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  1. Absolutely. Don't bother fighting it. Who cares. The team will probably play better.
  2. Disband Gate 4. Every one of those people who were arrested should be banned for life.
  3. First win of the season I think? Well done to the boys
  4. They're currently up 0-2, both goals from Koutsias (who else?)
  5. I think the opposite. Our inconsistency will lead to this being our best performance of the season.
  6. I wasted about 30 min of this game watching some garbage silent stream before I remembered Dutch Eagle's favorite site. GOOD QUALITY!
  7. Sounds like Ingason has proven to the higher ups that he is capable of actually playing and now will be transferred back into the senior team. Much-needed reinforcement.
  8. Wow, great job by them. Love to see it!
  9. Michailidis suspended for three games (in UEFA competitions), which the team is appealing. Both teams were also fined for their players' respective unruliness, and PAOK was fined just under 10k for flares/etc.
  10. No complaints here! Maybe Ivan can bribe them to help push us across the finish line.
  11. Three (!) of Atromitos' coaching staff have tested positive for COVID. It sounds like they're looking for a postponement.
  12. Was a nice goal, too. Took a few hours for the replay to be available on PAOKTV. Looks like tempers flared at the end. Our B team's average age is about 20, which will put them at a disadvantage against many of the teams they'll be up against. Have to reconcile in our own minds the difference between PAOK "A" and PAOK "B" when considering the competition.
  13. I'll be very interested to see if Tzimas plays and if he's all he's cracked up to be Also will squee with delight if Gaitanidis and Gordeziani play
  14. Meh, all around: https://inpaok.com/707640/nea-senaria-stin-kypro-gia-paok/ https://inpaok.com/707505/parakolouthei-tzioni-kai-loizou-o-paok-videos/ Cyprus is already on thin ice with me because their so-called Baths of Aphrodite are kind of lame. Fight me, Cypriots.
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