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  1. Re-signed through 2023. Read elsewhere that he'll be doubling his pay, which probably means he'll get a quarter what Ferreira got haha https://www.instagram.com/p/CIN35mgHkI6/?igshid=xlfsdb58170m
  2. I always thought Phil kept you from reaching your full potential
  3. One must always be open minded enough to try something a few times. It's the polite thing to do.
  4. Tzolis? Never heard of 'em!
  5. He had a run + cross up the left side that confirms he'd make a better fullback than Crespo, JUST SAYIN'
  6. I honestly didn't know that dish existed until like two years ago and I have tried it a few times since. Absolutely revolting.
  7. I demand a retraction in the next episode
  8. Gotta play the youngsters eventually -edit- lineup: https://twitter.com/PAOK_FC/status/1333051524147257345?s=19
  9. PAOKSYD is literally smoking crack now and I love it
  10. I actually legit think that Michailidis would make a better fullback than Crespo, but neither of them should have played.
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