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  1. Obviously good business for PAOK but no idea what Karol is thinking. He only just broke into the Polish national team. Moving to the MLS means he is retiring early.
  2. It is just painful watching this team. Snails move faster than some of these players. Our corners, crossing and finishing are all horrific. What on Earth are they trying to do by having a second man on the corner? Do they honestly think they will confuse the opposition? AEK came to get a draw and perhaps steal a win via counter attacks. Against teams like these you need to move the ball quickly otherwise they will shut you down. I think AEK will finally get revenge this time. I would say 50% of the squad should be offloaded this summer. I would also start playing Karol over Chuba.
  3. German speaking? I didn't know German was spoken in Belgium. Thought it was just Flemish and French.
  4. Just watched the highlights. That was no way a penalty. The ball hits his leg first then rebounds onto his hand - there is nothing the player can do about that. That should have been 0-1 to OFI. Great finish by Karol on his goal that got disallowed.
  5. Our boy Ouedraogo is through to the next round. He played another 30 minutes today. I will try and catch Burkina Faso in the next round.
  6. Apparently Rodrigo gave it his all out there today. Very professional if so. Does he have an offer elsewhere?
  7. Could we be going into the game with the Danes with Zivkovic and Jaba on the wings?
  8. It's a shame you didn't do 15 years. Would have loved to have seen Glen Salmon in there.
  9. Didn't watch the game but happy for Jaba to score. I hope he is reborn and stops with the partying.
  10. It's a shame as he is definitely better than Taylor.
  11. The Swedes are absolute gypos if they offered just €1.5m. They earned more than €20m playing the CL.
  12. Instructions unclear. Flying to Denmark with out u19 team.
  13. Happy new year everyone!
  14. I think their contracts are up at the end of the year. We certainly won't be receiving any bids for them.
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