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  1. Here is the squad for the game: Looking at the squad, it is almost certain that one of the players that came down with COVID is Koutsias. The other one is probably one of the injured ones (Vieirinha, Mitrita) are one that is not part of the European players list (Ingason, Rodrigo, Kagawa)
  2. Two PAOK players came down with COVID and will miss tomorrow's games as well as the game with Lamia on Sunday.
  3. Zagorakis did not have the support because he was forced upon EPO by the New Democracy government acting on behalf of Evaggelos Marinakis who wanted to regain control of EPO from AEK. He was basically a puppet and when their trick did not work he resigned.
  4. 2021 - 2022 Season: Round 7 (11.12.2021, 14:45 EET - Katerini) Pierikos Katerini - PAOK Thessaloniki 'B' TV: no coverage
  5. Looks like George Savvidis is coming back and will start taking part in day-to-day operations of PAE PAOK judging from the barrage of Instagram postings by him.
  6. The return games have been scheduled by EPO: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 15:00 EET: Anagenissi karditsa - Aghios Nikolaos 17:00 EET: Panatolikos Agrinio - Niki Volos 17:00 EET: PAOK thessaloniki - AE Larisa 19:00 EET: Olympiakos Piraeus - Levadeiakos Thursday, December 23, 2021 15:00 EET: OFI - Aris Thessaloniki 17:00 EET: Ionikos Nikaias - PAS Lamia 17:00 EET: NFC Volos - Panathinaikos Athens 19:00 EET: Kifisia - AEK Athens
  7. Vieirinha, Mitrita, Rodrigo, Ingason, Michailidis are out for various reasons. This pretty much means that the CB due will be Varela, Mihaj. Hopefully that's enough to contain the amateurs from Gibraltar.
  8. This is the first game that will be played without fans following the punishment by Superleague disciplinary committee.
  9. I guess it depends on the player. For example players like Varela and Crespo that are past their prime know that they will not be renewed no matter how they perform, so they just coast. Also players that are on loan to us seeing that the ship is sinking will not risk possible injuries.
  10. VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki – PAS Lamia 1964 COMPETITION: Superleague 1 – Round 13 DATE: 12-December-2021 TIME: 17:15 EET (15:15 UTC, 09:15 CST, 02:15 AEDT) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Novasports Prime (Greece & Cyprus), PAOK TV (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus), Net TV Plus (Greece & Cyprus) PAOK FC – PAS Lamia history: Superleague 2020-2021: 4:0 (18. Baba, 48. Tzolis, 52. Warda, 65. Zivkovic) - Attendance: nf 2019-2020: 3:0 (2. Misic, 6. Limnios, 11. Swiderski) - Attendance: 19,013 2018-2019: 3:0 (34. Henrique, 78. Shakhov, 83. Biseswar) - Attendance: 22,125 2017-2018: 4:0 (10. Leovas, 24. Prijovic, 50, Pelkas, 88. Prijovic) - Attendance: no fans GAMES: 4 WINS: 4 TIES: 0 LOSSES: 0
  11. The defensive problem is not only because of our aging defensemen, it's also because of our slow midfield. On top of that at least half the players have their contracts expire at the end of the season. There is just no incentives for some of them to give their all on the pitch not knowing what the future holds for them. That is a problem created by the team management or better yet the lack of team management. Don't think there can be major clearance in January. Maybe 2 or 3 moves. The main thing that they need to do though is get serious about planning on building a new team in Summer of 2022.
  12. Did not deserve anything in this game. The team plays without passion and many players are not able to follow the tempo of the game. We tried to play in second half after we were down 3:1. There need to be drastic changes, and they need to start now.
  13. 2:1 halftime. Despite the "maimou" penalty, the Ionikos lead is deserved. Except for the goal we did not create anything else. Add to it our Swiss cheese defense and the loss in this game is deserved.
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