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  1. While I do agree Bakakis does suck, some of you are making baldock to be cafu or Dani alves. Baldock is a right back on a middle of the pack epl team. That’s all. My god. We have problems as a country when we’re going to church and praying baldock will get citizenship to save us.
  2. That’s all these teams are worth? Wow. Alphonso Davies is worth that much alone. Lol
  3. Put staf on the left. Put Siovas back in. Take out zeca for Bouchalakis and replace KOulouris with Tom hanks.
  4. Dude you’re taking my point out of context and personally. George baldock is not the son of Greek immigrants. His grandmother was Greek. That’s it. He doesn’t know the language, I’m sure he can’t read or write either and has never been to Greece. I’m not a Bakakis fan at all. I just want the Greek kids to get a chance to represent their country. That’s all. Yes. My parents are Greek. Yes I was born in Canada. But yes I have lived in Greece with my grandparents while my parents were struggling to make a life here. It’s the first language I spoke, the first everything was in Greece. So that woul
  5. I’m not talking about it that way. Of course if they have been there a long while and have made their life there I agree. I’m saying in a sense I don’t want international soccer to turn into a money machine. And have people buying players and giving them citizenship in order to play. A kid that’s been raised in Greece from Kenya or wherever is fine. His roots have been planted. I’m saying ksenous. There are plenty of good young Greek players that deserve a chance. That I think will help before they go looking elsewhere. Anyway I’m at work boys. I’ll miss the game but logging off cuz I wanna se
  6. I don’t agree with guys who aren’t Greek in the slightest bit making passports to play for Greece because they wanna get a taste of international soccer. If George baldock were any good, (which he’s not I’ve seen him a million times, ) he’d have been called up for England. Why should we take anyone else’s trash cuz they wanna play international soccer. And while we’re at it take that non Greek zeca out too. I think we can find better players who are actually Greek and stick to our culture. Just my rant. That’s all. A topic for another time. Enjoy the game everyone, 2 1 Greece.
  7. Risvanis is 26. If he hasn’t developed yet, then forget it.
  8. Correction. The nba just suspended it’s season.
  9. The nba is starting to have games without fans and now the whole ncaa basketball tournament will be played behind closed doors. That’s an economic kick in the nuts for all cities hosting it. Guess it’s better safe than sorry.
  10. Can’t really blame them. Safety first. All of Italy is basically closed.
  11. Lately he hasn’t been playing well at all. Anyway I agree with j1078. A lot of players have a lot of talent but are poison to their teams. You can be one of the best players but once you bring a bad attitude it starts rubbing off on others. It’s the same with any work environment.
  12. I agree with these points. The one thing I’d like to point out is that Stafylidis may not be great at the cb position, the team has been playing much better with him as the leader. That to me says a lot. Maybe he’s a passionate locker room guy that the guys listen to. Who knows? We’re not in the locker room. But I’m pretty sure he has been chosen because he’s got leadership abilities. Which in my opinion is a great thing to have.
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