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  1. Good read. JVS has to see what isn’t working and change it, otherwise more or less we will see the same results.
  2. Maybe if we had Fortounis in the starting line up from game 1 and/or we brought back Manolas and Soc, kept Siovas we might have qualified 1st. I would have like that. Maybe the coach should have gambled from the start and used a more attacking formation. I would have gone for that. These are plausible questions. However, there is one thing that is different from other qualifiers and was clear in the Slovenia game. I never felt we were going to lose that game. All players, in the team had shown grit, bled to the last minute to the best of their ability and created chances, like n
  3. We are ranked 29 in UEFA and we are in Pot 3 for WC qualifiers. Pot 1: 1-10 ranked Pot 2: 11-20 Pot 3: 21-30 Pot 4: 31-40 Pot 5: 41-50 Pot 6: 51-55 UEFA Rankings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_coefficient FIFA WC Qualifying Draw Procedure https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/WorldCup/02/64/22/19/2642219_DOWNLOAD.pdf After making Pot 3, it gives me some hope we can make it 2nd if we get favorable draw
  4. Ranked in Pot 3. That would be nice. We have to get out of League C and never get back there ever again. Can someone tell me what do we need to get to Pot 3? Do we need Finland to lose to Wales, and Bosnia to lose to Italy and us to beat Slovenia?
  5. Some points If Fortounis doesn't start, this game could have ended 0-0. It's taken the 5th game of the NL for JVS to work it out. Hopefully, not too late. Bakasetas finally scored in open play. Tziolis. I haven't been this excited about a Greek player since Samaras in 2005 and Fortounis in 2012. We are spoilt at LB; Tzimikas, Giannoulis Why is finishing top of Group C important? 1. Automatic promotion to League B; 2. Play better teams in League B, which can accelerate the run up the FIFA rankings; and 3. Possible 2nd chance, to qualify for Qatar
  6. What a goal from Fortounis. One for the highlight reel. Then, sets up Bakasetas for the 2nd. Not easy to break down a team with 9-10 players behind the ball in there half. If we get a 3rd, I would take Fortounis off, and save / protect him for the Slovenia game. It will be good if we can get another 2 goals and Slovenia stays at 0-0
  7. Scotland? If we draw with Estonia, it would be us in the playoffs and not Hungary. Hungary got through to the finals.
  8. I think, he's going to try new starters, formations in Cyprus, and rotate the bench. This friendly is nothing more than a practice run, and a opportunity for the coach to try new players. Kyriakopoulos will be missing as he too is waiting for COVID test result. Wow, 8 players at AEK have COVID, including 3 starters for the NT, Svarnas, Mantalos and Bakakis. Interesting to see who he starts, where they play and what formation he will go with.
  9. It’s just been confirmed that Mantalos and Svarnas have COVID. Oh no. https://m.sport24.gr/football/aek-exi-kroysmata-koronoioy-pros-anavoli-to-mats-me-ton-ari.9042523.html
  10. He is lazy? Hmm. Greece has scored 4 goals in Nations League, against Slovenia, Moldova and Kosovo twice. Need one player who has the talent and vision to create goals.
  11. I never said we are there now, but that is where we need to reach in 18 months. We do have the talent, but I agree that a lot of the quality we have has been excluded, but a lot of the new influx of talent is only just starting for the NT. It's too soon to judge. Need to give it time, and not all will make it, but that's what happens. Even Mitroglou needed 9 games before her scored his first goal for NT.
  12. Fortounis not starting for Olympiakos doesn't automatically mean that Fortounis shouldn't start for NT. We are not that blessed with talented forwards / attacking midfielders. The selections and dynamics for club and country are completely different. Olympiakos has players and systems that work differently to that of the NT. If you disagree, then Karagounis should not have played for the NT 2003-05 when playing for Inter Milan.
  13. JVS philosophy is good for the NT and I hope for his sake that we can beat Slovenia in the final game. Our UEFA ranking is 29, and we need to get that under 20 as quickly as possible. We cannot remain a Pot 3/4 team for a long time. We have the quality to be on par if not better than Iceland, Wales, Sweden, Ireland, Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia who are in the top 20.
  14. Agreed. The aim was to put up a starting line up with my four best Greek players. Donis if fit and healthy is a DEFINITELY another option. I would have liked to seen more of Rota, as he looks like the sort of player who can run and link well with forwards for 90'. He's only 20. JVS should have given him mins vs Austria. I read it somewhere, and not sue about it, but if Hellas don't top NL Group then JVS will be let go. Interesting times.
