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  1. Also read about the drama surrounding Vlachodimos. Apparently hes not in the starting 11 because the owner and coach are at odds over him? I dont like that especially because i think hes our best bet. Every time I watch Barkas i see him look so skittish and drop balls. Ill beleive rhe Manolas thing when I see it but obviously it would be much welcomed. I still dont think hell start but yea Tziolis at least has to be on the bench. I dident realize his form over all cometitions and was looking more at his super league stats. I absolutely cant wait fo
  2. @PaokCT i hope you guys are right and JVS has the guts to start Tziolis. Honestly I love him I just get a feeling he wont start a 19 year old vs spain. And yea Mitroglou had his time and its up now. I figured Manolas was dome in the same way that I knew holebas was done. I still like Sokratis temperament and dont see why they cant get this together for whats left of his career. He can give much needed stability.
  3. @J1078 I think your doubts about Bakakis are exactly why its smart to have Rota as a sub option(I gave Bakakis the start based on experience over him). I think us locking him in, instead of Albania ,may prove useful. I could see Rota playing the 2nd half (as it seems like Bakakis gets an early pull for whatever reason in Aek games )I dont see him finishing games always. (Maybe because he runs himself out....I wish I could watch more AEK games here in the States). Either way were goin to be outmatched there, I just think we have to do our best and get as much speed out there as we can.
  4. @Dean97 im really glad to be here and to know this place exists! I feel like your deffinitly right about Tziolis being a huge part of our plans and a staple moving forward. I just feel like JVS wont start a 19 year old in a game like this... unless his form was way too good to deny.If anything hed shy away from tziolis just for fear of critisism after this game. For me, Tziolis deffinitly can be a part of the bench (and likely will). If our mindset changes to attacking later on...he should be subbed on like Masouras. My thinking with Lykogiannis is that he can play a similar r
  5. These are the two lineups I would go with. The first one (4-4-2) I think is most likely and most practical considering we are playing Spain. Its similar to how were played Belgium in our 1-1 draw. Both lineups include Sokratis who now obviously plays for Olympiacos. I'm praying he can mend things with Van 't Schip (now that he plays domestically). In fact im forcasting this. **I omitted Manolas because I dont think its likely they can mend things and hes currently on a knock (that may linger). I would be happy to swap Chatzidiakos at LB for him in both formations. I just dont see it
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