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  2. A valiant effort from Polak! She did the best she can to chase a medal and would have gotten bronze if she just went over 4.70. She finishes 5th place at 4.65. This is her best performance at any level in women's pole vault. Hopefully, she will do better.
  3. JVS probably was looking at Natsos as RB at Peristeri at the match Atromitos - Asteras. Honestly Natsos, at 22, has more playtime than Bakakis ( ofc bakakis was injured and covid, no clue about Natsos' injury history this season) and they both have 1 assist. If the boy is fast as Bakakis is, he can't be worse can he? Anyone have any official news with Baldock citizenship?
  4. The rumors re: Douglas and Corinthians are starting up again, too
  5. Scored his seventh goal of the season tonight and earned his team a point to cherish in the battle against relegation.
  6. Panathinaikos lost again to PAS after two losses in the cup. 1-0 this time.
  7. Malmö announced the loan of Colak till Deceber 31st of this year.
  8. Another clean sheet and 90+ mins for him against Slaven Belupo. Also a yellow card.
  9. Another win and clean sheet for Giannoulis and Norwich. Played the full 90+ mins.
  10. (4) Top 10 Players Steal The Ball From Goalkeeper |HD - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA4x3AgLAMk Ούτε ένας όμως από τους επιθετικούς δεν βγήκε από το γήπεδο. Ούτε κρύφτηκε πίσω από τα δοκάρια. Αντιθέτως πήραν και κάρτα. Αλλά είπαμε, εδώ είναι Ελλάντα blob:https://www.youtube.com/485a611c-a21c-45b2-82c7-4f196279fec9
  11. Zikos finished 4th in the semifinal race with 6.67 and missed out on the finals. He would have needed 6.63 to get there. It's was kind of disappointing as I was expecting him to do better than what he ran in the heats. Tomorrow, Tsiamis will contest for a medal. He will need to improve greatly from his season's best 16.42. Papachristou is the heavy favorite to win gold if she continues to stay in top form, consistently jumping over 14.10 meters. Spandouaki will race on Sunday with Gatou and Samani. Please let this be the year Spanoudaki avoids another DSQ and qualify at least a spot in the sem
  12. ... Η ΠΑΕ Πάοκ πρωτοστατεί στην εξυγίανση.
  13. Karidi didn't make the cut, finishing 11th with 13.69 Pesiridou didn't advance into the semifinals, finished 7th in the heat at 8.31, which is her SB. Zikos will be sprinting soon to try to qualify for the finals. Polak will be contesting for a medal as the women's pole vault event is wide open. Holly Bradshaw is the heavy favorite to win gold, silver and bronze will be up for grabs.
  14. "Είναι ξεκάθαρο πια πως πρόκειται για συνομωσία. Ο Μπουχαλάκης, ο Κουέστα, η Κοσμοτέ που χάνει την φάση του αγώνα, ο διαιτητής και το ΒΑΡ, Έλληνες και ξένοι, είναι όλοι τους συνεννοημένοι να κουκουλώσουν τη φάση του αιώνα! " Το φοβερό σε αυτά είναι πως συνηθίσαμε τόσο τα παραμύθια που και η πραγματικότητα μας φαίνεται πλέον παράλογη! Το ακόμη πιο φοβερό με τους δίπλα είναι που δεν ξέρουν πλέον ...τι θέλουν να τους μαγειρέψει η ΕΠΟ, -και τα άλλα δικά τους παιδιά-, αφού όλα τα κάναν μαντάρα και τους γύρισαν μπούμεραγκ. Τα Γιάννενα τους ξεφτέλισαν. Τώρα θέλουν να παίξουν με τον ΠΑ
  15. Filippidis finished 11th in qualifying with a mark of 5.50. What else is new? Zikos took advantage of Van Gool's DSQ (bronze medalist from Glasgow 2019) and won the heat with 6.67 to advance into the semifinals. Nyfantopoulos finished 3rd in his heat with 6.74, not good enough for the fastest 6 time for non-automatic qualifiers. As expected in the women's triple jump, automatic qualification for Papachristou at 14.39.
  16. Ο καημένος ο Αθενς είναι για λύπηση. Κόβει-ράβει και μας φέρνει εδώ τι είπε-έγραψε κάποιο βλήμα στα social media... Μεγάλη η χαρά τους χθες πάντως, παίζει να είναι η μοναδική χαρά που ένιωσαν αυτή τη σεζόν οι δίπλα. Στο γκολ έγινε σεισμός από το πως το πανηγύρισε η μισή Θεσσαλονίκη... Αλλά βέβαια, όλα κανονίστηκαν στο Μικελ, ο Αθενς έχει μη αμφισβητούμενες πληροφορίες... Στο κόλπο και όλος ο πάγκος του Ολυμπιακού που ούτε στο γκολ στο Αϊντχόφεν δεν είχε πανηγυρίσει έτσι...
  17. Yesterday
  18. John Michael played at the UK Open and was eliminated in the first round by Scott Taylor of England. Michael lost 6-4 in legs. This tournament is played just in legs and not in games with legs like the worldchampionship. The average of Michael was 86.79 (3 darts).
  19. Εγώ ακούω μόνο αυτά που λέει ο Άθενς. Να ξέρετε. Κάτι έγινε εκεί στο Μικέλ, εκεί στήθηκε το ματς. Και αποφάσισαν να το κάνουν με τρόπο και τακτ, για να μην καταλάβει κανείς τίποτα. Ναι. Οπότε σκαρφίστηκαν αυτό που είδαμε. Και τα μπουνίδια στο πέναλτυ στημένα. Και τα πανηγύρια στο γκολ του Μπουχά, θέατρο. Στημένο σκηνικό όλα. Άιντε πρόβατα Αρειανοί ξυπνάτε. Παράρτημα. Α παράρτημα. Το λέει ο Άθενς αφού. Και όλοι οι υπόλοιποι mentally challenged.
  20. Tomorrow will be a busy day for the Greek athletes in the morning session. Polak is the only Greek to compete in tomorrow's evening session (unless Zikos reaches the finals in the men's 60 m). That men's long jump competition was super exciting! Not only Tentoglou successfully defended his European Indoor title, but the other two medalists broke their respective NR's.
  21. Tentoglou won the gold medal with 8.35 m defending his title. He did not have another jump that counted (3 passes, 2 fails)
  22. So it is true. Mixed feeling about it. But it is what it is.
  23. Tentoglou with an early lead with a 8.35 m in first jump. Pretty much clinched a medal if not gold with this jump. Zakka failed to qualify for the final in the high jump. She jumped 1.87 m setting a personal best.
  24. No, mate. Keepers in proper leagues take a quick look behind them before dropping the ball.
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