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  2. Ww beated them for the first time: 1-0 with a goal of Nikolaos Spyrakos. 5 points needed to be safe at this point if Aiolikos wins tomorrow because they still have to play Karditsa who are at 20 points, but could be less as most teams have to play eachother and will drop points one way or the other.
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  4. So you're tellin' me the team's insistence on constant kissies is what doomed us
  5. Greek ice hockey national team will play their first game since 2013. IIHF has allowed Greece to take part in the developmental tournament that will take place this week in Bratislava, Slovakia. The schedule for the Greek national team is as follows: 21-April: Greece - Argentina 22-April: Greece - Ireland 23-April: Greece - Portugal 24-April: Greece - Colombia 25-April: Greece - Brazil 27-April: classification game
  6. Konstantelias is not travelling to Piraeus since he still suffers from the virus infection that has plagued the team the last two weeks. Here is the squad for tomorrow's game:
  7. Χρόνια πολλά ΠΑΟΚάρα! It's our 98th "birthday" today!
  8. If OLY wins they grab the ECL titelholderspot in EL. But if OLY manages to win SL they move to the higher valued (qualifiers) CL. Greece only will have 5 spots next European season if O Aris wins the cup and OLY finishes 4th in SL and wins ECL.
  9. Last week
  10. Ok good. I guess it’s just no dropping after group stages.
  11. Need to win this one or at a minimum not lose. Hopefully Olympiakos players are more tired than ours, since they played extra time. Let's also hope that some of our sick players feel better and did not spread the virus to others.
  12. Lucescu should have not played players that were sick (Meite, Baba, Konstantelias, etc.). They could hardly run and at time they were just walking, specially Meite. The other thing we needed was luck. We did not have any. Both their goals were close to being offside (VAR needed) and our one chance to score with a penalty was also offside (again VAR decision). Basically nothing was going our way yesterday. Time to regroup and finish the season on a positive note.
  13. First of all we need to finish in top 3 or Aris loses the cup final in order to be in Europe next season. Also there is dropping from higher competitions to lower competitions next season:
  14. Pathetic game. Could tell within a few minutes that we would be playing exactly like we did in Brugge. Couldn't string a few passes together to save our lives.
  15. No dropping? I don't know how I feel about that. There are only two teams in Greece that have any remote chance of stayig in, for example, the EL. Trickle-down slightly favors us as a league.
  16. We are already set with 4 teams for next season (2024-2025). To have 5 teams in 2025-2026 Olympiakos need to beat Aston Villa twice (penalty shootouts don't count) and win the final either in regular time or extra time (again no penalty shootout)
  17. Either way - that's the best we have performed in Europe in a very long time. If OLY would win, do they get automatic entry to Europa next year? If that's the case, that means we would have 5.
  18. Yea I see us falling out of the title race and going into the UECL again. Next year it will be different as teams cannot drop down from higher Euro competitions. So there is a strong chance we are top 5 in odds to win it next year if we make the group stages.
  19. Oly needs to win both games vs Villa and then the UECL final, so quite unlikely. I think we are stuck with four teams in Europe next season.
  20. Two UECL quarterfinal appearances in three seasons for PAOK, and I think this run was more impressive. Here’s to hoping the team doesn’t let us all down next summer in the qualies.
  21. This means the postponed match of last Sunday (MD 5) must be rescheduled as the fixture was set May 1st and the gavro faces Aston Villa May 2nd and 9th. Probably all last MD's must be postponed as last MD (or 2 last MD's, as I am not sure) need to be played at the same time and there is a cupfinal to be played too. Plus the season needs to be finished (weekend of May 25th) because of the Euro 2024.
  22. We must be proud. Good performance for a club like PAOK if we look at the "foodchain" in Europe. This elimination was hard to digest. Would be harder if we were 1-0 up and they score the 1-1 in 90+4' or 120+2' though.
  23. Definitely on the whole, the run in Europe has been a success. It is just bitterly disappointing to lose in the manner which we did. No fight or passion shown, no real chances created over 180 minutes of football. The fact that Brugge came with so many starters out and still completely controlled the game speaks volume for how much better they were. Taison (at times), was the only player on the pitch who looked like he could cut it at that level. Again, you can lose to a better team. It's the way we lost which stings the most.
  24. Aston Villa will be next, they are playing very good football this season in the EPL. Fourth place and actually doing better than Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham. This will be Olympiakos biggest test of the Conference League.
  25. 14 Norway 3.750 6.500 7.625 5.750 8.000 31.625 4 15 Denmark 5.125 4.125 7.800 5.900 8.500 31.450 4 16 Israel 2.375 7.000 6.750 6.250 8.750 31.125 4 17 Greece 4.900 5.100 8.000 2.125 10.000 30.125 1/ 5 18 Ukraine 7.200 6.800 4.200 5.700 4.100 28.000 5 19 Serbia 6.000 5.500 9.500 5.375 1.400 27.775 5 I guess in order to leap frog to 15th, OLY needs to win the Conference league, no bonus points?
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