχνάει την μπάλα που ξέρει. Νόμος.
  2. I have heard Rammstein concerts are incredible. The band was actually the reason why I learned German.
  3. Karipidis is not on fire mate. They are officially under the wing of Marinakis. Any success they have is purely down to him.
  4. I know it is very easy to speak in hindsight but I now believe it was ultimately a mistake bringing him back. Perhaps he should have never left in the first place but I understand that money talks. I hope he proves my thinking wrong but I don't know if there is a will to rebuild a team like he did back then, especially considering he loves using the same players.
  5. The season (in my eyes) is purely going to tell us whether the summer signings we made were good. In the short term, they seem abysmal. We can only hope that they gel together in the long term and become a team that can challenge next season.
  6. I wouldn't say it is being bandwagon fans (though I understand why you might think that). It is a mix of the following: - An awful summer transfer period (at least in the short term) - An early European exit after such a good run last seson - Renewals of players who just need to move on - Players such as Colak and Akpom finding their scoring touch (the case of Colak certainly proves that we are the problem. He did it with Malmo and now he is doing it again with Rangers) - A sh!tty league that is corrupt to the core and has a dreadful playoff system - A stupid cup format, which does not promote giant-killings and instead ensures that upsets can be overturned in second legs - The knowledge that EO will probably win the league again Too many times I have heard "Σαν φίλαθλος η δουλειά σου είναι να υποστηρίζεις". At some point you need to question what is happening. The season, as far as achievements are concerned, is over. Whether we like it or not all that remains to be seen is whether these players can now come together to form a team that will challenge next season. And whether Brandon Tomas can even move his legs.
  7. Δεν ασχολείται κανείς φέτος. Αποκλειστήκαμε από την Λέφσκι (που μετά έχασε από κάτι Μαλτέζους). Φέραμε πάλι παίκτες ότι να'ναι. Η τρεις στόχοι που είχαμε γίνανε δυο. Μέχρι τα Χριστούγεννα οι δυο θα γίνουν ένας. Η σεζόν τελείωσε ήδη.
  8. Third goal in three games for Colak.
  9. What a joke your team is. I mean, PAOK are awful from all aspects but OARIS is just a laughing stock. Gray is your third top scorer in Europe after playing just 4 games? Anyway, never mind. At least your season isn't over yet. You still have the two games against us! PS. What a joke that Conference League is, right? Anybody could get the last 8, right?
  10. That Camacho miss at the end was your punishment for willingly being part of EO.
  11. I, too, don't see Lucescu finishing the season with us.
  12. Not sure who will pay for Murg, Taylor and Ninua. Good luck with that one.
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