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  1. Well, sleepy, possibly senile Joe will debate the very stable genius Trump tomorrow, Tue, Spt 29th.* It'll be a slaughter.* I mean, Trump, as he said, he's preparing for the debates by ..being president. What could possibly derail this?* Is there anything in the news lately?... * Will you be watching? *I'm being sarcastic (just in case you didn't notice)
  2. Who called COVID19 a hoax? And then he came up with ridiculous and dangerous ideas what to do about it? COVID19 has killed more police officers so far this year than all other causes combined! WaPo source
  3. Actually, I disagree with the term "gaslighting" The original meaning came from the 1944 movie, which showed a ..gradual approach in trying to turn someone crazy. I don't think this applies to Trump and his cohorts. Alternative facts/reality. No shame. No pretending. No hiding it. He turns off the lights and says darkness is good for your eyes. We saw how this pathological liar operates. Even after his lies are exposed he acts as if nothing happened and keeps repeating those lies. He's a bullshit artist too, making stuff up, fantastical conspiracies, idiotic arguments, without any co
  4. Dang! I missed the 5th anniversary of Obama's tan suit scandal. Remember when Fox News and Republicans thought it was "shocking" and that Obama lacked seriousness? Those were the good ol' days. So, Biden has mental decline? Sleepy? He's got lots more mental acuity than Trump, who tweeted that it was fake news (nobody had reported it) that he checked into hospital for mini strokes. Then yesterday, he said Biden must be on some brain drug and he should be tested before the debate. He's coming unhinged. Of course, those in his cult will believe anything he says. They're also in menta
  5. ^^^Tzatziki^^^ If only we had a clue before the 2016 election.... (I won't tire of saying this, because it was so obvious that he was a dangerous buffoon, totally unqualified, with a long history of scams, frauds, and serious character flaws)
  6. We have something to compare now.... Sweden, which has had a very lax COVID19 response... So, you'd think its economy did much better since they didn't have the massive shutdowns other countries did. But, according to this NYT article, Sweden paid a big price in human lives with little, if any, economic benefit. NYT article: In short, Sweden suffered a vastly higher death rate while failing to collect on the expected economic gains. COVID19 never left us, we are still in those waves.... I'm afraid that in about a month when schools open there will be a bigger wave. If we don't maintai
  7. Since this topic is about the 2020 Elections: The Democrats... Thomas Friedman wrote an OpEd in the NYT arguing that Biden shouldn't debate Trump unless the latter makes his tax returns public, as every prez candidate has done in the last 50 years. Also, that there should be fact checkers, who before the show is over, will point out the fallacies/misstatements/lies said during the debate. NYT article
  8. Trump is a fraud; always been so. He's the most ignorant person who also believes he has the best opinion than anyone else. He's incompetent, and the presidency should NOT be the first gov office for anyone, but that's what the Repubs gave us. I'm more upset with the people who have been supporting this buffoon, though gross violations of the consitution, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and incompetence that results in many deaths. No decent person would be acting and saying stuff like this man has. And, when it comes to being an elected leader, what decent leader would say don
  9. Yes, but if you believe god is going to protect you....you should have no fear. Here's someone who should know better, but she's already infected with a virus of the mind. The sad thing is that her opinion is dangerous if others take it as "advice from an expert".... (link)* *For those who can't read Greek, she's a doctor saying that taking church communion is basically safe, because it's a ..miracle. By the way, it shouldn't have taken a deadly virus to make society question the practice of sharing liquids, spoons, and cloth napkins. This practice should have been discontinued
  10. 1. The voting system is definitely rigged in Texas. They Republicans (who are in charge in TX) have eliminated hundreds of polling places and didn't hire poll workers in ..certain communities despite population growth and increased voter interest. I can't guess why.... On super Tuesday some people waited hours to vote--this discourages voting. But, if you say, like some Bernie people, that the Dem party is cheating him, that's false. A party, including its various officers and elected leaders, has a right to express a preference. If I were them, or even an average Dem voter, I'd say the big
  11. Biden realizes that in order to have a chance in the Dem primaries, he has to address some of their concerns. Note: those who vote in the primaries tend to be on the more progressive side (and more conservative on the Rep side). Biden's message since he declared was that he will restore ..Obama's politics, return to normalcy, and restore the credibility of the presidency. He also believes the Repubs will change their tactics once Trump goes, and that Biden can successfully work with Moscow Mitch. (He is wrong, in my opinion) So, I don't know whether these new policies is a serious plan
  12. Could you all try to write in English, please? Thank you.
  13. I like the little hatchets...so when the blades get dull, apply the hatchet!
  14. I'm not in Greece so I miss lots sports news, but what I've been reading, there's not much movement in transfers. I understand PAO can't bring in big names, but how about the several players who aren't in Donis plans for next season? Have they left? I'm sure they could use that money for the club.
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