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  1. Greek ice hockey national team will play their first game since 2013. IIHF has allowed Greece to take part in the developmental tournament that will take place this week in Bratislava, Slovakia. The schedule for the Greek national team is as follows: 21-April: Greece - Argentina 22-April: Greece - Ireland 23-April: Greece - Portugal 24-April: Greece - Colombia 25-April: Greece - Brazil 27-April: classification game
  2. Konstantelias is not travelling to Piraeus since he still suffers from the virus infection that has plagued the team the last two weeks. Here is the squad for tomorrow's game:
  3. Need to win this one or at a minimum not lose. Hopefully Olympiakos players are more tired than ours, since they played extra time. Let's also hope that some of our sick players feel better and did not spread the virus to others.
  4. Lucescu should have not played players that were sick (Meite, Baba, Konstantelias, etc.). They could hardly run and at time they were just walking, specially Meite. The other thing we needed was luck. We did not have any. Both their goals were close to being offside (VAR needed) and our one chance to score with a penalty was also offside (again VAR decision). Basically nothing was going our way yesterday. Time to regroup and finish the season on a positive note.
  5. First of all we need to finish in top 3 or Aris loses the cup final in order to be in Europe next season. Also there is dropping from higher competitions to lower competitions next season:
  6. We are already set with 4 teams for next season (2024-2025). To have 5 teams in 2025-2026 Olympiakos need to beat Aston Villa twice (penalty shootouts don't count) and win the final either in regular time or extra time (again no penalty shootout)
  7. Olympiakos is through to the semifinal of Conference league after eliminating Fenerbahce on penalty kicks. Good turn of events as they are going to be more tired on Sunday, and also will have to play two difficult games in between Superleague games.
  8. Let's face it. We lost to a much better team. We did not have any answers to their superior play. Time to focus on our last goal this season and that is the championship.
  9. Our midfield is very slow getting back when we lose the ball and that exposes our defense. That's how the two goals happened. The European dream ends today. Let's hope to close the European campaign on a positive note. Give Vieirinha his last European game and throw in Konstantelias and Tzimas to get the European feel.
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