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  1. After a successful season in Austria and through popular demand, Taxiarchis Fountas has his own thread. Hopefully he will continue his progress this upcoming season.
  2. Happy and proud to start this thread. The reigning European and EPL champions, and one of the biggest clubs in the world, have signed Kostas Tsimikas from Olympiacos for 11.75 m pounds. He will be the second Greek to play for Liverpool after Sotirios Kyrgiakos' relatively successful stint with the English club 10 years ago. He will slot right into the first team as left fullback cover behind Robertson. Hopefully will soon challenge him for the top spot. Exciting time for Greek football as, depending how this plays out, this can be the biggest transfer in Greek football history. Let's hope we can also get back to International play and give our NT some spotlight with their Liverpool fullback.
  3. For me, to merit a thread, a player has to have played an impactful role with the national team and/or meet at least one of the following criteria: 1. Belongs to a very high profile club (i.e. Mavropanos at Arsenal) 2. Earns consistent minutes at a club in a top 5 league (England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France) 3. Capped consistently and plays a considerable role at a club from a second tier league (i.e. Netherlands, Portugal) Fountas has been capped 3 times by the NT with zero impact, and plays in a mid-tier league. Albeit he is having a great season from what I am reading. I will gladly make him his own thread if that is what members want.
  4. Serie A is way more than a decent league. It's world class.
  5. Sokratis is still playing at a very high level in England. He is still in the starting XI for me for the next campaign. As for Manolas, it would be travesty to lose a player like that in his prime because of conflict with management.
  6. Dinos has been superb for Nurnberg since his arrival a few weeks back. NT constantly selects players with a lot less pedigree, hope to see him in the fold for next month's friendlies.
  7. According to reports, out of Hamburg, trial in China, didn't work out, back to Europe, interest from Russia. Biggest failed talent in Greek football history?
  8. Very solid performance vs Crystal palace despite the draw. Arsenal were playing on 10 men for a portion of this game.
  9. He needs minutes so this isn't a bad move for him. It's not like he would drop to 3. Bundesliga if ever they end up relegated. This move could have been worse, like to the GSL.
  10. Ajax is a big club, but relatively so is Benfica. Seems like a lateral move to me. Would much rather see him move to a top tier club/league.
  11. If he continues to progress in that position and considering he plays at the highest level, definitely can make a case for that.
  12. Two MoTM calibre performances in one week. Hopefully he maintains his form. Looking good under Arteta.
  13. Technically, Greece is playing their B/C team. Finland is once again getting killed. How they have qualified for the Euro...
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