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  1. Here's what I see on wiki. Regarding our London-based friend's weirdly disapproving tone - UEFA has been feeling the pressure from teams to increase what's paid out, and that would have only been exacerbated by the "Super League" debacle from a few months ago. If anything, this confirms that UEFA was shortchanging the also-rans all this time.
  2. Looks like this match day's good results have left Greece in 19th place. We need to break into top 17 for any improvement in slots, which means overtaking Turkey and the Czech Republic (both of whom have three teams left in the competition). That will be hard unless Olympiakos and PAOK go deep into these tournaments.
  3. I'd say I meant non-goalkeepers but I completely forgot about Michailidis haha
  4. I turned the stream off my TV and put it on my laptop and completely missed the goal. Now they're replaying highlights at half time and only now got to the actual goal and I'm like DID I GO CRAZY? DID WE SCORE AND I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE?!
  5. Michailidis coming on for Crespo, who surely must be injured if he's being subbed at 43...
  6. 1-2 for the Copenhagen game (Copenhagen still ahead). The streams I'm using here have all started going into a loop. Lame.
  7. Did not expect Akpom to start. VERY happy to see Mihaj playing though. Perhaps our defense will actually stop the ball from going in.
  8. Don't you understand? It's cooler for the unwashed masses to be losers, as long as they have...uh...heart? Angst?
  9. I love that we can just call our other team that and everyone just gets it
  10. Agreed. They should feel they have something to prove, but in actuality they are probably sitting pretty and overconfident.
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