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  1. If we want to win the comp & do something in Europe we need better than Krmencik. Let him move on.
  2. Branco & Rebbe were poor appointments. Its a fact that theycare both loses and the person wjo isnresponsible for selecting them should also be looked at. Michel & Arnesen were both succesful A good TD is as important as a good coach! Rebbe was a dud in Germany, and I never liked him from the point of when he delayed his first press conference.
  3. For me Garcia needs another season. Also let Pablo make the summer transfer, sick of these Rebbe types making deals and sorting out their careers and f***ing paok in the process. Let Garcia bring the players he needs to succeed we only need 4 quality players and we are ready to challenge
  4. Another game we looked good in! Baba looked a much better player compared to Peiriera... Michalidis looked confortable at the back and Tsiggarras looks to be locking down a spot at #6-8
  5. Why would not one of the coaches at paok play him? So strange
  6. Paok reporters creaming over Varkas & Koutsias...
  7. Was lambrou playing decent the best part of today?
  8. Time for our defence to shore up, and introduce Kagawa!
  9. Love it! Then sign 3 CL players and return to winning ways!
  10. Savvidis should buy 500,000 jerseys send them to Japan and boom financial fair play sorted.
  11. I ageee, time for Rebbe to speak up
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