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  1. masouras is one our national teams best midfieders ... why he doesnt start ??
  2. Bouchalakis and Zeca no way as starters
  3. I would welcome Ninis and Fetfat iin the midfield with masouras and limnios
  4. We should never put guys like mavrias on defence , only if somenone is injure. Defence.....Kpap, Tzavellas, Tsimikis, Gianoulis Forwards ........Pavlidis Tziolis Giourkoumakis Our problem is mid field,,, no more Zeca. Bakasetas or Bouchalakis These guys have no ball control or speed , Zeca does hussle but he doesnt warrant a startin positin We need Fourtounis, Masouras, Limneos and Kourbelis in the mid field Thank me later.
  5. Mantalos is terrible...Masouras is much better
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