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  2. Just finished watching the replay, definitely lacking creativity. I understand Esiti and Schwab are both defensive minded players but unless Giannoulis starts an attack or Zivkovic drops to ask for the ball we've literally got nothing. Our backline also move the ball around too slow, especially Varela who holds it for ages. Quite a frustrating game to watch, in need of a striker and hopefully a creative midfielder with a bit of flair who can control that centre and move the ball around with some urgency.. anyway onto the next one!
  3. Οι περισσότεροι σε αυτό το φόρουμ έχουμε παραπάνω από μισό αιώνα ζωής. Προσωπικά έχω δει αρκετούς κακούς προπονητές στον Άρη, αλλά ο Ένινγκ πρέπει να είναι ο πιο εμμονικός και καταστροφικός.
  4. I am sure Mantzios is gona do better
  5. Today
  6. Krasnodar beat Khimki 7:2 in their league game today. Looks like they have the fire power. I think our defense will have to perform as good if not better as they did against Benfica. A 1:1 tie would be great a result, but I don't see it.
  7. PAOK just looked a bit sluggish today especially coming off a big emotional win vs Benfica.
  8. There are a bunch of names floating around social media but I won't bother sharing them as I doubt any are true. But I will say that if a player is having second thoughts, then they should be passed over. I can't recall the last time that ended well.
  9. Any news on the Paschalakis front? Would like to hear that he has been sold.
  10. Possibly but today's rumor is that our plan B player asked for extra time and we are revisiting the Colak option.
  11. In the meantime Krasnodar is winning 6:2 in their league game.
  12. I only saw the first 30 minutes and listened to the rest in the car. Sounds like Ferreira used this game as an experiment to give new players playing time.
  13. Didn't see the game but I'm already seeing people moan about Ferreira again on some sites. Really pathetic, leave the guy alone.
  14. Why would anyone listen to the station that is financed by Olympiakos? Biggest anti-PAOK station in Thessaloniki. I listened to the game on Radio Primo driving down to the University of Chicago.
  15. Μετά την πρώτη κρυάδα να πούμε ένα-δυο πραματάκια κάπως πιο αντικειμενικά. Η Κόλος δεν είναι σίγουρα η ομάδων εκείνη των ψαράδων που απέκλεισε τον Πάοκ, ούτε φυσικά η Μπάγιερν που θα ισοπέδωνε όποιον και να έβρισκε μπροστά της. Ήταν όμως η ομάδα του προπονητή της, απόλυτα πειθαρχημένη που εχθές καταφερε και έβγαλε σούπερ απόδοση στο γήπεδο κι εξαφάνισε τον αντίπαλο της. Μπορεί να μην έχει μονάδες στο ρόστερ της, αλλά αυτό που είδα εγώ τουλάχιστον στο γήπεδο ήταν μια "ομαδάρα" που μας έκανε για 90' λεπτά να μοιάζουμε με τσίρκο. Καθαρά επιθετική στα χαρτιά, αρίστευσε στην πράξη ΚΑΙ αμυντικά
  16. It can be difficult to bounce back from a big European result and it proved that way tonight we looked fatigued mentally and physically. Still have work to do when we are the team with the bulk of possession.
  17. The first wasted points of the season. Fully deserved. We were deteriorating from the 50th minute.
  18. I like the commentators of Metropolis style. It is just like they who talk now are codering a funeral.
  19. Official debut for Koutsias. Just 16 years old. And Pelkas also coming in. And is the captain,
  20. Haha commentator very excited about comparing whether or not Koutsias is our youngest-ever player
  21. Koutsias coming on next -edit- Pelkas at the same time
  22. Could (or should?) have been 2-0 down but we are lucky to be 1-0 up. Though we had the better of the game the first 50 minutes.
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