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  1. I cant believe how low Klaus has fallen, and also can't believe anyone would sign him, he has been shockingly poor since leaving PAOK.
  2. There was a time where I would watch us come so close to a result only to be hartbroken in the dying minutes. How things have changed, and how sweet it feels to be on the other side. BRAVO RE OMADARA, never gave up, Valbuena what a leader, never quit leads by example. Hasan, plays 5 minutes and is super focused and contributes big time right away with a million dollar finish. Bravo to the wjhole team, to the Bouchalakis haters....you were saying? lol
  3. Best option in Canada is DAZN.com, full HD, replay full games or highlights, one month free check it out, you are welcome.
  4. I repeat, every country has a price, if you have enough money you can be a passport carrying citizen of just about any nation you like, from the USA to the Dominican Republic. I'm not saying they can change your name like they do in this documentary, I'm just saying every country sells citizenship/passport for the right amount of foreign investment. Do a little research you will find plenty of proof.
  5. FYI anyone can get pretty much any passport if they have the asking price for it. I'm going to watch this tonight, seems interesting...
  6. Προσφυγή κατά Αλ Αχλί από Ερυθρό Αστέρα λόγω Μάριν
  7. Αποχαιρέτησε τον Ολυμπιακό o Αλέν
  8. Any chance PAOK might still offer him a contract or has he moved on to another club, retired? I heard the current coach is not very into having him back at the club on sport fm....
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