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  1. France yes. That will be hard. But I don’t think holland is unbeatable. It’s too bad of all teams we got France. All the other top teams have been a tad overrated.
  2. Greece will get 2nd place. Possibly first. You heard it here
  3. Aside from a strong French team, these European teams can be beaten. They are living off their past and reputation only. Belgium was thoroughly outplayed in the first game and now Morocco is taking it to them. Spain crushed a terrible Costa Rican team but I wouldn’t put much into that because Costa Rica beat a horrible Japanese team that beat Germany. Wales is horrible also.aside from France, all these teams can be beaten.
  4. A troll who served and defended you, so you can have the right to post from your warm couch. You’re welcome.
  5. Nah. I came to see the regular posters that always post excuses. Just the comments. That’s all. Not watching the game. Don’t care about friendlies. Commented before on that.
  6. Loss win or tie doesn’t matter. The game means absolutely nothing. All these teams playing friendlies this week for nothing. No one eyes are on those games. Whether we like it or not real games are being played.
  7. As long as Qatar gets blasted every game for what they’re doing or have done, I’ll be happy.
  8. Meh, I didn’t watch the game, but it’s a friendly between 2 teams looking forward to a winter break. I’d be more concerned if the game meant something.
  9. Nah bro. Give credit where it’s due. Paok ripped them off huge. He’s not cut out for England.
  10. I know that. He’s done nothing ever since being sold. What I’m pointing out was paok ripped off Norwich really bad
  11. Tzolis is out? Shocking! Norwich got fleeced during the steal of the year. Good on paok
  12. No thanks. I wouldn’t even trust the saudis to scrape the gum off my shoes. They always have their motive. It’s to kiss ass to the western world.
  13. The manolas conversation should be finished now. Done. Oly doesn’t even want him they gave him up to some middle eastern team that the 8 year old Chinese orphans can beat
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