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  1. Unfortunately, they don't have the resources to compete in these competitions. Outside of the Big 4, it's a struggle. That is why PAO being back in Europe in important. Hopefully the remaining three can get us some points.
  2. I was telling my Portuguese friend, the two guys you need to worry about is Giannoulis and Tziolis. Giannoulis bc of quality, Tziolis bc of his form.
  3. 23andme shows you the parts of Greece/Balkans is the strongest and the majority is in Peloponneso. I can take a picture if helps.
  4. I did - actually kind of did two. Since I have a twin, my brother did Ancestry and I decided to do 23andme to compare. The results were actually comparable to one another. Initially, I was 43% Southern Italian and 34% Greek/Balkan, the rest was generally southern European. Now the Greek/Italian aspect switched but the rest stayed the same. When you click on Greek & Balkan, it shows you it is Greece, at least for me, specifically Peloponneso.
  5. I think he was saying that he just doesn't have the chemistry with the Svarnas and somebody like Manolas can benefit the team. He didn't say anything negative about the coach or the team. They are young and building up.
  6. Bakasetas is a hard worker, cover alot of ground. If you noticed, he kept getting fouled. He has value.
  7. To your point, there were quite a few times were Slovenia was able to get to our final third and the ball ended back to their goalie because of all the pressure we had on them. That only happens because of the pressure we apply.
  8. Greece deserved the win. Didn't happen but we played well, just missing that last piece. It was a bit odd though that we didn't use our subs that much.
  9. Bakasetas has played well in the last few games plus he has been in good form for his club team.
  10. We should be winning, have been playing much better. Limnios seems to be burning his marker at every turn. Nothing from our other side. Maybe Mantalos gets replaced by Masouras? Would also like to have Tziolis given a shot this game.
  11. Limnios is the best player for Greece, so fast!! I only hear his name.
  12. Take it back, they have played better...almost score by Pavlidis off the corner.
  13. Nothing to write home about. We are pressing them but pretty even.
  14. It's how you feel. If you don't feel Greek but are simply using Greece to advance your career, then no. But if you love the country and are assimilated into the culture, than 100% Greek.
  15. Zeca has impressed me. He sings the anthem louder than most, speaks Greek, acts Greek, loves Greece. To me, he is Greek.
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