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  1. Sucks about Ingason. Hopefully he is back in time for preseason...
  2. God so mysterious Apparently he said more to PAOKTV (unrelated to this) but I'm not sure if this is before or after this.
  3. I didn't stick around to watch the interviews but I saw something about that on twitter. Is he saying he's actually gone?? Very weird.
  4. I liked that fake head injury their player had when he bumped into Ninua's shoulder and then spent 90 seconds to take the free kick. Was still surprised that the ref carded him (tho it was the right choice). That arm-wrapped-around-Warda's-leg move was particularly egregious.
  5. I think the team realizes it's a meaningless game. I'm not particularly bothered, personally. I think we'll score. Warda was warming up earlier so Garcia probably is going to start putting on some stronger players. Kind of pointless to risk them IMO but I guess that's why he's getting paid the big bucks.
  6. Not much of a rotation! https://twitter.com/PAOK_FC/status/1393951848109944832?s=19
  7. Would most of the teams in the SL even be able to afford this? Still, I doubt they'd be compelled to participate. I would like to see more PAOK games, personally!
  8. Going to be real weird to see them without Umbides on the team. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO21ZnWFmJO/
  9. If a place like Amazon (or whoever) were to get streaming rights, it would probably be for the whole league as the potential market for our team is likely very, very, very small outside of Greece. Not saying it's not possible, but this is usually why you'd see specific networks snap up rights to specific leagues. And of course most of those leagues are well-organized enough (and have enough leverage) that they can force the entirety of the league to be packaged together. Personally I like how PAOK does it, but I do understand that it drastically limits the team's exposure to other markets.
  10. Not that I particularly care who gets the rights, but a bidding war could only benefit us. https://inpaok.com/686193/thelei-tin-super-league-i-cosmote/
  11. It would be a fantastic sign of a return to normalcy. I'm still debating taking a trip to Greece (I was going to go last year, for the first time since ~2014). Perhaps instead I'll go to the Netherlands and have you buy me some oliebolen!
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