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  1. In 45 games this season, the only opponents we failed to score on were City and Porto. Σε 45 παιχνίδια του, μόνο σε Σίτι και Πόρτο δεν έβαλε γκολ φέτος ο Ολυμπιακός!
  2. One of the greatest to ever do it....RIP X
  3. Whoever missed this match needs to have a look at Hasan's goal in the final 10-15 minutes of this match, it's a beauty that we dont see very often in soccer let alone in Greece.
  4. Some people are beyond bad, lying cheating stealing is bad. The death of a million plus people (and the theft or profit of hundreds of millions in blood money) or any number close to it is beyond bad, if this is (was) one of our leaders...I would argue that the notion of a civil society is just that, it is not real.
  5. Let's take Dick Cheney for example, if NOV 17 or someone else wanted to have a go at him, I would not lose ANY sleep.
  6. Holy shhhhhh 20? I knew we dipped a bit but did not realize just how much....wow
  7. Roberto was great especially under Michel, but he had his moments of poor form also, Sa is just as good, and can be better.
  8. Greek fans can be so fickle, reminds of a game I saw long a go in Karaiskaki, first hale Tzole makes a couple good plays, one fan (all game shouting, commentating louder than most, distinct voice: "bravo re paiktara, eisai gigantas...." second half he misses a change or two or makes a bad pass: "pe Tzole! ti einai afte reeeee eisai teleiwmenos, syko kai fyge!" From a God to Rubbish in minutes. Typical Greek soccer fan. I remember looking at Tzole, at this point he was with us 10-11 years or so, and the way that "fan" "was" tongue lashing him made my skin crawl. What an entitled ingrate.
  9. Preach! Talking about the worlds richest welfare recipients, its so heinous it is downright hellacious.
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