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  1. Seems like a good choice - he knows the team and know what is expected...
  2. Paschalakis is def an odd choice but it's not like we have another goal keeper who has been a superstar that he is replacing...Tzavellas, surprisingly, has put in a few good shifts with the NT the last 2 years but his time has come.
  3. So our goal is basically 3rd place and OLY can start using the new guys in the conference league...
  4. It's going to be too late...as it is, OLY will need at least 3 wins from the remaining 6 games and they have not shown anything so far. Hopefully the new signings actually play and we start seeing something...
  5. Didn't watch the game - how did they play? Is it because of all the new players? Every time I look at the transfer news, OLY has signed a player.
  6. Germany just kept hitting 3s....we obviously could have guarded better but they just got on a streak..
  7. They have some players plus it's in their homecourt...
  8. Saw the first half, they were really rough with Gianni. Only way to stop him I guess...
  9. They played very well. Moved the ball around really well, great team defense.
  10. They have been playing well, have gotten some good results recently.
  11. Marcello joins OLY - what a signing!!!!
  12. They seem to struggle in grand slams...
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