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  1. In our qualifiers, so far we have struggled to create chances with player selections, and 4 2 3 1 formation. So it was interesting to see some new players, and a line up vs Norway, using a 5 3 2 or 3 5 2 formation with wing backs. Masouras, Pelkas did well in both friendlies and then if you add Fortounis we have a solid front line. Tziolis is young but a solid backup. I would also add Fountas in the mix also. For me, Mantalos is currently out of form. Pavlidis or Giakoumakis our current striker options. They are best we have. K Pap, Tzavelas and Mitropanos all doing well, s
  2. Lot of improvement needed after the Georgia match. See if any of our players can impress, make passes, take shots, score a goal and standout.
  3. Great interview. So when he got to Spain he had to go on a training program, lost 7kg before he could even train with the other players. He said there was some crazy s%$#! happening with the NT but couldn’t say it publicly now.
  4. I was listening to Mourinho talk about Tottenham players getting the ball in the middle of the field and pass is back to defense then back to the goalkeeper creates instability which gives confidence to the opposition. Then I was reflecting on our games with Georgia and Spain and the amount of times we did that.
  5. Looks like things are getting quite serious for JVS. Does Zagorakis have other ideas? https://m.sport24.gr/football/ethniki-elladas-sto-trapezi-toy-zagoraki-o-fan-sip.9191648.html
  6. Seeing this team play Spain and Georgia it looks like they lack balls, seriously. We blew it with Kosovo and Slovenia in NL. We dropped 2 points with Georgia now. If we drop points with Kosovo it’s over.
  7. Not everything is lost, but pressure builds with every lost point. I think we’re going to need 15-16 pts to get to 2nd i.e. 4 wins out of 6 matches starting with Kosovo. Hope that Georgia can draw Sweden. Our games with Georgia away and Sweden away will be difficult to win but will determine our fate. On current form we can’t win. Time for JVS to take some risks and play a more attacking lineup, and use both Tzimikas, Giannoulis in starting. It’s 5 months between now and the next qualifier. I hope we got some friendlies booked.
  8. Result was disappointing but we didn’t deserve the win and that was just as disappointing. Two shots on target. The performance was a concern. Someone said this and I have to agree The lineup was right, but tactics were not. I thought Tzolis should have started on the left. Fortounis on the right. As they did with Honduras. Tziolis shouldn’t have come off. Coach and captain have to support and get the best out of him. He has the ability just needs time. He’s a creater, and gets in positions. Goals will come sooner or later. Bakasetas didn’t impact the match. His presence not
  9. The result is what was important. You could see what it meant to the players at the end of the match. This team will fight hard to get a chance at making the WC. Greece has now gone 10 official matches undefeated, 6W and 4D. Hopefully getting a draw helps also climb up the FIFA rankings.
  10. Looks like Gianoulis got injured on the weekend and is in danger of missing Spain https://m.sport24.gr/football/farke-mporei-na-min-taxidepsei-stin-ellada-o-giannoylis-alla-na-meinei-stin-agglia.9177021.html
  11. Oh. I am superstitious, and would never say negative about an opponent. Especially a player like him. He'll probably play and score on us and boom.
  12. ^Good post PaokCT. Wow - represented Greece in 2012. That's not too long ago. Zagorakis knows a thing or two about what it is to represent the Greek NT. https://www.sport24.gr/football/zagorakis-ethniki-manolas-papastathopoylos.9174476.html If Zagorakis does take over EPO presidency I think this going to be a good turning point. I hope. Greece is ranked 20th in Europe which is terrible, and that needs to change.
  13. Yes, we will have to face him when we play Sweden. Unless he is injured.
  14. Hmm, this it what it says in the Regulations 49.01 As a rule, a player or a team official sent off from the field of play and/or its immediate surrounds, including the technical area, is automatically suspended for the next match in the competition. In case of serious offences, the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body is entitled to augment this punishment, including by extending it to other competitions. I’m not sure now, but I think he’s suspended
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