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  1. I get your frustration with Mantalos/Bakesetas playing. But what would you change other than that? Our CBs are not the reason we are not scoring. Right Back - fine, Bakakis is not the answer and we should get someone there. I believe with a few tweaks, he will have the line up he needs. Vlaho Bakakis (for now) Hatzi Mavropanos (when fit) Tzimakis Zeca Galo Fortounis Limnios
  2. I believe the future cbs are Retsos/Mavropanos/Hatzidiakis/Svarnas. It's just that two of the four have been injured and unavailable. Even Hatzi just returned not that long ago.
  3. JVS has tried to get him. EPO reached out to him and he said he would be interested. Apparently there were huge administrative hurdles and it seems unlikely that there will be able to be resolved. Zeca was straight forward because he lived in Greece for 7 years. He speaks Greek fluently and he says he feels Greek. He passed all the language test and relevant history exam necessary for citizenship. If you see him, he sings the national anthem along the other players, maybe louder. I have no problem with him being called up.
  4. I think he starts Bakesetas because he trusts him. He follows his direction and presses which allows us to get the ball back. He fits his system. Fortounis is miles ahead of talent but he doesn't do those things. Masouras has played LW when healthy. He was out these last three games. I would think of putting Mantalos in CM and have Masouras or Tsimakis/Giannoulis (whichever one is not playing LB) in that spot. Regarding the RB spot, Retsos played well there against Croatia but that's only bc his primary role was to play defense. He wasn't asked to create. Bakakis is the better option a
  5. Mitroglou hasn't played in over a year and nobody wants to buy him. I think we are passed having him on the team. About Bakakis, he has been useful. He is very fast and teams are aware of his speed. Having said that, his crosses aren't the best and he gets beat defensively. Unfortunately, he is the best right back we have right now.
  6. In 2014, the year we went to the WC quarterfinals, we beat Malta by one goal in extra time by Torosidis. We never played well against worse teams. The only difference now is that we are having more chances, back then, we would have one chance and score. We are missing that striker that can make the finishes needed. I agree with Bakesetas, he should be on the bench or when we want to slow the game down. Should not be in when we are chasing the goal.
  7. We also need to remember that historically, we have not played well against teams that play defensive. We are not a team that ever scored more than two goals (except for that miracle 4 goals against Bosnia years ago). The fact that we are playing open football will only help us, at some point the goals will come. There are a lot of new players and they are starting to get to know one another. Limnios/Masouras/Hatzi/Giannoulis/Tsimakis/Pavlidis/Tziolis just started their NT careers and are already starters (except for Tziolis, but he is only 18). Limnios in particular has impressed and cem
  8. Bakesetas deserves a place on the team, shouldn't start. Bouchalakis I agree with. Pavlidis couldn't score but could hold the ball up. A few changes and I think we would do really well..
  9. I agree with the couldn't finish for $hit part. But, the 1st half there was one way traffic. They didn't even have an attempt on goal. The second half they had one or two chances but we hustled, just couldn't get the last touch.
  10. Again, not sure why the negativity. When we were playing the likes of Latvia and Luxembourg under Santos, we never played this well. At least we are organized, playing some nice balls through, and pressing the whole time!!! The team as a whole is playing better.
  11. Masouras was injured, Donis barely plays for his team. Chatzigiovannis and Lambrou are not there yet.
  12. Again - Overall we played well. We were just missing the final touch. We should have won by a few goals, didn't happen. One thing that is obvious is that we need a rb even if it's Bakakis. We also need a winger in there, Mantalos is not the answer. Would prefer Fortounis instead of Bakesetas, or even Mantalos.
  13. I am impressed by Tzavellas' demeanor. He is known for being a hot head and he was the one calming everyone down to get to get back to the game...
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