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  1. Tough loss. Really gutted for the team, players and coach. Players put in 100% but 2 errors cost us. Dropping 4 points to Georgia Kosovo cost us. Chances are now slim, as we will have to beat Spain and Kosovo and hope that other results go our way.
  2. With K Pap out, how are we going to replace Tzavellas who I have to say has been solid. Which one of Poungaras or Stafylidis comes in or do we change to 4 at the back with two wing backs? I think the key to the Sweden game is to score first. If Sweden takes the lead they are going to be hard to break down.
  3. JVS got the starting line up right today. NT played well in first half. I think we were lucky in 2nd half but I’ll take it. I think defence was solid today. Androutsos did well at RB. Only negative is we will have Tzavelas out of Sweden game after a yellow card. Now we go to Sweden, for what will be like a final.
  4. The thing is, we do have a lot of players who play in same positions and are left out because the coach is picking players he needs to cover different positions both in the starting line up and on the bench. However, calling up Stafylidis and Koutris both LBs, and who are not regulars at club level, and then not picking say someone like Kyriakopoulos who plays each week at Sassuolo in Italy Serie A is hard to understand. Unless, he’s worried we’re going to need more defensive muscle in midfield. I would have left out one of Stafylidis, Koutris, and brought in Kyriakopoulos and replaced Mantalos or Vrousai with Kolovos whose in form at Sheriff, and proving he can match intensity in UCL. I think Kolovos would be a better backup for Bakasetas. Saying that, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, so there may be other factors impacting selections. As it was noted, we need to go for the win in these next two matches.
  5. Athanasiadis and Kolovos doing great at Sheriff who stunned Real Madrid 2-1 in Champions League. Must be in contention for call up to the NT squad. Athanasiadis in particular had a great match.
  6. There’s a lot to like about Douvikas. Fast, skilful, and can strike them. In the last video he scores an absolute cracker then an assist. I think back to Sweden match, and it was his assist that put Bakasetas through.
  7. Yes that’s correct, but we can get 2nd with 16 pts, on the assumption we get at least a win and a draw with Sweden and Spain i.e., Win Sweden and draw Spain (preferered) or Draw Sweden and win Spain. In the 2nd scenario all three countries may finish with 16 pts assuming Spain then beat Sweden in the final match and we could miss out on 2nd spot on goal difference. All this assumes Greece and Sweden beat Georgia and Kosovo. Maybe Sweden will, but with Greece this is not guaranteed.
  8. Simply we need to win at least 3 and draw 1 and finish 16 pts and with a bit of luck get 2nd. One good thing about this Greek team is they don’t lose easily. Surely the Sweden win gives the team belief they can do it. It would be great if we can get to Nov and the last game at home with Kosovo and still have a chance. That alone would be amazing and show that the team is headed in the right direction.
  9. Fantastic win. Relief in the end. It was pleasing to see the team push for goals and not sit back when they took lead. Sweden are good side. Tough side. If we can somehow repeat this in the Spain match or the return leg in Sweden then we might still have a slim chance. Still a long shot.
  10. Greek football is in a sad state. The league hasn’t started, no clubs in the Champions League. Greece is ranked 20th in European Club coefficient. Greece can’t beat Georgia and Kosovo. Now this. I thought Zagorakis was going to replace JVS after Sweden, now he’s quit.
  11. I really hope we see a different system with Sweden, some changes are needed. Surely JVS can't start with the same 3 5 2 formation which was a disaster with Kosovo. Players playing scared of making a mistake, and consequently not winning balls that normally they would win, and not making good decisions when they have the ball. Play breaks down too often and too easily. Having just 41% of possession with Kosovo was embarrassing. I don't know the answer, but if I see the same formation, I will not expect to see an improvement.
  12. Win lose or draw this will be JVS last match https://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/prokrimatika mountial/ellinas-proponitis-sto-mualo-tou-zagoraki/4200539
  13. Tough situation, because he had 3-4 injured players, but team should have got max points at Kosovo. If you sack JVS what then, bring on new manager and call back Manolas, Soc and Siovas. They all going to be retired by the time we make another tournament. The way forward for now is with Tzimikas, Gianoulis, Tziolis, Douvikas, Alexandropoulos, Hatzidiakos, Pavlidis, Mavropanos. In 2001 we played Finland and lost 5-1 with Karagounis, Basinas and Zagorakis in the midfield.
  14. Can't get a win with Georgia and now Kosovo 😞 This one really hurts. Our WC qualification is in tatters after just 3 matches. We needed to push for a 2nd goal and not try to just hang on for a 1-0 win in the 2nd half. In three matches we have had just 2 shots on goal and one was a penalty.
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