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  1. we definitely need another one, this could become 2-2 very easily.
  2. definitely will be getting him on my fanela this year! one last hurrah 🙂
  3. is he expected to even play during that period.. i’m a little confused
  4. fingers crossed.. i mean the amount he’s asking for from us is not realistic especially at his age and injury status but we all know he’s such an asset to the club. if he resigns i’m definitely getting his name on my fanela one last time.
  5. News on Misic... https://www.paoknews.gr/2020/10/07/μίσιτς-τέλος-για-παοκ/?fbclid=IwAR34xnWv8PWj_l6QtLPDnM7O1rkXIpCjnU9zmntq4unDncw1FRF8EBmQpTY
  6. quite shattering.. they obviously couldn't make a mutual agreement, having that extra depth in the squad would've been very helpful
  7. looks like Matos has been announced in the squad list for this game.. Wague and Crespo no where to be seen.
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