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  1. A win versus Sweden would put the countries level on points but Sweden would still be ahead in the standings I believe. World Cup qualifiers has the first tie breaker at goal difference, not head-to-head results which would screw us.
  2. Greece is in a good spot, so Oly not making Champions League this year may have been a blessing in disguise. Cyprus loses a lot of points after this year and so does Ukraine actually so we will have one team fall off the radar and another we could realistically come close to.
  3. Lol PAOK special.. Vidi, Slovan and now Bohemians.
  4. Petrounias won the bronze.. slightly disappointing but he stumbled on the landing which cost him points.
  5. Greece just beat USA at water polo
  6. Yes but I have heard about there being some sort of scandal regarding him and the Hellenic Olympic committee.
  7. What happened with the weight lifter Iakovidis?
  8. Wonderful 2nd half comeback by Greece. Czech are not world beaters by any means so I think Greece has a good shot. Glad it isn’t Canada because they would just be too athletic for Greece IMO.
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