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  1. Glad he did, he helped Olympiakos cause and for Greece 😉
  2. Standings Olympiakos 3 pts Fenerbache 1 pts Frankfurt 1 pts Antwerp 0 pts
  3. Nicholas was mainly a tropical storm until it reached hurricane strength prior to landfall near East Matagorda Peninsula in Sargent Beach, Texas. The storm did affect Houston and the communities south and west of the city. I was lucky not to have a power outage. In my area where I live, we got heavy rain from time to time, but mainly it was steady. Winds were below tropical storm level (39 mph or higher) despite issued a Tropical Storm Warning. We had gust winds above 40 mph a few times. No flooding occurred. This storm could have been worse if there was no southern dry air and moderate wind shear. Gulf waters were very warm 87-88 F. And thankfully, Nicholas didn't track into Houston, but south of the city and towards Galveston Bay.
  4. I would expect your team to blow them out of the waters.
  5. A rather disappointing performance against a club from Gibraltar....cough cough....
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