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  1. I agree with you. In the first half he gave the ball away like 6 times. He doesn’t look like Liverpool material to me. Nevertheless, maybe he had a bad game. We will see when it counts again.
  2. This is not true. They lost in 2020 to Austria. bakasetas zeca and siopis should never see the field again. the ref looked like the guy from ncis
  3. On 6/3/2021 at 9:19 PM, Makynia said: All of you JVS haters please take note that we are undefeated in our last 13 matches (7 wins and 6 draws). I don't even know if Rehhagel and Santos ever accomplished that. —————- I think it’s 8 or 9 not 13. They lost to Austria.
  4. Just to play devils advocate here, I wanna see who others would select.
  5. I’m not a JVS fan or a hater. But I don’t understand a lot of you guys. When he picked the starters, everyone loved the lineup. Now after the draw, everyone hates it. You can’t love it before the game, and hate it when it doesn’t work out.
  6. The teams biggest problem I’ve noticed is speed. So many times, they were caught from behind. Are there any fast guys out there?
  7. I just finished watching the game. Stayed away while I recorded it. Oh well. It happens. I thought we’d have 3 points after today. Instead we have 2. That’s only one less. Lots of football left. Anything can happen. If I came in here and told everyone I’ll take the skops today everyone would have bet me. I’d have everyone’s life savings, houses, cars, wives and dogs. Lots of time left.
  8. Georgia has played 2 great games with nothing to show for it. They must be demoralized. The Greeks have to take advantage.
  9. Please for the love of god. Never let mavropanos near the field.
  10. Those 4 in the back should never see the light of day in that field. Svarnas and mavropanos are terrible.
  11. He creates a lot. Hopefully with more experience his finishing gets better.
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