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  1. Alright I let this settle in a bit. I was massivly disapointed after the game but not about the result and final score but how we looked like strangers out there. The dropoff from Bakakis to Mavrias severely hindered ball movement. We hqve no debth especially at rb....prob the worst injury we could have taken in this game. Fortunis needs to play his natural position as hes still prob our best player. Im act glad both Zeca and Giokoumakis will be clear after they sit out vs Kosovo. Really both of Zeca's fouls in both games were needed. The spain yellow vs Giokoumakis was pretty much made up(ive watched it several times in slow mo) Today his yellow was horrible after only a few seconds on the pitch. We now need to sweep Kosovo,beat georgia and beat sweden once and prob draw the other. This was always going to be an uphill climb in this group and its very likely were only 1 pt behind sweden after matchday 4 (3 for us).
  2. Does anyone know if Tzmikas practiced today? I know he missed training a few days ago.
  3. @Bardouuu Honestly a lot of us can live with bad games if a player is giving max effort. The problem with Limnios is that hes sticking out like a sore thumb trying to play with flare/showing off. Hes the only one in the squad who isent trying to make direct passes and plays on the ball and he is always trying a flick or take on when he dosent have the skill to pull it off. He dosent fit with what their trying to do.
  4. A real shame this would have been a great result for us in terms of competing with 2 teams. Just goes to show we cant take what we did for granted. Georgia will be very tough based on todays game . At least one of there better subs got a red and they will be as tired as they can possibly be....it will be hard to break them down. 2-0 would be a perfect result and 2-1 or 1-0 would be acceptable.
  5. DEFENDING IS A SKILL The next time someone tells you we should play more attacking and that its not honorable to play for a draw against a power house like Spain show them this. Note: Georgia is the team getting thrown down the well in the last 90 seconds. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EYlbep4UwAA3evy.jpg
  6. Ive now watched this game again and have been celebrating since the result. A lot of us including me were critical of the XI but everyone played for the shirt today and gave max effort in playing their role. Tzavellas and Papadopoulos were the experience needed and Tsimikas played great. Bakakis also played well and you really cant fault him as that Morata run was just perfect. Lets hope we continue the great results. Bakasettas actually had some really important clearences in the box and I have to concede JVS knew what he was doing. Limnios got way too cute out there trying to show up Ramos but hes the only player i wasent thrilled with. All smiles for Greels today on an important day for us.
  7. Pelkas hurt now....dont think he was starting vs spain anyway but def a good sub and prob starter vs Georgia..
  8. Kind of looks like ramos might play 😪 havent heard anything since he sat the last game.....Spain havent replaced him or named any backup and i read a report saying he undereent an exam
  9. Haha deff not man. Im just saying even it out in terms of both teams missing guys....spains got backups for their backups who would prob start for us.
  10. That would be stellar...would love Bakakis over Mavrias....im like 65 percent sure hell go with mavrias though. Your backline is the best we have atm and how they should set up.
  11. I saw that....evens it out about since no Hatzadiakos or Giannoulias...they called up Bakakis just now to fill in which I originally predicted....i just know hes starting Mavrias at this point now which kind of sucks but whatever
  12. I dont know about that. I feel these two injuries are kind of absorbable...but like I said id feel more easy if manolas stepped up. For instance i dont think the dropoff is that bad between Giannoulis and say tzmikas or kyriakopoulos like i have in my original starting lineup. Yes Giannoulias was much more match ready than Tzimikas appearence wise as Tzimikas barely saw the field....but i still trust him .Right back was prob our bigger problem (still might be , thats the glaring hole i still see) JVS needs to at least consider Rota imo. Also just plug in Mavropanos and Kyriakos Papadoplous at CB instead of Hatzidiakos ....also not a crazy drop. If anything it probobly added clarity to the starting XI. Had we lost anything in the midfield like Zeca or Fortunis or even Gianakopolos i would be beside myself right now.
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