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  1. Sorry i disagree. we do not have the luxury of not having even one of our top players not being on the field. like Manolas. No better center back in greece. Skibbe was a better coach than this one. We need a new coach who can handle all personalities . $25.30m Last update: Jun 3, 2021
  2. Not true Michael Skibbe got us a playoff qualification from a very competitive division with belgium and bosnia. Listen to what the blogger says at : 26.48 ..many things he says are correct...
  3. Why cant we at least have like mitroglou and fetzfazidis on the bench at least. Maybe they can still help us score and create offense. If we cant create offense around these type of teams we need to change things back Of course we are not losing matches but we cannot turn the corner offensively.
  4. i thought is was good to have Papadopoulos in the lineup Coach had an open mind to bring someone back who had not played for the national for 3 years. There is some quality in this player .
  5. 4‑1‑4‑1 this was the formation otto had us play against argentina when we lost 2-0 in 2010 but we stayed in the game until late in the 2nd half. Anybody think this formation against spain could work , or is it too defensive.
  6. Papadopoulos is an interesting call up because when he is healthy we have seen him play some good matches. And he is a player whom i am sure feels like he can still contribute
  7. How can this be the right mix of players when we had problems breaking down slovenia and kosovo ? I am not saying Ninis is the answer ,but Dean is basically saying that we cannot afford not to have our most skilled players on the field. I agree with him.
  8. okay so socrates and mitroglou are back in greece lets put them back in the starting 11
  9. Switzerland i want nothing to do with because we never get results against them. Also this will sound ridiculous but in terms of minnows , i want nothing to do with Faroes.
  10. Sorry bro but only under 30 makes no sense . Gekas scored lots of goals for us in his 30s Also i will remind you of Otto Rehaggel when asked by the greek media why he put a player on the team who did not have a club , and he said its because "he has not forgot how to play football". Otto tried to put the best players on the field. We had 2 must win matches and could not score. Personally i would have had Mitroglou out there .
  11. Okay so realistically do we go forward with JVS ? Or will the federation let him go forward ?
  12. 24 Apr 1996 Greece v Slovenia W 2-0 FIFA World Cup 06 Sep 1997 Slovenia v Greece W 0-3 FIFA World Cup 06 Sep 1998 Greece v Slovenia D 2-2 UEFA European Championship 09 Oct 1999 Slovenia v Greece W 0-3 UEFA European Championship 26 May 2012 Greece v Slovenia D 1-1 International Friendly 03 Sep 2020 Slovenia v Greece D 0-0 UEFA Nations League Games won: 3 Games drawn: 3 Games lost: 0
  13. Can anyone here tell me Mitroglou is not better than these forwards ? Give me a good reason not to use him (assuming no injury)
  14. The next 2 games are crucial of course JVS must get us results or we may need to start over with somebody else. Keep in mind this group is a (B pool) and there should not be any excuses. Jvs has done some good things , but if we dont come 1st place the HFF will react.
  15. Jose holevas is back in greece and just signed with olmpiakos https://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/18658722.former-watford-star-jose-holebas-signs-olympiakos/ Could we see a return to the national team ?
  16. Personally i do not agree with not starting Socrates and Manolas as per there are no players in Greece better than them in their respective positions (None). I do not agree with using the national team as a testing ground. The other thing is does anybody think that this is even the right coach to try and rebuild the national team. ?
  17. No excuses for this kind of result Guys so far i have seen (some) questionable selections Also in the press conference it would be nice if the coach took more responsibility for a terrible result . This coach will be gone soon as the next few games most likely we wont get any points I guess even keeping an 8 million dollar striker on the bench to try and score even in the last 15 minutes as a substitute is not a good idea for a team that has problems scoring. Also Zeca should have started
  18. Okay if there is no quality lets just play with 4‑1‑4‑1 with mitroglou as lone striker No joke...just put up a defensive wall
  19. I agree 1000 percent with this comment. But Instead lets scout out all these different players and use qualifiers as a training ground It like we are about to get eliminated and we do not even have mitroglou as a sub available to try and score a late goal. Rehagel sometimes picked players who had no team , other time (i think) he might have had like 5 players from panathaniakos for one game. There are players that could have seen the field like Zeca , and fetzafazidis, mitroglou (if called ), that could have helped in this game
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