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  1. VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - Asteras Tripolis COMPETITION: Superleague 1 – Round 11 DATE: 06-December-2020 TIME: 17:15 EET (15:15 GMT, 09:15 CST, 02:15 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Novasports (Greece, Cyprus), PAOK TV (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), NovaspsortsWorld (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia) P.A.O.K. vs Asteras Tripoli H
  2. Hope we keep on going and not sit on the slim lead.
  3. He should really just play at his position which is CB next to Varela. Something that he will do on Thursday against Omonia. Interesting to note that Esiti did not make the squad. I think the lineup tomorrow will be: ------------- Zivkovic -------------- Rodrigo - Varela - Michailidis - Pereira ----- Augusto -------- Schwab ----- Tzolis --------- Murg ------ Vieirinha ------------ Swiderski --------------
  4. VS MATCHUP: Omonia Nicosia – PAOK Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Europa League – Group Stage – Round 5 DATE: 03-December-2020 TIME: 22:00 EEST (20:00 GMT, 14:00 CST, 07:00 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Nicosia – GSP Stadium (22,859) REFEREES: TELEVISION: COSMOTE Sport 1 (Greece), Optus Sport (Australia), DAZN (Canada), CBS All Access, TUDN.com, TUDNXtra (USA) PAOK’s History against teams from Cyprus in European Competitions 2020-2021: PAOK – Omonia Nicosia 1:1 – (Murg) - Att: nf – Eu
  5. If we want to have any chances of qualifying we probably need to win both games. Also today it was evident that Tzolis despite the big talent he needs to work on his defensive skills. He did not help at all in that aspect of the game today.
  6. We lost the game because we did not play with a proper LB. Also you get lucky and go up 2:0 you should put in Esiti. Unless PSV self destructs I think our European campaign is over.
  7. Diego Armando Maradona, one of the greatest players of all time has died of heart failure at the age of 60 years old. RIP.
  8. Not sure who will play left back. Most likely Crespo.
  9. Tsiggaras has signed a contract extension. His contract now expires June 30, 2022.
  10. Squad that will travel to Holland: GOALTENDERS: Zivkovic, Paschalakis, Talichmanidis RIGH/LEFT BACK: Rodrigo, Wague CENTER BACKS: Varela, Ingason, Crespo, Michailidis MIDFIELD: Esiti, Augusto, El Kaddouri, Schwab, Tsiggaras, Ninua, Biseswar, Vrakas EXTREM: Murg, A. Zivkovic, Τzolis FORWARDS: Swiderski, Colak, Koutsias
  11. VS MATCHUP: PAS Lamia 1964 - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Superleague 1 – Round 10 DATE: 28-November-2020 TIME: 17:15 EET (15:15 GMT, 09:15 CST, 02:15 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Lamia – DAK Lamias (Capacity: 5,500) REFEREES: TELEVISION: novasports 1 (Greece, Cyprus), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia), novaSportsWorld (worldwide except Greece and Cyprus) PAS Lamia 1964 – PAOK history: Superleague 2019-2020: 0:1 (Matos) - Attendance: 2,072 2018-2019: 0:1 (Varela) - Attendance: 1,648
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