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  1. In 2004 qualifying they started by losing 2 0 to Spain. Then look what happened.
  2. On a more serious note, I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.
  3. It was a good campaign. They played well. With some luck here and there it’s a different story. I think they will be a lot better during the World Cup qualifiers. More experience will only make them better. I only have 2 bad things to say about this game. First, tzavellas needs an attitude check. Otherwise it’s gonna cost is one of these days. Secondly, I would like for someone to tell me why our players have loads of space in front of them but stop and turn back. Or never take on a guy one on one. I know they’re a slow team, but come on. Take a chance beating a guy now and
  4. I think tzolis should be given a shot at a full couple games. He’s 18 but it seems he’s on a path to stardom.
  5. I’ve never ever rooted against Greece. EVER! I’ve been following them for 35 years. I’ve seen ugliest of times. I used to scrounge for 10 bucks when I was a teenager to go watch their games on satellite at a theatre. I’d never want them to lose. Ever. I kill my data on my phone and sneak away from work to watch the games. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t do that.
  6. Ok internet tough guy. We get it you hate Canada. We get it. Your opinion. What I don’t understand are the idiots in charge of this site that let you post racist s%$#! about other Countries. But whatever makes you happy. I mean putting others down only shows your racism and insecurities. If you were a real man, you’d probably should say it to peoples faces instead. Maybe you’re actually a 13 year old girl though, my bad. Have fun in whatever shithole you live in. I’ll be the bigger man and not reply to your racist messages anymore. Have an awesome night.
  7. Yup their trophy case certainly proves it. Lmao
  8. All these guys score for their teams, but can’t hit the ocean from the beach with the national team.
  9. Forget Baldock. If you’re going to try and convince someone to be Greek, get Erling Haaland!
  10. I’m not saying if he should or shouldn’t start. My point is, guys cry on this board when a player starts that’s not in form, and now they’re crying that he’s not starting when he’s not in form. Which is it.
  11. ————- wasn’t everyone on this board against the last coaches for playing players out of form or guys that weren’t playing in their club teams? Now that he’s doing it, we’re against him. Confusing.
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