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  2. With Tzavellas being called up again, just call up Stafylidis as well, and be done with it.
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  4. If Biseswar is really leaving, he will be playing his last international matches as a PAOK-player. He is invited for the CONCACAF Nations League games of Suriname against Jamaica (home), Jamaica (away) and Mexico (away).
  5. A 30 year old defender in englands second division. Tell me you wanna play internationally but can’t make England. Without telling me you wanna play internationally and can’t make England. Lol
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  7. Final league game of the season for PAOK women's football team tomorrow at 16:30 EEST. The team has mathematically secured yet another national title, so tomorrow's game will serve as a title fiesta. This the team's 17th league title. Tomorrow's game against Ergotelis will be televised on AC PAOK TV:
  8. Various news, rumors, fake news and wishful thinking by the always trustworthy Greek media: - Quagliata, Nasberg and Kotarski are 99% signed and will be announced soon - looking for no. 2 keeper that will replace Z. Zivkovic - looking for acquisitions on left back, left wing, and a dekari - still pursuing Limnios although Panathinaikos is also interested (could be manager's tricks) - chances of Crespo and Schwab to remain on the team is 50/50 - Biseswar, Sidcley, Mitrita, Akpom are history - will try to unload Taylor, Murg, Jaba through sale or contract termination - will consider sale of Augusto and Mihaj if the price is right
  9. Looks like we are thinking of not renewing Pablo Garcia's contract as a PAOK 'B' team coach.
  10. I really hope we come out and use the momentum our individual players have for a crazy unexpected 3-0 win. That would be a great start to Gussy’s coaching tenure.
  11. I didn’t realize he was already 29 lol. Still a good pick up for us tho and hopefully in 4 or 5 years Lyratzis is a monster rb lol
  12. That’s good news. Let’s see how Baldock performs for us. At least Poyet now has 3 natural right backs for this window. I will give him credit for that. The last coach would only call up one.
  13. Ok didn’t think about that. I just was thinking vlachodimos will play all the matches barring any injury so why have four goalies.
  14. Yea it's official. Sheffield United posted a congratulations on their page
  15. Because we play 4 games. It is like a Euro or WC where you play 3 (or more) games. You never know. Besides that: 4 keepers can train with 2 pairs, and that is way better.
  16. Seems like it.. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ethniki-ellados-klithike-o-mpalntok-apo-ton-poget.9645838.html
  17. I just heard Baldock has been approved and will be called up for the June matches. can anyone confirm?
  18. Last week
  19. Tsitsipas to round 3 after defeating qualifier Kolar with 6-3 7-6 6-7 7-6. Next opponent is Mikael Ymere from Sweden. Ymer is unseeded and knocked out the #29 seed in round 2.
  20. But the biggest negative is he is from 020. I don't want this "Evreo" playing for my PAOK!
  21. Crespo sounds doubtful about his return (fine by me!). A shame he'll get much less emotional of a sendoff than Varela, though. https://inpaok.com/731565/krespo-dyskola-tha-synechiso-ston-paok/
  22. The rebounds are a KILLER with superman. That's good to hear
  23. Tzavellas I don’t understand why he got the call up. Also why pick 4 goalkeepers? Vlachodimos is going to play every game.
  24. After all these years talking him up, I would like to finally see him play...(Baldock). Tzavellas/Dioudis - I don't get. Would have picked Saliakas and one of the other two. Captain I guess it depends on who starts from them. One of them will start.
  25. So far from what I've seen I love this pick up. I've watched a few highlight videos (which you can never be too sure of), but there are a few things that stand out : - His ball control. He doesn't give up big rebounds. Unlike Paschalakis, he tries to catch the ball when diving for a save first, then if not possible he parries it away in a non dangerous area. Too many times Paschalakis got caught making a good save then giving up a rebound in a dangerous area. - His reflexes seem just as good as Paschalakis. A couple times he made good 1v1 saves. - His positioning to make said saves are fantastic. One negative is that he is only 6'1. A tend to prefer taller GK's who are at least 6'3.
  26. Yes, I agree with that I would have selected Saliakas, Nicolaou and Kiriakopoulos over Kotsiras, one of Goutas / Tzavellas and one of Dioudis / Paschalakis. If Baldock was available, I would take him as the team's starting RB. Who's our captain? Bakasetas or Mantalos
  27. Sakkari is eliminated. She lost 6-7 6-7 against WTA-#81 Muchová.
  28. Tsitsipas struggled against Musetti. After losing the first two sets he managed to turn the match around: 5-7 4-6 6-2 6-3 6-2 Next opponent is Zdenek Kolar from the Czech Republic.
  29. Looks like Kotarski, the Ajax goalie who is on loan to Gorica will be one of the replacements for Paschalakis. His contract runs until 2023, so we will have to purchase him (between 1.5 - 2 mil).
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