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  1. Has there been any word on fans in stadiums? I bring this up because (much to my HUGE surprise), my state's governor announced today that "larger" venues (essentially stadiums that can hold 5k people or more) will be allowed to open at 12% capacity starting on March 22nd, assuming covid cases continue their drop (the trend is looking very good here, though I'd assume Greece's relative lack of vaccines would make this happening before the end of the season a pipe dream). https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/02/25/business/governor-baker-reopen-big-venues-events-march-22/
  2. So weird to me that all of Greece's teams start on the second qualifying round. I guess I expected our lowest-ranked one to go in earlier, the highest later, etc. I agree that we should be able to go deep in this competition. There are a few teams in pot 3 that can take points off the bigger fish, though. Looking at Rapid Vienna and Midtjylland specifically. I'd say any of the pot 2 teams can beat any of the pot 1 ones save for Napoli, though.
  3. Guy won't get better if he doesn't get minutes. I haven't had a problem with him since his big screw ups a few months back. I still think the big change was getting a real attacking midfielder in there (Warda). Team just looks so much more "linked," front-to-back.
  4. My grade-A lineup: --Zivkovic-- --Soares--Varela--Michailidis--Rahman-- --Tsiggaras--El Kaddouri-- --Zivkovic--Warda--Murg-- --Krmencik--
  5. I totally agree. Social media just made me nervous.
  6. Seems that the MRI was clean, he likely just sprained his ankle (I'm guessing). Wouldn't be surprised if he sits out vs Asteras as a precaution.
  7. I haven't heard any rumors?!?! I await them bated breath
  8. Can't reach 15th if you can't overtake the teams directly ahead of us. We're not hitting 15 this season.
  9. So Tzolis's x-rays apparently show that there was no break or fracture on his ankle (which is not surprising considering he walked off the field). MRI scheduled for today. Hopefully he'll be back soon.
  10. Quickly makes up for that post hit, that was a rocket
  11. Glad he scored again. He's so unstable that this mini-drought made me think he was about to pop off haha
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