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  1. It’s encouraging to hear that most people think Jovanovic is good. But I’d like to know what type of coach he is and what formation he prefers. And also if he prefers the younger talent. If anyone can explain it that would be great thank you. 🙏
  2. All I want to say is that we had 1 more match to win to make the tournament and they failed to do that. Smashing Kazakhstan 5-0 is great but it’s inexcusable to not beat a team like Georgia. Just to point out: - Tzolis 20 goals this season - Pavlidis top scorer in holland - Goutas and Siopis play weekly in the championship - Pelkas only played 5 games this season - Konstantelias best player with the ball and plays every week doesn’t start Core players like Bakasetas, Mantalos, Kourbelis and Pelkas have to be replaced. There is a core in this group that are not capable of taking Greece to the next level. Next coach has to see that. Defence and keeper did there job’s in both games. Can’t fault them for today’s loss. Questions have to be asked about the midfielders and attackers.
  3. We looked like we played good football for a while and yes Bakasetas can hit them well from distance. I was mostly impressed with Ioannidis for the way he held up the ball and got into great positions and that finish was a typical strikers goal. Good on him.
  4. If poyet wants to leave then he should leave. But the bigger question is who comes in next? I think for all his faults poyet is the best option to have after the work he has done. But yet again his faults are mainly his player selections like all the managers we’ve had in the past… I think he’s a good manager but his selections haven’t been good enough. I’d rather bring in Santos than a Skibbe type manager in. We need to start utilising players like Konstantelias and Fortounis otherwise what chance do we have of qualifying? We need our best players out there plain and simple.
  5. The few things I took away from this win is Giakoumakis deserves to start instead of Pavlidis from now on. His bullet header and his positioning to start the 2nd goal told me everything. He is our best ST at the moment outside of Douvikas who didn’t get called. We are lucky to have so many inform forwards at the moment. Wish that could be said at CM. We still desperately need a 6 who is fast and can make quick passes and decisions. I saw Mantalos playing as the 6 at times because I assume poyet thought Kourbelis was getting caught out for his slow moving and thinking with the ball. Which I agree and believe was the case. Midfield in general needs improving and different players. Vlachodimos saved us a handful of times. Especially in the beginning of the first half. He did well considering he had been criticised a lot by Benfica fans. I’m still not convinced in having Bakasetas as our captain and starter. I don’t think I ever will be. Fortounis is way more creative and better player in general and I’ll always stand by that. Happy to see the team win and succeed but there are still a lot of question marks as usual with player selections.
  6. I haven’t watched the game yet but this is what happens when you don’t pick your most talented and inform players… Relying on Bakasetas Mantalos Kourbelis etc won’t get you anywhere. It’s been like this the past 4 or more years.
  7. I’d like to see: Vlachodimos Baldock Mavropanos Hatzidiakos Tsimikas Mantalos Siopis Fortounis Masouras Pavlidis Konstantelias
  8. Regarding the call ups, I’m not totally satisfied with them. I don’t think players like Papanikolaou, Rota are ready to play for Greece. Tzavellas doesn’t need to be there as he’s old and we have better. Nikolaou plays Serie A every week and deserves a call up. Lykogiannis and Kyriakopoulos play in the league too every week and Lykogiannis scored and Kyriakopoulos got 2 assists recently. Players like Tzolis and Alexandropoulos can help this team massively in my opinion. Tzolis was fantastic recently for Norwich and Alexandropoulos is our best CM in my opinion. He should be there instead of Papanikolaou. Bouchalakis, Retsos and Chatzigiovannis haven’t played enough to justify a call up. Although I do think Retsos is good player. What I liked was the inclusion of Fortounis and Konstantelias. Two players that can win you a game. Kotsiras should be there and Douvikas is top scorer for the Dutch league and should’ve been included for sure.
