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  1. Aris has struggled in Europe the last few years.
  2. Red on Neftci - both with 10 men.
  3. Red card Camara... OLY down to 10...
  4. Ninis had his chance overseas, he was at Parma and bombed. Fetfa as well. Talent alone only gets you so far.
  5. Can't really blame the Greek system for him as he was training in overseas programs for years...
  6. Is it that they are paying for the player or that the other team is getting a refund on the money they paid for the loan deal?
  7. They played really well. Calathes/Sloukas are deceptively quick and they play excellent team basketball. Czech did beat Canada so they will not be easy either.
  8. You can also play Mandalos there or Ninis.
  9. At this stage, there are no easy games. Good luck to them both!
  10. He asked to be left off for personal reasons for this round of friendlies.
  11. Before the game, I saw a preview write-up of the match. For Greece, the player to watch was Bakasetas! How he was the attacking engine of the team!! I almost spit out my drink...
  12. I believe Santos has that record with Greece. Regarding the game, Tziolis should be given a go as LW. Pavlidis was ok outside of that stupid pass. Bakasetas was really the guy that was killing our attacks. A remember a play were he got the ball in a good attacking position and the next thing you know, our cbs have the ball. Papadopoulos was AMAZING! The commentators kept praising him. Love his attitude and passion, would make him captain tomorrow. Androutsos played well and should be our rb. Galo was also good and should start going forward. Also, if Masouras could finis
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