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  1. This deal is mutually beneficial. We get to upgrade our stadiums at the cost of giving up our rights on hosting World Cup games. The truth is we would not even be in consideration if it wasn't for this offer so you take this deal every day!!
  2. I think it starts with the Super League in general. They tend to favor starting foreign/older players. The youth development of the league is the main reason why the national team does not excel. The national team is not the place for development - they should already be developed by the time they get there. Portugal has access to Brazilian players. Belgium and Croatia are better examples of countries we should try to emulate in terms of youth development. A few years back, Belgium did a study and found in order to be exceptional at something, in this case football, you need to devote x number of hours a week to your craft. They installed that model throughout their youth development programs and what you got is their "golden" generation. They might not have won any tourneys, but they have produced some exceptional players.
  3. I think the winner of that match plays the winner of other playoff match and the winner of the second match gets the playoff spot...
  4. I made a comment, if you think it's obvious, great. No need for the stupid meme.
  5. Greece doesn't have the funds to finance the world cup on its own. That is why Saudi Arabia is involved.
  6. If Italy got involved, Greece would host 1 game, Egypt 1 and the rest would go over there...
  7. It's also a chance to get points if we somehow manage results against France/Holland. Ultimately, if we want to be taken seriously, we need to show that we belong.
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