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  1. nasl

    NT Coaches

    https://www.gustavopoyet.com/en/ here is our coach website
  2. nasl

    NT Coaches

    Dusan Bajevic Any opinions on this guy This guy has a ton of experience in greece
  3. No clean sheet ..again.. I am tired of saying it and so are many others. The reality is what we need is is a coach who can handle all personalities and put our best on the field mixed with the youth as well. Having Manolas and others today could have made a difference defensively.
  4. This coach has tried and I commend him for this because i think he took his role professionally and seriously, but we do not have the depth in the current to lineup to score goals. We have also have 1 clean sheet in the last 7 games i think .
  5. Sorry i disagree. we do not have the luxury of not having even one of our top players not being on the field. like Manolas. No better center back in greece. Skibbe was a better coach than this one. We need a new coach who can handle all personalities . $25.30m Last update: Jun 3, 2021
  6. Not true Michael Skibbe got us a playoff qualification from a very competitive division with belgium and bosnia. Listen to what the blogger says at : 26.48 ..many things he says are correct...
  7. Why cant we at least have like mitroglou and fetzfazidis on the bench at least. Maybe they can still help us score and create offense. If we cant create offense around these type of teams we need to change things back Of course we are not losing matches but we cannot turn the corner offensively.
  8. i thought is was good to have Papadopoulos in the lineup Coach had an open mind to bring someone back who had not played for the national for 3 years. There is some quality in this player .
  9. 4‑1‑4‑1 this was the formation otto had us play against argentina when we lost 2-0 in 2010 but we stayed in the game until late in the 2nd half. Anybody think this formation against spain could work , or is it too defensive.
  10. Papadopoulos is an interesting call up because when he is healthy we have seen him play some good matches. And he is a player whom i am sure feels like he can still contribute
  11. How can this be the right mix of players when we had problems breaking down slovenia and kosovo ? I am not saying Ninis is the answer ,but Dean is basically saying that we cannot afford not to have our most skilled players on the field. I agree with him.
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