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  1. They have a lot of injuries so the team may not be in sync but we also have a brand new line up lol. Shout out to the PAOK youngster with the start tho !
  2. Welp the dream of a Greek team in the champions league will have to wait for another year lol. AEK and Panathinaikos both lost so at least well likely have 3 Europa league group stage teams and PAOK in the Confernce league group stage
  3. Somehow AEK clawed back with 2 extra time goals to advance to the playoff round of Champions League Qualifying. We have 2 teams with a chance to make the group stage in Panathinaikos and AEK. Olympiacos also are a step away from the Europa League Group Stage as are we in the Conference League. Aris almost joined us with a shocking upset of Dynamo Kiev but gave up a late goal to crash out: overall one of the best European starts for Greek teams in a long while. It pains me to root for some of these teams but after the coefficient work we put in 2 years ago, we deserve something in return from them. PAME ELLADA
  4. Crazy upset win Panathinaikos outlasts Marseille in PKs to move on! AEK also managed to win their first leg 1-0. Rack them coefficients up boys!
  5. I’m so impressed we are attacking, have more of the ball, tons of corners, keep it up boys ! We need that second goal!
  6. We should have the most confidence as team since 2014. Dominating our Nations League group and starting with a win in qualifying. Yes against almost all minnows, but you gotta get the ball rolling somehow. 2-0 would make me cry.
  7. I think we always rise to the level of our opponents. Hopefully a win against Ireland will give our boys even more confidence. A 1-1 draw would be a dream.
  8. Is it crazy talk to say that we have a small chance at winning the title ? I don’t wanna get my hopes up but none of the other teams are that scary we just gotta be consistent!
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