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  1. I've watched the Ethniki since 2001 and I can count on one hand how many times I've seen us move the ball with such fluidity and quick passes. Yes - there were a lot of back passes and long balls and even though the result is disappointing, it was nice to see the omada leave it all on the pitch. We just need a little more quality in the final third (Kourbelis has to test Oblak from that range). As many others pointed out, without Oblak in goal, Greece wins this match. That save from Bakasetas was world class. Without a doubt the best keeper in the world for the past few years and for the
  2. ESPN Gamecast http://soccernet.espn.go.com/gamecast/_/id.../308548?cc=5901
  3. Nothing to be proud of? You're deluding yourself. We have had a respectable showing at this year's World Cup with a win and two goals. This is progress. I am more than happy with what we have accomplished with this manager at the helm and with the players he has selected. Do I agree with his tactics? No. Do I agree with his team selection? No. Am I proud of this team? F*** YES.
  4. Be proud, dudes. We've exorcised the demons of '94. If the score remains the same, losing 1-0 to a full strength Argentina side - a team that will probably end up winning the World Cup - is nothing to be ashamed of.
  5. Check out THE WIRE. Greatest television show ever made. I don't get the LOST hype. Arrested Development and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are also great if you prefer lighter fare. Sorry mods for going off topic. Had to add my two cents...
  6. Good points, mangas. But the question must be asked, what has Nigeria achieved to receive such plaudits from the so called experts? Nigeria didn't qualify for the World Cup in 2006. They haven't won a trophy since the 1994 African Nations Cup. England hasn't won a major trophy since the World Cup in 1966. Why must Greece be constantly vilified? I realize our team has underperformed in the past but why should we always be tacked with bullshit labels like "defensive, boring, unattractive." Our Euro 2004 victory was anything but. Gekas was the top scorer in the qualifiers. I suppose I crave more
  7. With this draw, I think it is reasonable to expect we qualify for the second round. Group B analysis from the hacks at ESPNSoccernet...check the "prediction" at the bottom. GROUP B Argentina: Diego Maradona may not be the most popular coach, but his side will be massive favourites coming into this group. The top seeds got themselves a very decent draw and the likes of Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez will be rubbing their hands with glee. Maradona's tactical nous has come under fire of late, but there is no reason to suggest that they won't top the group. • Prediction: It should be a walk i
  8. ESPN 2 will be broadcasting the game live at 1 pm EST for all you Yanks out there.
  9. Lineup from uefa.com: Tzorvas, Gabriel, Sarriegi, Vyntra, Spiropoulos, Gilberto, Katsouranis, Karagounis, Leto, Salpingidis, Cisse Subs: Galinovic Rukavina NINIS Kante Christodoulopoulos Bjarsmyr Simao
  10. 3-0 PAO with 10 minutes plus extra time to play. Goals: Vyntra - 45' Katsouranis - 66' Cisse - 70'
  11. Good point. I'm still surprised. Not a single card?
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