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  2. In Judo (70 kg), Teltsidou won her first two matches and will now face the Russian Taimazova in the quarterfinal match. We could be looking at a medal here at the end of the day.
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  4. Lucescu really wants him, but I think it's really a big risk. Surely we could find somebody younger and hungrier for the money he is demanding.
  5. What a great race by the two rowers coming from 4th place in the last 500 meters of the race to win their semifinal heat with a world's best time. Good luck to them in the final.
  6. Wow! Maria Kyridou & Christina Bourmpou just broke the World Best Time in the semifinals of 6:48.70 to qualify first place in style! Big bravo to the young girls from Thessaloniki!!!
  7. Re ton Warda.... bigger drama surrounds him them hollywood folk
  8. I agree. Why we pushing for him? Surely we have enough pensioners in this squad already ffs
  9. Yesterday
  10. NFI why we are even trying to sign this guy. He's 34 years old and he scored 1 (yes one) goal all of last season in the Saudi league. 1.2 million is laughable let alone 1.8 million. I am seriously hoping it's all just fake news.
  11. i haven’t bought a macron kit for awhile now, does anyone know how the sizing runs for them?
  12. That paunch is gonna enter the field about five minutes before he does heyyy-ooooo
  13. If Bohemians eliminates Dudelange, than our first game against them will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd in Dublin. If Dudelange goes through, than we will play them on Thursday, August 5. Additionally, before we will play our first European game this season we will learn our opponent in the Play-off Round of UCL, since the draw for that round is on August 2, 2021 at 14:00 EEST. This all assumes that we will eliminate either Bohemians or Dudelange.
  14. Εδώ σας εχω. Έχοντας παρακολουθήσει 17 ολόκληρες καλοκαιρινές μεταγραφικές περιόδους, τα παιχνιδάκια των ΜΜΕ τα εχω μάθει απ'εξω. Σαβιόλα, Ντενίλσον, Γκούτι, Ροναλντίνιο - όλοι κλεισμένοι ήταν (και καλα). Αρχές Ιουλίου: <<Τρελό>> σενάριο που συνδέει τον (insert name of 33+ year old has been) με τον (insert one of the big 4 Greek teams) Μέσα Ιουλίου: Επαφές με τον (insert name of 33+ year old has been) ο/η (insert one of the big 4 Greek teams)! Τέλη Ιουλίου: Έρχεται Αθήνα/Θεσσαλονίκη ο (insert name of 33+ year old has been)! Επίσης τέλη Ιουλίου: <<Κόλλησε&g
  15. Omonoia 0-1 Dinamo Zagreb FT Series: Dinamo Zagreb 3-0 Omonoia No CL for Omonoia
  16. DINAMO ZAGREB 40 Livakovic(GK, Captain) 29 Moubandje 6 Lauritsen 28 Theophile-Catherine 13 Ristovski 99 Orsic 10 Majer 97 Jakic 27 Misic 7 Ivanusec 21 Petkovic BENCH 1 Zagorac(GK) 23 Horkas(GK) 8 Gojak 11 Gavranovic 20 Kastrati 37 Sutalo 38 Franjic 55 Peric 70 Menalo 77 Spikic 90 Cop 92 Vasilj Manager: Damir Kranar(CRO)
  17. Warda is returning to Thessaloniki tomorrow from Egypt. Let's see if he re-joins the team. Also tomorrow, Biseswar is supposed to start practices.
  18. Players can be switched between teams, but there must be a 48 hour gap between the two games. However I doubt if there will frequent player switch from one team to another. It will most likely be player coming from injury to get back into shape, or somebody from 'B' to replace an injured player on the 'A' team Just found out that for the game against Doxa we will send the U19 team, which is coached by Malezas. The 'B' team will have their first practice tomorrow. Curious to see what players will show up at Souroti.
  19. OMONOIA 40 Fabiano(GK) 4 Shehu 15 Hubocan 22 Lang 17 Lecjaks 11 Bautheac 16 Gomez(Captain) 42 Diskerud 75 Loizou 21 Tzionis 44 Scepovic BENCH 1 Panagi(GK) 74 Chorazka(GK) 2 Psaltis 13 Papoulis 18 Duris 30 Panayiotou 31 Kousoulos 76 Charalambous 79 Savva 80 Kakoullis 82 Evangelou Manager: Henning Berg(NOR)
  20. We have about 47 players. We must be able to find 16 for this game that did not play a lot or at all. I’m curious if players can be switched between A and B if they do well or bad. Or after an injury.
  21. I watched the Gionis match. It was very exiting game, but Gionis shot himself in the foot by not "killing" the opponent in the 5th set with the numerous match points he had. Just like our tennis players, Gionis is lacking the killer instinct to finish a match. I also stayed until 2:30 in the morning to watch the Sakkari game . It was obvious Svitolina was a better and more experienced player. This was evident in the deciding 3rd set. For Sakkari to advance she would have to have an exceptional game. She will now continue in the mixed pairs competition with Tsitsipas. In Water Polo we
  22. Giovinco is apparently now demanding 1.8 mil from PAOK, which is around 600K more than what we agreed with him before. Looks like this will drag out for a while.
  23. Doxa Drama is promoting a friendly game between Doxa and PAOK 'B' on July 30th. That's like3 days away and our 'B' team has not even started practices yet.
  24. I like the striped one too. Much better than last season's version. The black one is nothing special. Apparently the orange one is our 4th shirt, which would mean that there is a white shirt that has not been unveiled yet. Not sure if the white shirt that appears at the 33 second mark in the video is an actual game shirt.
  25. Svitolina was the better player, Sakkari could not handle her power serves and returns. At least Sakkari did what Danilidou couldn't do and that is reaching the round of 16 at the Olympic Games. Greece and Italy fought out a 6-6 draw in men's water polo.
  26. The new stripe kit is MUCH better than last year's imo
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