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  2. OMONOIA 40 Fabiano(GK, Captain) 17 Masouras 5 Coulibaly 30 Panayiotou 24 Khammas 76 Charalambous 20 Maric 80 Erakovic 21 Simic 14 Stepinski 7 Semedo BENCH 23 Uzoho(GK) 98 Kyriakidis(GK) 2 Diounkou 4 Helander 6 Cipriano 9 Kakoullis 11 Costa 15 Bakic 22 Lang 74 Andreou 79 Ozler 99 Alioum Manager: Valdas Dambrauskas(LTU)
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  4. Cheer up, everyone. Their goals were from dumb mistakes on our part. We go in with an advantage; we will improve. Fixing mental lapses is, like, Lucescu's specialty.
  5. VS MATCHUP: FK Borac Banja Luka - PAOK Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Champions League – Qualifying Round 2 – Leg 2 DATE: 31-July-2024 TIME: 22:00 EEST (19:00 UTC, 14:00 CDT, 05:00 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Banja Luka – Banja Luka Stadium (10,030) REFEREES: Sander van der Eijk - Rens Bluemink, Dyon Fikkert (Holland) TELEVISION: PAOK’s History against teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina 2024-2025: PAOK FC – FK Borac Banja Luka 3:2 – (17. Koulieraqkis, 39. Koulierakis, 51. Ekong) – Att: 20,000 – Champions League (Qualifying Round 2 – Leg 1) GAMES: 1 WINS: 1 TIES: 0 LOSSES: 0
  6. At this point I'm not sure we will even play Malmo.
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  8. The previous 3 european campaigns we didnt win on first day, this year we did. Only positive I can find lol. I hope we dont do a Napoli this year, alot of the players mentally seem empty and head in the clouds due to last season championship victory. Let hope by Malmo game its a different story.
  9. Extra time for the season tickets. You can buy them till Wednesday 31th EEST 18:00. Never understood the urge to "close the lines" so early. Overhere they even sell half season tickets during Christmas for the remainder of the season.
  10. We're rusty as hell. I also think a big problem here is that we play to the level of our opponents. I don't think we'll be as bad vs Malmo (whose final score against a much worse team was only slightly better than what we saw today). But playing to the level of our opponents leads to us having heart attacks every year. Zero chance Tissoudali and Chalov will be available for the next game, but I wonder if Lucescu will try them vs Malmo. Also: Camara actually looked all right, in my opinion.
  11. That was embarrassing. Every summer the PAE believes that transfers should only happen if we progress. How about in order to progress we should make transfers?
  12. Only 2.2 million?? Wow, that's even less than I thought. Good job by (presumably) Maria G. Saw some sites now saying that Chalov might be around the 25th, which is code for "in three weeks."
  13. We have reached a deal with Tarik Tissudali and KAA Gent. He is expected in Thessaloniki to undergo a physical and sign a 2+1 year deal with a 1.4 mil salary per season. We also paid 2.2 mil to KAA Gent for his rights. Apparently it was his countryman El Kaddouri that convinced him to come to PAOK after he talked to the PAOK ex-player.
  14. Different year, same old story. They will progress, only question is if they will find a rhythm beginning with next week's game. AEK is performing as poorly against an even worse opponent right now, btw.
  15. Malmo will embarrass us if we play like this today
  16. Very poor showing by PAOK. With a display like that we stand no chance against Malmo. That's assuming we can get at least a tie next week in Banja Luka and qualify. All our goals came from our defensemen and mostly from set pieces. Our midfield and offense was lost out there.
  17. FT 3-2. What a struggle but we travel with an advantage. And another proof we need a decent striker.
  18. Tsiggaras our last sub. Schwab is subbing out. Zivkovic our new captain for the remainder of the game.
  19. Samatta free header inside the 6 yard box. 20 yards over the goal
  20. Changed his jerseynumber to #70 but he is the same old Samatta, the hasogolis.
  21. Thee subs now: Camara, Zivkovic and Samatta coming in. Ozdoyev, Despodov and Brandon subbed out
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