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  1. Let's be careful of what you morally authorize (or don't care enough to lose sleep over it). Is this how we should conduct politics? Through physical violence and even murder? And, if so, what kind of law would you pass? And, and, what kind of society would this entail? Outside politics, we have the notion of vigilantism. Advanced societies don't allow revenge killings, and I think with very good reason. It may be fun in the movies to get some satisfaction by seeing bad guys getting "bumped" (I enjoyed the Sopranos, for example), but I wouldn't like to see this happening in real life as
  2. Well, there is an existential issue for both political parties: the new Voting Rights Act. The Republicans' officially signed off as the anti-democracy party by passing or will be passing state laws throughout the country to implement Jim Crow-era voting restrictions. If they succeed, the Dems will be out of power in many states and very probably Congress and the White House. Biden has realized that the filibuster has to go if he and his party will have a chance to compete in much of the country. So the Voting Rights Act has to pass by Congress.
  3. I don't know a lot about this... I know the 25th is celebrated as the ... «Στις 25 Μαρτίου του 1821 ο Παλαιών Πατρών Γερμανός σήκωσε το λάβαρο της Επανάστασης στο Μοναστήρι της Αγίας Λαύρας» Except none of that is true, and its falsehood has nothing to do with the change of calendar.... The Church has managed to promote the myths* that most modern Greeks believe as history today. Well, it wasn't only the Church but some propagandist-"historians" and of course the Greek state responsible for those myths. * myths like the Κρυφο Σχολειο, that the church was in favor of
  4. The Republicans and indeed McConnell have no interest in helping Biden in any way, even if the Republican base is for a given policy. The vast majority of Americans wanted the COVID relief package including taxpayer financial aid, and the majority of Republican voters agreed. Not a single R in Congress voted for it, though several went back to their states to claim credit for the same bill. At any rate, Biden needs to act, which means that executive orders isn't the way to do it--EOs are within existing law. So, new laws must be passed by Congress, and the problem is the filibuster in the
  5. I think... 1. Brexit may prove that the UK is a political union of the past; it's breakup is necessary now. Free Scotland, and not only. 2. the monarchy is an anachronism, taxpayer-funded spectacle that should not have survived into the 21st c.
  6. In an advanced, constitutional democracy, as Max Weber put it, the monopoly of legitimate violence should be given only to the state. Otherwise, there's no law and order when private groups or individuals act as judge/jury and implementer of violence. I think it's good that we don't publicly lynch people, even if they're guilty of a crime. I'm surprised that Hitler didn't come up... Usually he does in heated debates. So, would you kill Hitler when he was writing Mein Kampf in 1925? That's on the ..assumption he was an evil person in 1925 (without the knowledge you have today about him).
  7. Sorry to change the subject from the snowy Athens to something unpleasant.. I've been reading about Koufodinas, one of the masterminds and top murderer (OK, now you see where I'm coming from) of 17 November, a terrorist organization. He's on a hunger strike asking for a transfer to a different holding facility. There's lots of controversy and views about this and how the state should respond. The previous government had allowed him to leave the prison for limited time on several occasions. What do you think about this? For some background info: The bloody path of 17 Novemb
  8. I suppose these things open to allow someone to get out at some point, right?
  9. A very small man, exhibiting the worst traits of indecency, incompetence, and pettiness. What a national nightmare which unfortunately is not over with his demise, because of the countless people, many in leadership positions, that enabled him still remain. But, he'll be remembered as possibly the worst president, in an ugly period of our history, a wannabe dictator, and an insurrectionist.
  10. what's the trend? In the US, it's bad, though in last 2 weeks the cases/deaths are going down.... Still, 25+ million infected and 420,000 dead. To those who still think it's a hoax: Yeah, you're so smart! You figured it out that the gov is paying actors to fill hospitals to capacity, and record fake deaths. Maybe evolution is a made-up theory too, because... how is it so many stupid people have survived? right? NYT data
  11. I was thinking of my next one that will be big enough to do that comfortably and safely. I was also thinking of a trawler type of boat, slow, heavy, but with great fuel efficiency and roomy, so something in the 35-foot range. You can do it with smaller but I'm talking about having protected "saloon", bathroom, kitchenette, AC, etc. The FL to Bahamas is 50 miles. Sailing and trawlers/tugs boats go about 5-7 knots (6-8mph), depending on current which can be up to 2 mph, burning 1.5-3.5 gph, where speed boats can go 25-40 mph, but they burn 20-60 gph (that's gallons per hour). My 21f
  12. Man, Florida is too hot & humid most of the year, though it was nice when I visited in Jan or Feb many years ago. I hope one day soon I'll sail/boat down the Eastern seaboard to the Keys, Dry Tortugas, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc.
  13. because they're cultists... they even took down the American flag at the Capitol and replaced it with a Trump one.. Trump and the Repub party own all these people and their acts
  14. Surely, a competent demagogue can succeed in the US. This book, How Democracies Die, explains the way. Actually I'd say it'd be easier in the US since the Republican party, one of the two major parties, is anti-democracy, anti-intellectualism, anti-science, pro-conspiracy theories, fosters white privilege, and religiosity. Repubs have created a monster, their base, which has been helpful in mobilizing and winning elections, but is heavily anti-democratic (the system of democracy), and simplistic in its approach to politics: us v. them; with us or with the enemy; Dems aren't fit or legitimate t
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