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  1. Stefanos Tsitsipas won his third Rolex Monte Carlo Open and 11th single title overall to go with his 2 doubles titles, beating Norway's Casper Ruud 6-1, 6-4. He's got a good resume. Only player he has yet to defeat is Carlos Alcarez of Spain.
  2. As you see favorable teams like Poland and Ukraine took care of business like they should, Greece had no excuse not to score at least one goal. Never should this match come to penalty kicks to determine who goes to EURO 2024. Greece is now 0-2 all-time in PK during meaningful matches.
  3. That is how you play team football, every freakin match Greece must play this way to ensure victory. The next match in Georgia will be a tricky one, but history shows it's on Greece's side.
  4. Sakkari is playing in her second WTA Indian Springs Final after a long 5 plus hour match stopped twice from rain delays, beating Coco Guaff 6-4,6-7 (5-7), 6-2. It's going to be a rematch from 2022 against Iga Swiatek. This competition is dubbed as the "Fifth Grand Slam".
  5. So proud of you guys, Greek clubs did the impossible. Now it's the Greek NT turn to make us proud next Thursday.
  6. I did some research on Kazakhstan, they are a decent side produced one shocking result in defeating Denmark at home 3-2. They lost twice to Slovenia 1-0, beat Finland away 2-1 and lost to them at home 2-1. Of course, Denmark beat them at home 3-1. Kazakhstan can score goals, but their defense is suspect. Sure, Greece can't take them lightly.
  7. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Never did I even thought it was possible for Olympiakos to come back from three goals down at home and to try to turn things around that quickly on the road. This has to be the greatest comeback in franchise history in UEFA club competition.
  8. Kyriazis did indeed get a medal, it is bronze finishing 3rd with a mark of 80.52m (season's best) and Greece ends the competition with 4. I would say this is the best showing ever for Greece in this event.
  9. Frantzeskakis won Greece's third bronze medal of the day with a mark of 74.96m. First time ever Greece ends up with three medals in the same calendar year of the European Throwing Cup. Tomorrow, the only athlete who could win a medal is Kyriazis. It all depends if he can rediscover his form from 2017, throwing over 80 meters on a consistent bases. Mouzenidis will likely not medal since he can't throw over 20 meters. His progression is very slow and isn't showing signs he has what it takes to be an elite shot putter.
  10. A rather disappointing showing for Tzengko as she finished 7th place (overall) at 57.79.
  11. Greece got 2 bronze medals this morning from Anastasia Dragomirova (15.43m) and Orestis Dousakis (68.78m) Tzengko performing next, Anastasakis and Frantzeskakis will perform later since there was a rain delay early.
  12. Schedule for the Greek athletes (Local time in Portugal) Saturday, March 9 10:00 Hammer Throw Men U23 Final - Dousakis 11:55 Shot Put Women U23 Final A - Dragomirova 14:00 Javelin Throw Women Final A - Tzengko 14:55 Hammer Throw Men Final A - Frantzeskakis, Anastasakis 16:20 Shot Put Women Final B - Maggoulia 18:00 Discus Throw Women U23 Final - Alexeeva Sunday, March 10 09:30 Discus Throw Men U23 Final - Adamakis 11:45 Discus Throw Women Final B - Anagnostopoulou 12:15 Hammer Throw Women Final B - Kosmidou 15:25 Javelin Throw Men Final A - Kyriazis 16:00 Shot Put Men Final A - Mouzenidis
  13. In the European Throwing Cup, I believe Greece will get 2 medals. The only time Greece won 2 medals in the same year of this competition was 2003 (Alexandros Papadimitriou - silver Steliana Tsikouna - bronze) and 2017 (Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou - bronze Paraskevas Baltzavaltis - bronze)
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