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  1. When exactly can we sack ferriera? Todays match proves we will have a season similar to last year. This coach will not have a good season with us! He does not have a winning mentality, his formation shows that and hes stubborness also highlights thus. Also Biseswar should not be playing for paok anymore, he just looks lost everytime he gets on the pitch.
  2. The austrians come to the rescue! Lets shee how we go now 1-1 56min
  3. Any tough question, its uo to Savvidis. Thats what i call passing the buck. Ferriera in only one leg matches got us into Europe not Rebbe. All he did was not renew players contracts which he didnt do in style, they became sagas. I dont see the work he has done... Signing Schwab has been hes best move so far.
  4. Rebbe for me is not experianced enough to: Bring us a tittle Improve us in Europe What ever he says, he left us without a striker, no right wing back etc etc etc So to say so far I am not a fan is an understatement, yes i heard him trying to blame Savvidi..
  5. The biggest problem in greek football clubs is not the presidents, its not the fans, its not epo. Its that the football clubs do not have the correct structure and checks and balances for these clubs to be run correctly. We have 3 massive clubs: PAOK, AEK, PAO all hinging on the deicisions of 3 people. How is that ok? Rebbe, Ivic & Rokka If they do well club does well. If they make bad decisions the club suffers. This is not goof enough and I am sure the clubs in England, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France do not operate
  6. Boloni now the coach of panathinaikos! Whos next lol
  7. Mauricio signs with Panathinaikos....
  8. Looks like i was wrong about Pelkas and he did want a new challenge! Thanks for all the passion over the years Dimitri & all the best!
  9. Pelkas wants a new contract & its all games to show how good Savvidis is after our exit from CL! Im not buying, 24 hours to see truth!
  10. Why dont we sign K Paps? Hes a free agent, we have they money? He needs time to heel & fimd himself...maybe can come in handy in 6 months...
  11. Now the loss has set in. Lets all be a paok coach for this question. What would you of done different for the match in the Toumba versus Krasnodar?
  12. Two games so far and Moussa Wague looks terrible!
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