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  1. Pathetic result. Almost as bad as PAOK losing to Slovan Bratislava last year.
  2. F*** it. Greece doesn't deserve to have more than 1 team in Europe.
  3. Ναι αυτό είναι το θέμα... άμα υπήρχε φίλαθλοι θα ήτανε ποιό πιθανή η πρόκριση!
  4. Τι αποτέλεσμα προβλέπεται για σήμερα παιδιά;
  5. Makari. Getting 2 teams each in UCL and UEL for Greece would be huge.
  6. I feel like OFH are going to lose, but I hope I'm wrong. The Chicago based owners and Samaras have done some good work here.
  7. Anyone get one of these tests? I got mine done through Ancestry. Their most recent update puts me at 77% Greece/Albania and 23% Balkans.
  8. Another Greek football season is upon us. My predictions: 1. Olympiakos 2. PAOK 3. AEK 4. Panathinaikos 5. Aris Relegation: 13. Panaetolikos 14. Apollon Smyrnis
  9. Oly should beat either team without too much of a sweat. Much needed for the country co-efficient as well.
  10. Blackhawk, wouldnt it have been nice for PAOK to have had an auto-spot in the UCL group stages the year after they won the league? That's right, they drew Ajax in qualies instead because of Greece's poor country coefficient.
  11. Welcome back Frappe! Excited to see Gianena back in SLGR1. I actually visited the stadium and got a nice zip up from their store when I visited the town a few years back. I think they will finish in the bottom half but won't be relegation players. They were definitely a cut above the rest in SLGR2 this past season.
  12. I hear they have a new Greek-Australian owner. Seems like they are going to be cleaning house so don't expect them to come right back up like Gianena or Apollon Smyrni.
  13. Was not expecting this result at all. Bravo paidia!
  14. Mitch ain't getting bumped from his spot. I wonder if this re-alignment of the political spectrum, where moderate republicans essentially permanently join up with the Dems, is built to last. Dems for sure will win the popular vote.
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