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  1. Are we rooting for France to hand the Dutch 2 losses or are we rooting for draws in each match? What do we think is better in terms of us qualifying
  2. Still for someone that could be the future of our midfield playing Gibraltar could give him some good experience and confidence.
  3. Also Alexandropoulos deserves a start Ik he’s not a starter at sporting Lisbon but that’s still a champions league level club
  4. Upsetting front 3 no excuse for not starting Pavlidis or Fortounis. Masouras and Mantalos have been nothing short of hot garbage for us but in Poyet I trust let’s score some goals and get some confidence.
  5. Bruh how does he keep scoring these goals !!! It’s gotten to a point where the second that shot left his foot I knew it was going in. Crazy
  6. Credit to the fans for cheering hard this is tough to watch we are a mess
  7. We have not had a single shot on goal in this game… ridiculous
  8. Anyone know if they drop down to Europa League qualifying now?
  9. After drawing 1-1 their first leg against Maccabi Haifa, Olympiacos decided to embarrass themselves and let Greek football down again by losing 4-0 in the return leg…
  10. This is embarrassing. Also paramount plus has the second leg but not the first? Weird but they have the Aris game lol
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