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  1. Sounds like he might be our youngest-ever scorer (in a professional team). Good on him. I saw the highlights of that game, both goals were quite nice. Bradonjic set him up for the second, also very nice. Seems he's been doing better since his injury as well, not the first time I've heard him mentioned recently.
  2. Boto allegedly has already met with that Martins fella, as they're both in Portugal. I am not clear on if Martins is a true free agent (some sites say he is) - I would assume we simply can't sign anyone until the transfer window opens up though, right? Which means he'd miss out on the Cyprus training camp. Assuming he does end up signing with us.
  3. I say good move. I like him, and now the Virgin Mary will def be on our side. This can probably go into the normal general news thread tho.
  4. PAOK-ARIS final, you heard it here first babes
  5. I think we will give it a shot. Lucescu teams get stronger as the season goes on. We'll hand out some spankings in January. Another double, here we come!
  6. We'll get second place, don't you worry babe ❤️
  7. Soares with some super aggressive play leading to his goal, and I love it!
  8. You are the Gaudí to my basilica ❤️
  9. Fun game to watch. That breakaway for the third goal was a thing of beauty. Konstantelias is the man. Also not a surprise that we're playing better with an attacking mid + Schwab, just sayin'...
  10. I very much hope Lucescu starts using actual attacking midfielders again. Particularly since we have like seven of them on the various rosters... Sticking slow-as-molasses attacking mids on as left wingers has become his security blanket for some reason.
  11. I'm definitely not pining for the guy!
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