  15. Form and injuries aside, my starting line up for NT Vlachodimos Retsos Hatzidiakos Manolas Tzimikas Vasilliadis Bouchalakis Limnios Fortounis Fountas Pashalidis (squad) GK: Vlachodimos, Barkas, Dioudis DEF: Manolas, Soc, Siovas, Hatzidiakos, Retsos, Tzimikas, Giannoulis, Kyriakopoulos, Stafylidis MF: Vasilliadis, Bouchalakis, Galanopoulos, Kourbelis, Fortounis, Pelkas F: Limnios, Fountas, Bakasetas, Pashalidis, Masouras Read a really dumb article about Soc on Contra.gr. For me Soc has been one of the best Greek players in the last 10 year
  16. Our top tier players are Manolas 32m euro, Vlachodimos 16m euro, Tsimikas 9m euro and Fortounis 8m euro. Next tier in terms of market value 3 - 6m euro are Retsos, Barkas, Giannoulis, Soc, Siovas, Limnios, Fountas, Pashalidis, Mantalos, Vasilliadis, Tziolis, Bouchalakis, Kiriakopoulos, Bakasetas and Masouras. Third tier with market value 1 - <3m euro; Stafylidis, A. Donis, Fetfatzides, Michaelidis, Mavropanos, Bakakis, Hatzidiakos, Svarnas, Charlambidis, Zeca, Kourbelis, Galanopoulos, Koulouris and Dioudis. Final and fourth tier, those with market values < 1m euro; Tzave
  17. He had a chance to move to Cardiff in 2018 when they were in the PL but turned it down. Was eventually loaned out to Galatasaray. That didn't work out. Then he was on loan at PSV, used mostly as a sub, scored 1 goal. Not much mins. Back at Marseille, not playing and will see out his contract, which runs to 30Jun21. He'll be 33, so who knows what he'll do then. What's not clear, is what condition he's in.
  18. Haha, no way. Moldova is ranked 175. There is only Liechtenstein, Malta, Gibraltar and San Marino beneath them in the Eurozone. If we drop points, to Moldova, then better not come back to Greece.
  19. So it seems. Unless he told JVS to go <expletive> himself, then I don't get the life time ban. What is this? Maybe JVS doesn't rate him, or he's too old or he's too short. We could have done with his positional smarts on the RH side. Just saying. For the record, Fetfa was subbed in 84' vs Bosnia (for Limnios), has played NMT 10 mins in a single match under JVS and assisted 1 goal for the NT. Not bad.
  20. Just my thoughts. Now we will probably need to beat Slovenia at home to top the Group. If we fail to top thIs Group, it will be another flop. We struggled to get our FBs behind them. Limited our attacking. JVS should have brought on Fetfa, I mean Rota, and not Lambroloulos and gone to a 3 5 2. Bouchalakis strengths are his passing game and shooting. When that goes, better to stay on the bench. We lack pace in the midfield. We need more orthodox RB or change to 3 5 2. Hatzidiakos is better as CB, not RB. In the 4 2 3 1 formation either he stays as CB and partner
  21. It does. We get promoted to League B + we slowly climb up the FIFA rankings. For 2022 Qatar, Europe qualifiers First round, 10 group winners automatically qualify for Qatar. Second round (play-offs( will be contested by the ten group runners-up and the best two Nations League group winners, based on the Nations League overall rankings that finished outside the top two of their qualifying group. The format, is three groups of 4 (12 teams) vying for 3 places, playing single leg semi finals and a single leg final. No home and away games. It's unlikely we will be Group winners
  22. Oh, I saw an EPO video and I thought Stafylidis was in the squad. Cool. In that case, I think he will start Svarnas who was invited to the press conference. I get JVS. After the draw with Lietchenstein, he just made up his mind to start with a new breed of players. He looked at the core leadership group, Soc, Torosides, Manolas, all players that the younger players look up to, and thought if I go forward with these guys they would be a hindrance to his plans, vision. And, we know what happened to the previous coach.
  23. Possible starting line-up Barkas* Rota Hatzidiakos Stafylidis Giannoulis Kourbelis Zeca Limnios Bakasetas Pelkas* Pavlidis* *Or Vlacho, Fountas, Fortounis But, seriously we should be able to field a B side vs Moldova and get the desired result.
  24. Surely, Rota has to make his debut vs Moldova, when the first selection is out injured. Otherwise, why invite him. Currently plays at Fortuna Sittard. Recent highlights vs VVV-Venlo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1HIGRjVJo0
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