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  1. Besides PAOK TV, anybody in the USA, Canada and Australia can watch the game on Sport Plus channel as well.
  2. The Colak transfer is apparently not happening. Reports (rumors) say we are waiting for an answer from another player.
  3. Don't see this happening anytime soon. Too busy with transfers.
  4. Doubt it. He's never been taken off the PAOK roster on the PAE PAOK web site official roster list . I think they are keeping him there until the transfer period ends and then they'll take him off (if he does not sign) Jaba and Matos were left off the squad for the Atromitos game. I expect Matos to be se free and Jaba to be loaned out.
  5. I suppose as a shareholder you should be able to attend and ask questions at the annual shareholders meeting. I would also think that some sort of revenue report with should be available to the public on an annual basis. Here in the US it is required by law. Not sure about Greece though.
  6. He was making around 300K with a 10 mil buyout option.
  7. Current rumors and fake news: - Giannoulis will sign a new 3-year deal without buyout option. Salary: 500K per season - The Akpon replacement is apparently in Thessaloniki and will be announced tomorrow. Rumors are it's Colak from Rijeka. Rijeka wants 5 mil but PAOK is giving 3.5 mil plus large resale option. If things fail with Rijeka we have Ponse (ex-AEX player) on standby. - Paschalakis will be sold for 1.5 mil' - we are close to signing a right back sooner than later
  8. Let's not forget Arsenal had 40% ownership of Akpom, so unless the deal is structured differently between PAOK, Arsenal and Middlesbrough, out of the 3 mil PAOK will get 1.8 mil and Arsenal 1.2 mil. Not that good of a deal in my opinion, but since we let his contract linger without renewing it last season, our negotiation position was not the best. Akpom's high-lite at PAOK for me is the Greek Cup winning goal against AEX. Good luck Chuba.
  9. I had no problem with Open TV. Saw both games without any issues. Too bad we won't have that option from now on going forward.
  10. VS MATCHUP: FC Krasnodar - PAOK Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Champions League – Playoff Round - Leg 1 DATE: 22-September-2020 TIME: 22:00 EEST (19:00 GMT, 14:00 CDT, 05:00 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Krasnodar - Krasnodar Stadium (35,074) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Cosmote Sport TV (Greece) PAOK’s History against teams from Russia in European Competitions 2018-2019: Spartak Moscow – PAOK 0:0 – Att: 40,385 – Champions League (Qualifying Round 3 – Leg 2) 2018-2019: PAOK – Spartak Moscow
  11. This 2:1 win against Benfica just put 5 mil Euro in PAOK's bank account. Hopefully this means some good player acquisitions.
  12. Huge win! With a little luck against Krasnodar we can make it to the group stage.
  13. Looks like an own goal, but who cares we'll take it.
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