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  1. A very small man, exhibiting the worst traits of indecency, incompetence, and pettiness. What a national nightmare which unfortunately is not over with his demise, because of the countless people, many in leadership positions, that enabled him still remain. But, he'll be remembered as possibly the worst president, in an ugly period of our history, a wannabe dictator, and an insurrectionist.
  2. what's the trend? In the US, it's bad, though in last 2 weeks the cases/deaths are going down.... Still, 25+ million infected and 420,000 dead. To those who still think it's a hoax: Yeah, you're so smart! You figured it out that the gov is paying actors to fill hospitals to capacity, and record fake deaths. Maybe evolution is a made-up theory too, because... how is it so many stupid people have survived? right? NYT data
  3. I was thinking of my next one that will be big enough to do that comfortably and safely. I was also thinking of a trawler type of boat, slow, heavy, but with great fuel efficiency and roomy, so something in the 35-foot range. You can do it with smaller but I'm talking about having protected "saloon", bathroom, kitchenette, AC, etc. The FL to Bahamas is 50 miles. Sailing and trawlers/tugs boats go about 5-7 knots (6-8mph), depending on current which can be up to 2 mph, burning 1.5-3.5 gph, where speed boats can go 25-40 mph, but they burn 20-60 gph (that's gallons per hour). My 21f
  4. Man, Florida is too hot & humid most of the year, though it was nice when I visited in Jan or Feb many years ago. I hope one day soon I'll sail/boat down the Eastern seaboard to the Keys, Dry Tortugas, Bahamas, Caribbean, etc.
  5. because they're cultists... they even took down the American flag at the Capitol and replaced it with a Trump one.. Trump and the Repub party own all these people and their acts
  6. Surely, a competent demagogue can succeed in the US. This book, How Democracies Die, explains the way. Actually I'd say it'd be easier in the US since the Republican party, one of the two major parties, is anti-democracy, anti-intellectualism, anti-science, pro-conspiracy theories, fosters white privilege, and religiosity. Repubs have created a monster, their base, which has been helpful in mobilizing and winning elections, but is heavily anti-democratic (the system of democracy), and simplistic in its approach to politics: us v. them; with us or with the enemy; Dems aren't fit or legitimate t
  7. Would you believe it? After the worst decade in the club's history, the start of 2021 finds PAO on top of the table, 10 points ahead of their rivals, while the club is favored to win the Europa cup this year! (the Champions League comes next year). Oh, and the Greek football league, finally became a truly professional, responsible, sensible, advanced European entity.
  8. Jan. 6th, 2021, will be remembered as a day when the Trump rioters, thugs, and insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol during the joint session of Congress was meeting to certify the Electoral College results and seal the election. Trump and most Republican leaders have been against democracy, and have been creating this monster that the party cannot control any longer. What happened on Wednesday is a disgrace but fitting end to a disastrous Trump administration. The "USA-USA" chanting self-described "patriots" proved, again, how unpatriotic they really are, and made the US a laughing stock,
  9. We probably not have much to discuss since this is another year under the command of Alafouzos. Very bad performances early on and the top 2 men, the gen manager and coach, are fired. The team has been out of Europe play for the longest in its history, and probably the longest without a domestic title. The best we can hope is to finish high enough to get a Euro spot. Or, do you think, the cup may be something PAO could go after this season?
  10. It's disheartening that so many Americans are divorced from reality. Have you tried to talk to members of the Trump cult? It's impossible, because they believe in "alternative facts". You have the Dpt of Homeland Security, judges, Republican elected officials, R governors, R state legislatures, etc, all showing that Trump is a loser and a petulant child that refuses to acknowledge reality, while dragging this country through the mud. This is incredible, 77% of Repubs) believe this election was fraudulent. Hooray for the greatest democracy in history...
  11. The pandemic is steeply rising almost everywhere in the US, and Trump isn't doing anything but keep having events where lots of people gather in close proximity without masks. Today, his chief of staff tested positive. Trump has stopped talking to experts, has no plan (like he didn't have a plan for anything other than filling the swamp and enriching himself) to deal with COVID19. Oh, wait, yes, he's planning to fire A. Fauci who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984.
  12. Fortunately, yes, as you said, this national nightmare will soon be over (well, in some 75 very painful days). WI, MI, PA established voting rules under Republican leadership. GA's gov, secy of State and legislature all Repubs. Repubs won seats in the House and Senate, which doesn't make sense if Dems were cooking the votes. This clown at the WH claims that the universe is out to get him. In my mind, it's a question about citizenship and patriotism to all those who have supported Trump and now are empowering him instead of telling him to stop his dangerous nonsense. Do they hold allegian
  13. Well, sleepy, possibly senile Joe will debate the very stable genius Trump tomorrow, Tue, Spt 29th.* It'll be a slaughter.* I mean, Trump, as he said, he's preparing for the debates by ..being president. What could possibly derail this?* Is there anything in the news lately?... * Will you be watching? *I'm being sarcastic (just in case you didn't notice)
  14. Who called COVID19 a hoax? And then he came up with ridiculous and dangerous ideas what to do about it? COVID19 has killed more police officers so far this year than all other causes combined! WaPo source
  15. Actually, I disagree with the term "gaslighting" The original meaning came from the 1944 movie, which showed a ..gradual approach in trying to turn someone crazy. I don't think this applies to Trump and his cohorts. Alternative facts/reality. No shame. No pretending. No hiding it. He turns off the lights and says darkness is good for your eyes. We saw how this pathological liar operates. Even after his lies are exposed he acts as if nothing happened and keeps repeating those lies. He's a bullshit artist too, making stuff up, fantastical conspiracies, idiotic arguments, without any co
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