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  1. I don't get the videos on Youtube. The video shows a thumbnail of the game but when you click on it, it is just a video of some guy speaking while he scrolls up and down the result of the game on Google. Why do people do this? What do they gain?
  2. Getting harder and harder to find highlights these days.
  3. These days I think most people would have no issue playing in the u22's for €500k a year.
  4. Had Tzimas been put in 10 minutes earlier we may have won this game. This should be Brandon's first and last season with us. He is stealing a living.
  5. The offer was for both Konstantelias and Koulierakis.
  6. Good for us, it will add a few more million on his value.
  7. €2.5m? We should be accepting that all day.
  8. The most random thing happened on this day. I left work early and went to watch the game at the London Fan Club, which is literally a few doors down from the office. Upon arriving I walked in on Lefteris Doukas, the communications officer at PAOK. Apparently he had been invited to London for the cutting of the fan club's vasilopita. I certainly never expected to see him at 4pm on a Monday. He seems to be a diehard PAOK fan, and that is exactly the problem. During the game he came out with expressions that you hear from average fans (sometimes clueless, sometimes name-calling). Again, generally he seemed like a nice guy but no wonder Greek football has no chance when the people like him are the ones working in communications. If he is in that position then you can be sure other clubs are doing the same.
  9. At this point I would not be surprised if Lucescu overlooks everyone on the bench and calls Biseswar down from the stands.
  10. I think anything above €12m is being accepted. As long as there a sell-on clause.
  11. I think he will be sold in the summer.
  12. Παίξτε μπάλα ρε κοπρόσκυλα
  13. Not sure why they can't just play the second leg as the first.
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