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  1. And this one is official! GOALKEEPERS 40 Fabiano 1 Konstantinos Panagi 98 Charalambos Kyriakidis 74 Kacper Chorazka DEFENDERS 4 Shehu Abdullahi 5 Kiko 6 Michael Luftner 15 Tomas Hubocan 17 Jan Lecjaks 22 Adam Lang 30 Nikolas Panayiotou 31 Ioannis Kousoulos 35 Charis Mavrias MIDFIELDERS 8 Vitor Gomes 11 Eric Bautheac 13 Fotis Papoulis 16 Jordi Gomez(Captain) 21 Marinos Tzionis 70 Thiago 75 Loizos Loizou 76 Charala
  2. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 9 OF PLAYOFFS Omonoia-78 Apollonas-73 AEL Limassol-68 Anorthosis-57 AEK Larnaca-47 Olympiakos Lefkosia-44 ------------------------- Pafos FC-51 APOEL-47 Doxa Katokopias-42 Ethnikos Axnas-41 Nea Salamina-38 Enosis Neon Paralimni-33 Ermis Aradippou-32 Karmiotissa-24 Week 9 playoffs results AEL Limassol 1-2 Anorthosis AEK Larnaca 0-1 Omonoia Apollonas 2-2 Olympiakos Lefkosia Doxa Katokopias 0-1 Ethnikos Axnas Nea Salamina 3-1 Ermis Aradippou
  3. Well, I was going to wait until I had to update the standings again, but yes Omonoia has clinched the title! And thank you!
  4. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 8 OF PLAYOFFS Omonoia-75 Apollonas-72 AEL Limassol-68 Anorthosis-54 AEK Larnaca-47 Olympiakos Lefkosia-43 ------------------------- Pafos FC-48 APOEL-47 Doxa Katokopias-39 Ethnikos Axnas-38 Nea Salamina-35 Ermis Aradippou-32 Enosis Neon Paralimni-29 Karmiotissa-23 Week 8 Playoffs Results Omonoia 2-1 AEL Limassol Anorthosis 0-2 Olympiakos Lefkosia Apollonas 3-1 AEK Larnaca Ethnikos Axnas 1-1 APOEL Enosis Neon Paralimni 3-3 Nea Salamina Ka
  5. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 7 OF PLAYOFFS Omonoia-72 Apollonas-69 AEL Limassol-68 Anorthosis-54 AEK Larnaca-47 Olympiakos Lefkosia-40 ------------------------- APOEL-46 Pafos FC-45 Ethnikos Axnas-37 Doxa Katokopias-36 Nea Salamina-34 Ermis Aradippou-32 Enosis Neon Paralimni-28 Karmiotissa-23 Week 7 Playoffs Results Olympiakos Lefkosia 2-1 AEK Larnaca AEL Limassol 1-2 Apollonas Anorthosis 0-2 Omonoia Nea Salamina 1-1 Karmiotissa Ethnikos Axnas 0-2 Pafos FC Ermis Ara
  6. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 6 OF PLAYOFFS Omonoia-69 AEL Limassol-68 Apollonas-66 Anorthosis-54 AEK Larnaca-47 Olympiakos Lefkosia-37 ------------------------- APOEL-46 Pafos FC-42 Ethnikos Axnas-37 Doxa Katokopias-35 Nea Salamina-34 Ermis Aradippou-29 Enosis Neon Paralimni-27 Karmiotissa-22 Week 6 playoffs results Omonoia 2-0 Olympiakos Lefkosia AEK Larnaca 0-1 AEL Limassol Anorthosis 1-1 Apollonas Karmiotissa 2-4 Ethnikos Axnas Pafos FC 3-1 Ermis Aradippou APOEL
  7. STANDINGS AFTER WEEK 5 OF PLAYOFFS Omonoia-66 AEL Limassol-65 Apollonas-65 Anorthosis-53 AEK Larnaca-47 Olympiakos Lefkosia-37 ------------------------- APOEL-43 Pafos FC-39 Doxa Katokopias-34 Ethnikos Axnas-34 Nea Salamina-34 Ermis Aradippou-29 Enosis Neon Paralimni-27 Karmiotissa-22 Week 5 playoff results AEL Limassol 2-0 Olympiakos Lefkosia Apollonas 1-0 Omonoia AEK Larnaca 2-1 Anorthosis Nea Salamina 1-2 APOEL Ermis Aradippou 1-2 Ethnikos Axnas
  8. Yeah, nobody likes trolling of their own team from people that are supposed to also be on your side. We're all on the same side here, we're all disappointed, but people love being right to the point that they forget what we're all doing here in the first place.
  9. Greece 1-1 Georgia FT This gives back the Spain result and then some
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