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  1. Read back in the thread and you will see for yourself.
  2. http://www.turkishdailynews.com/old_editio...03/sport.htm#s2(sorry but the link is outdated) I find this article on the following website: Basketball.de
  3. Can the Greek members cut the nationalistic crap you write everytime provoking the Turkish members? You have been asked 100 times before. It makes me fell sick and ashamed to be a Greek when I read your bigoted comments. It's the last time I see this because next time you have will have your accounts suspended.
  4. Welcome to the Forum KKO.We have another Benfica fan who usually posts in the Olympiakos Forum (LUZ 7). We'd be more than happy getting news about Gouni ;)
  5. He played a handful of game for Hellas Melbourne as a guest player in 92 if my memory serves me well.
  6. Tzigger did make "Kara" a 1 million euro a year offer to return but he said he didn't want to return to Greece.
  7. PAO have appealed aqgainst the decision of Kirgiakos being a free agent. The final verdict is to be decided in the 1st week of September.
  8. I'm quite dissappointed myself with the outcome. Dunno what's happend to me but I've turned blue nose. F__ Celtic!!! :D
  9. It all seems over. Soto rejected Rangers' contract offer of
  10. He played in over 30 games last season. What could be wrong with his knee?
  11. http://www.sportime.gr/xst/index.php?optio...d=4812&Itemid=1 Sportime.gr says Kirgiakos is in Glasgow right now and has already spoken to Mc Leish. This saga should be over by the weekend
  12. The below are quotes from the Panathinaikos owner of the 19/07/05 press conference he gave concerning PAO issues. ".....
  13. If Rangers had paid the extra 1,2 mil euros he would have been at Rangers now. I think Soto himself may be pissed off with Rangers for screwing about for his buy-out. Rangers are the only to blame for this situation that's been created. Rangers have looked out for their best interest (not paying the agreed deal) and trying to negotiate on price, PAO have stood their ground in the original agreement and his price tag and Soto is looking out for his be interest (a larger contract). Rangers weren't faithful to Soto paying his worth, so why should Soto be faithful to Rangers and screw about with him?
  14. Greek reports suggest that there is an interest from Roma in Soto. Who knows, he may have a hidden agenda afterall. I don't see the player going to court to win his freedom. The is no suggestion of such an act for the time being. Ultimately, this leaves us with the situation that Rangers had the opportunity to buy the player outright on the 20th June and opted not to exersize their right. PAO have stood their ground the whole way and had a feeling that if Rangers didn't pay the price, someone else would. After all it's only 1,2 million euros which is peanuts to big league clubs. Another interesting fact is although Soto was supposed to be present for pre-season training he has not being punished for his "absense". Anothing interesting fact is that although is still contracted and paid by PAO, he is not on the 2005-2006 teams roster.
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