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  1. I found out the rules for the two leg playoffs 8 third place Champions League teams vs. 8 runner up group Europa League teams 8 third place Europa League teams vs. 8 runner up group Conference League teams Both of them will be played Feb. 17 and 24
  2. So in the World Cup playoffs for UEFA teams two additional teams Austria and Czech Republic get in because of Nations League results to go with the other 10 group runner ups. If Greece had won it's group from the Nations League and get the top two points, they would have took part in the playoffs?
  3. If Greece finish 2nd, they go to the playoffs?
  4. LOL Qatar isn't a dump country, it is pretty nice over there. Let's just focus on Euro 2024 in Germany and World Cup 2026 in North America (USA/Mexico/Canada).
  5. Greece should be up 1-0 and not down 1-0. Masouras goal should have stand, it was a tight one, but I firmly believe he is onside, otherwise blow the whistle dead if the refs suspect he was offside. What a BS penalty that was! The Spanish player went down like as if he was shot! Giannoulis was trying to clear the ball and it barely gazed the player.
  6. Standings Sweden 15 pts 7 games 7+ GD Spain 13 pts 6 games 8+ GD Greece 9 pts 6 games 1+ GD
  7. Despite the fact that UEFA organizes the European Qualifiers, they use the FIFA World Cup rules to determine the tie-breaker. So, goal difference will determine who qualifies for the auto World Cup entry or playoffs.
  8. I see a 2-0 win for Spain No chance for Greece to get the much needed victory here.
  9. lol No Wi-Fi cutoffs. Omonia9, I have not been very active here since Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I have many things to do over there. I don't have any issues here, it's only that my life will be totally life compare to my years in Houston.
  10. Olympiakos will have to fight for second place to play in the knock out round against 3rd place teams from the Champions League.
  11. So far, Olympiakos are attacking more in this match compare to the one in Germany.
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