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  1. The second was similar to Zivkovic's goal against Volos. Brazil just too much for Serbia.
  2. Zivkovic stars in the game against Brazil. Good luck Serbia.
  3. Maybe he should have played as Poland had major issues on offense. Mexico was so much better and should have won.
  4. Our friendlies in Cyprus: 28.11.2022: PAOK - Ashdod FC (Israel) 01.12.2022: PAOK - AE Limassol 05.12.2022: PAOK- Aris Limassol
  5. 2022 - 2023 Season: Round 4 (26.11.2022, 13:45 EET - Makedonikos Stadium, Efkarpia) PAOK 'B' Thessaloniki - Anagennisi Karditsa TV: ERT3, ERT3 Web Stream
  6. Serbia - Bahrain 5:1 Zivkovic played in the second half of the game.
  7. I should have said officially started, since it was unofficially announced by "Fat Pig number 2" back in October.
  8. Looks like round 2 of the "PAOK/Xanthi" legal proceedings has just started today.
  9. Koulierakis was subbed in during the friendly against Malta. Embarrassing result for the Greek NT. Kurtic played for Slovenia in the friendly against Romania.
  10. Ingason played in the Iceland - Lithuania (0:0) semifinal game for the Baltic Cup which was decided on penalty kicks (6:5). Ingason executed one of the penalty kicks. Iceland will play Latvia in the final on Saturday.
  11. The new PAE PAOK Board of Directors that will be made official during Decembers General Meeting will be as follows: PRESIDENT: Ivan Savvidis VICE PRESIDENT 'A': Chrysostomos Gagatsis VICE PRESIDENT 'B': Aggelos Anastasiadis (Project Manager of New Training facilities in Thermi) BOARD MEMBERS: Maria Goncharova (Economic Director) Dimokratis Papadopoulos (Amateur PAOK representative) Kyriakos Kyriakou Vasilios Chatziapostolou (Network Partner Coordinator) Periklis Papadopoulos (Director of Medical Matters) Dimitrios Moutakis (New Toumba Stadium Project Manager) The new members (in bold) are replacing Geogios Savidis, Artur Davidian, Tryfon Koukios and Evaggelos Chrysochoos.
  12. Savvidis money as pash notes and the fact he was a free transfer. Big mistake was having Tudor as coach who hated Berbatov.
  13. PAOK will make a minimum of 256,500 Euro from having Andrija Zivkovic playing with Serbia in the World Cup. FIFA is playing 9,500 Euro per day for each player to the club they belong to. The count starts 14 days before kick-off which is November 20. Serbia's last group game is on December 2, so that is 27 days that PAOK will be paid for Zivkovic. Of course if Serbia qualifies to the next stage there will be more money coming from FIFA.
  14. PAOK players international duties coming up: GREECE - Koulierakis 17.11.2022 19:00 EET: Malta - Greece (Friendly Game) 20.11.2022 21:15 EEST: Hungary - Greece (Friendly Game) SERBIA - Zivkovic A. 18.11.2022 17:30 EET: Serbia - Bahrain (Friendly Game) 24.11.2022 21:00 EET: Serbia - Brazil (FIFA World Cup) 28.11.2022 12:00 EET: Serbia - Cameroon (FIFA World Cup) 02.12.2022 21:00 EET: Serbia - Switzerland (FIFA World Cup) ICELAND - Ingason 16.11.2022 19:00 EET: Iceland - Lithuania (Baltic Cup) 19.11.2022 19:00 EET: Iceland - Latvia (Baltic Cup) SLOVENIA - Kurtic 17.11.2022 18:30 EET: Romania - Slovenia (Friendly Game) 20.11.2022 16:00 EET: Slovenia – Montenegro (Friendly Game) BURKINA FASO - Oedraogo 19.11.2022 TBA EET: Burkina Faso – Ivory Coast (Friendly Game) PORUGAL U21 - Dantas 18.11.2022 21:15 EET: Portugal – Czech Republic (Friendly Game) 22.11.2022 20;15 EET: Portugal – Japan (Friendly Game)
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