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  1. what an atmosphere for the first game!
  2. Isn't this the 3rd or 4th match already this year they've allowed a goal in the last minutes of the game?
  3. Team played like s%$#! in the first half. Gianni turned it on in the second half. Estonia tomorrow and the likelihood of 5-0 in the groups!
  4. Sloukas and Papag being healthy will be the X-factor for Hellas this tourney. Another game vs Ukraine today.
  5. Good win. Croatia has had Greece’a number for several years. If PapaG can come back healthy and Sloukas plays to form then Greece are in good shape.
  6. Olympiakos is no longer in the FIFA video game franchise. Odd one, that.
  7. The UEL draw has been completed. Olympiakos Qarabag Freiberg Nantes Not a bad group overall, I can see Olympiacos finishing 1st.
  8. 5 draws and 1 loss in European qualifiers for Olympiakos. That is terrible. Remember a few years ago when they ran through UCL quailed with wins every match?
  9. Lucescu has a problem with playing young Greek players. It’s a serious flaw of his.
  10. Lol that’s Greeks for ya. There’s what, maybe 50 regular posters all together yet we need 3 websites? What a joke lol.
  11. I’m assuming one of those guys is running the Hellas football forum now? There was also another site, Olympiacos World, that has also shut down I think.
  12. Next week in the new stadio right?
  13. Greece is full of morons lol. What kind of an arrangement is that? Makes as much sense as the lack of trash cans to throw garbage away when I was in Santorini or Paros last week.
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