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  1. Wonderful 2nd half comeback by Greece. Czech are not world beaters by any means so I think Greece has a good shot. Glad it isn’t Canada because they would just be too athletic for Greece IMO.
  2. Apologies, must have overlooked it but they did say on the stream that Hellas has a 10 game unbeaten streak. Vlachodimos and Androutsos should start every game going forward!
  3. Interesting stat I just saw, Greece haven’t lost since Oct 2019 against Italy. They’ve certainly had some disappointing games in that span (vs Georgia, vs Finland) but the Ethniki is on an upward trajectory compared to 2016-2018 period in my opinion
  4. Yes, I was referring to AEL Arena. Probably the 3rd or 4th "nicest" stadium in Greece, but its a low bar to clear I get it.
  5. Unfortunately they have been relegated l. Perfect opportunity to ditch that bozo Kougias and move back into their stadium. They have potential for a big fan base.
  6. Ionikos completely bottling their chance at promotion right now
  7. Xronia polla everyone. May we remember the sacrifices our ancestors made!
  8. Beating Benfica and PSV: woke Losing and tying Omonoia: broke This club continues to impress me in how they can beat good teams in Europe but just s%$#! the bed against poorer opposition.
  9. @Athens4 I am not a diehard by any means but PAOK is my #1. I support all Greek clubs in Europe though.
  10. Lol. Greek clubs in europe are hilarious.
  11. Not necessarily true. Gaining coefficient points is huge for club and country purposes. If Greece jump back into the top 15 nations I think they get 2 clubs in UCL qualifying. A strong club co-efficient will get you guys easier draws as well.
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