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  1. GREAT READ . As i stated , we need Masouras, Fetfatzidis and Donis. Love Zeca but hes not a starter
  2. Not worried about our strikers. Pavlidis, Tzolis, Koulouris and Gioukoumakis will be great options and are still young.
  3. I meant Tzolis. I understand we have a young team . but added Soivas and Manolas will help us defensively, until Rota and Retsos are ready. Fat Phil say hi back.
  4. you guys can laugh about Fetfatzidis , but against medium to weak teams he would definetly provide an impact on offence. Togher teams i would bench him. i should couch this team
  5. talked with Fat Phil. this is the starting lineup we need moving forward Vlachodimos Kyriakopoulos Soivas Manolas Tsimikas Masouras Limnios Fetfatzidis Foutounis Pavlidis Giakoumakis BENCH Dioudis Rota Mavropanos Donis Retsos Tzavellas Zeca Tziolis Kourbelis Bakasetas Gauranteed results.
  6. this is JVS fault. his line up today was good. if he went with this lineup throughout the turnament we would have qualified. On another note. Slovenia is an older more mature squad. Greeces main promising players are 24 and under...young team
  7. their players were different
  8. Kyriakopoulos is a must starter...fat phil is happy
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