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  1. Warda is a game winner on any given day, he is quality.
  2. The republican politicians I don't think like Trump so much, none of them supported him during his lead up to the white house way back. They simply are against anything democrat even if they don't necessarily like Trump. The media has been putting the idea out there even before the elections of a possible non peaceful transfer of power and that was curious, no one I know or had seen or spoken with ever mentioned the thought or brought it up at all. The media planted the seed and it grew I feel. But obviously it could never have happened without the work of the fat sleazy orange bastard. T
  3. 8 million is a hard deal to refuse for any Greek team, if they could get a % of any future fee that would be nice too. THat 8 million can go a long way for the club if used wisely.
  4. 5 people died that day, let's hope that nobody else has to lose a family member to this kind of "protest". The worse may be still to come if cooler minds do not prevail. Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says
  5. Why?? Just ....why? Feds Searching for Person Who Carved 'Trump' Into Manatee's Back in Florida
  6. Οι σκέψεις που κάνει ο Μαρτίνς είναι για ένα σχήμα 4-2-3-1 διαφοροποιώντας το 4-3-3 που επέλεγε συνήθως μέχρι τώρα στα μεγάλα ματς της ομάδας. Σα, Σεμέντο, Μπα, Ραφίνια, Ρεάμπτσιουκ, Εμβιλά, Καμαρά και Ελ Αραμπί είναι οι σίγουροι για την 11άδα... Από εκεί και πέρα οι Βαλμπουενα, Φορτούνης, Βρουσάι και Μασούρας διεκδικούν τις τρεις θέσεις πίσω από τον επιθετικό . sport-fm
  7. Going forward, what is to stop any smarter, more polished player, to pick up the Trump playbook and take it even further into the kind of chaos we have seen already.
  8. sdna i heard was supposed to be owned by skai or alafouzos, but it was just talk, didn't see any proof. Weeren't they the frontrunners with the whole noor1 ship caught with contraband fiasco which was said to be part of Marinaki's fleet at the time of initial reportings?
  9. I'm pretty sure at some point soon Warda will self implode, but until he does he will be fun to watch, I think he is a great player just always manages to screw things up for himself one way or another. If he could just play the game and go home and read or watch tv lol he would be levels ahead of what he is now. Or at the least, acknowledge that you are a loose canon, and try and find a club that will bear with the shitshow but do everything to bring out your best on the field.
  10. Υγεια, αγαπι και οτι επιθιμεις να το βρεις βροστα σου. Best wishes to you all for the new year alania.
  11. These two do a great podcast! My faves were with Karagouni and Alefa, gonna have to see what Sapi got to say in this one 🍿
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