  9. Propably the week before. I’m curious to see what everyone else would like the call ups to be. I want to see some new faces like Konstantelias and even Vagiannidis. I think Nikolaou should be given a shot to see what he’s like. Apparently Donis is doing well again. Always thought he could bring something. I feel like this team needs new players. Apart from Mavropanos Tsimikas and Vlachodimos I’d like to see different players getting a chance. Especially in midfield. Try and test new players there. I’m not excited to see players like Bouchalakis, Kourbelis and Bakasetas starting. It’s time to move on from them in my opinion. I know we haven’t got a great amount of players playing in the top 5 leagues, but I’m keen to see new and especially young inform players given a proper shot.
  10. Nikolaou plays every week in the Serie A. I think he’s over due on a call up.
  11. I have to agree with most things you said. I just think with Greece it’s different, most players don’t develop or improve over time. I agree the national team is not a place to develop players but at the same time some seem to have more talent than those who are more experienced. A good combination is what we should look for. But I think it’s better to give players a chance when they are inform or have some momentum. Some young players like Koulierakis and Konstantelias have momentum and are playing well. Might aswell give them a chance to get used to international football as they have the talent and are the future. I also think it’s more about what someone can offer over someone else. In the end though the best of the best should playing. Konstantelias pulled off a man of the match performance recently against Atromitos. He’s skilful and quick and would be useful. PAOK seem like to be the only team wanting to produce Greek players. Also interestingly Bouchalakis hasn’t played much football lately as the Korean midfielder Hwang has taken his place and rightfully so. Kourbelis also seems like a rotational player these days. It hard to keep an eye on the league when there are so many foreigners playing but I’d rather keep an eye on the Greeks and see how they are doing.
  12. We haven’t seen players like Samaris and Tachtsidis for ages. So what has Bouchalakis and Kourbelis done so special to play all the time? I’m not saying the first 2 are better but it’s not like the other 2 are much better either. I don’t like to limit our options as everyone should be in contention. Especially if your good enough and can make a positive difference to the team. But in our case something isn’t working since we aren’t making tournaments and our next group for euro qualifiers will be more difficult unfortunately. It’s time to trust our younger players. We’ve given citizenship to Vasiliadis. And we have not seen him once. We have Greek German players that should get citizenship just to expand our options. I understand national teams coaches pick players based on form and matches played but in our case this method doesn’t work. We should try different methods and see what works. Like for example players who are 27 with and not playing in the top 5 leagues should not be called up with a few exceptions like Vlachodimos. Then give young players who are 18-24 more chances to play. The thing is we need to change things around and give everyone a chance because we could find out that some players are better than others. Doing the same thing isn’t working. We need to go the next level.
  13. I have been quiet lately on these forums, I guess I should give some input. I like Koulierakis from PAOK he seems to have it all at the age of 18. I feel Konstantelias is talented especially on the ball but has a lot to improve such as putting on more muscle and finishing. I don’t know why Koulierakis doesn’t get game time for the senior team. It wouldn’t hurt to see him in friendlies. The EPO and coach should be smarter to give these types of players game time. It would help with there development and help them improve. Also get a better contract in a better league. All I want is for our players to improve. I’m tired of saying the same things that’s why I haven’t been on. I’m also tired of seeing the same things when it comes to the league and national team. That’s why I haven’t been on these forums and I feel like I’m almost giving up. Why do we have to see the same old players get called up for? Why can’t we change it around especially in friendlies? I know the answer it’s because no one wants Greece to progress in football and they are more out for the money. It’s tiring. Theres no reason why countries who have a less population than us produce more players and make the tournaments and we don’t. Examples are like Croatia and Portugal. There’s need to some sort of structure and plan in place. Someone has to care for the betterment of football in Greece. We haven’t got many players playing in the top 5 leagues and we should. We have some exciting young players coming through but even they need improving and with time they will. I believe the national team needs more these young players in the team mixed in with players that play at the highest level. There’s also not many Greeks playing the league itself. Only PAOK seem to be giving chances to Greeks. Also how many times do we have to see Bouchalakis and Kourbelis in the midfield. It doesn’t work. I have to give some praise to Bakasetas though, I have been very critical with him he’s actually been scoring goals and assisting for Greece and that’s all we can ask for. He’s still isn’t our best footballer but if he can score the goals and assist I’m not complaining. I talk like this because I really want the best for Greek football and the national team I just wish the higher ups did too.
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