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  1. If Bohemians eliminates Dudelange, than our first game against them will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd in Dublin. If Dudelange goes through, than we will play them on Thursday, August 5. Additionally, before we will play our first European game this season we will learn our opponent in the Play-off Round of UCL, since the draw for that round is on August 2, 2021 at 14:00 EEST. This all assumes that we will eliminate either Bohemians or Dudelange.
  2. Warda is returning to Thessaloniki tomorrow from Egypt. Let's see if he re-joins the team. Also tomorrow, Biseswar is supposed to start practices.
  3. Players can be switched between teams, but there must be a 48 hour gap between the two games. However I doubt if there will frequent player switch from one team to another. It will most likely be player coming from injury to get back into shape, or somebody from 'B' to replace an injured player on the 'A' team Just found out that for the game against Doxa we will send the U19 team, which is coached by Malezas. The 'B' team will have their first practice tomorrow. Curious to see what players will show up at Souroti.
  4. I watched the Gionis match. It was very exiting game, but Gionis shot himself in the foot by not "killing" the opponent in the 5th set with the numerous match points he had. Just like our tennis players, Gionis is lacking the killer instinct to finish a match. I also stayed until 2:30 in the morning to watch the Sakkari game . It was obvious Svitolina was a better and more experienced player. This was evident in the deciding 3rd set. For Sakkari to advance she would have to have an exceptional game. She will now continue in the mixed pairs competition with Tsitsipas. In Water Polo we
  5. Giovinco is apparently now demanding 1.8 mil from PAOK, which is around 600K more than what we agreed with him before. Looks like this will drag out for a while.
  6. Doxa Drama is promoting a friendly game between Doxa and PAOK 'B' on July 30th. That's like3 days away and our 'B' team has not even started practices yet.
  7. I like the striped one too. Much better than last season's version. The black one is nothing special. Apparently the orange one is our 4th shirt, which would mean that there is a white shirt that has not been unveiled yet. Not sure if the white shirt that appears at the 33 second mark in the video is an actual game shirt.
  8. Full 2021-2022 Superleague 1 Schedule: Round 1 (August 21-22, 2021) AEK Athens - Ionikos Nikaias Aris Thessaloniki - OFI NFC Volos - PAS Lamia Olympiakos Piraeus - Atromitos Athens Panathinaikos Athens - Apollon Smyrnis Panaitolikos Agrinio - Asteras Tripolis PAOK THESSALONIKI - PAS Giannina Round 2 (August 28-29, 2021) PAS Giannina - Panathinaikos Athens Apollon Smyrnis - NFC Volos Asteras Tripolis - PAOK THESSALONIKI Atromitos Athens - Panaitolikos Agrinio Ionikos Nikaias - Aris Thessaloniki OFI - AEK Athens PAS Lamia - Olympiakos Piraeus
  9. The draw for PAOK: 1ος γύρος: 1η ΠΑΟΚ-ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα 2η Αστέρας Τρίπολης-ΠΑΟΚ 3η Παναιτωλικός-ΠΑΟΚ 4η ΠΑΟΚ-ΑΕΚ 5η ΟΦΗ-ΠΑΟΚ 6η ΠΑΟΚ-ΝΠΣ Βόλος 7η Ολυμπιακός-ΠΑΟΚ 8η ΠΑΟΚ-Απόλλων Σμύρνης 9η Παναθηναϊκός-ΠΑΟΚ 10η Ατρόμητος-ΠΑΟΚ 11η ΠΑΟΚ-Άρης 12η Ιωνικός-ΠΑΟΚ 13η ΠΑΟΚ-Λαμία 2ος γύρος: 14η ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα-ΠΑΟΚ 15η ΠΑΟΚ-Αστέρας Τρίπολης 16η ΠΑΟΚ-Παναιτωλικός 17η ΑΕΚ-ΠΑΟΚ 18η ΠΑΟΚ-ΟΦΗ 19η ΝΠΣ Βόλος-ΠΑΟΚ 20η ΠΑΟΚ-Ολυμπιακός 21η Απόλλων Σμύρνης-ΠΑΟΚ 22η ΠΑΟΚ-Παναθηναϊκός 23η ΠΑΟΚ-Ατρόμητος 24η Άρης-ΠΑΟΚ 25η ΠΑΟΚ-Ιωνικός 26η Λαμία-ΠΑΟΚ
  10. Draw for the upcoming season is taking place right now despite the fact that the teams votes 7:6 not to accept not approve the start of the new season due to some of the teams not having a TV contract.
  11. Last time I heard it was going to be Kaftanzoglio, but things might have changed since.
  12. Big win by the water polo team defeating Hungary 10:9 in their first game. Korakaki failed to medal in the 10 m pistol finishing 6th. Doudounaki finished 9th in 100 m butterfly and Christou 11th in 100 m backstroke. Tzeli finished 7th in 57 kg of Taekwondo despite losing both matches. Gountoura in fencing eliminated in first round. In rowing all three Greek representatives will race in the semifinal races. In Sailing in the women's Radial competition Karachaliou is in second place after the first 4 races. Today Sakkari plays Svitolina in Round 3 and Tsitsipas
  13. 456 season tickets renewal on the first day. Also it was clarified by PAE PAOK that the season ticket holders will also be able to use them for the PAOK 'B' team games.
  14. And the ref ends the game in 88th minute because it started raining. Final score Feyenoord- PAOK. 1:2
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