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  1. Another game we looked good in! Baba looked a much better player compared to Peiriera... Michalidis looked confortable at the back and Tsiggarras looks to be locking down a spot at #6-8
  2. Why would not one of the coaches at paok play him? So strange
  3. Paok reporters creaming over Varkas & Koutsias...
  4. Was lambrou playing decent the best part of today?
  5. Time for our defence to shore up, and introduce Kagawa!
  6. Love it! Then sign 3 CL players and return to winning ways!
  7. Savvidis should buy 500,000 jerseys send them to Japan and boom financial fair play sorted.
  8. I ageee, time for Rebbe to speak up
  9. I think the score flatters them. They deserved the win, but we were not that bad overall. Ignasson was terrible, our bench does not have any players to help and once again the left back space cost us a match. The mistake for me Garcia made was having tziolis spend the whole first half on the right side and Zivkovic on the left. Tziolis is dangerous on the left and gets lost on the right. Zivkovic is out of form , nowhere near as dangerous last few months as start of season. But as someone mentioned above we wasted momey on Colak and they have ElArabi who is all the
  10. Guys. My opinion is usually not a popular ome in here. As i tend to have a more greek ideology on things and the rest of you seen to think more American style. In saying that I am super pumped about the Kagawa signing for the following reasons. 1) He will provide support in midfield as we are definately lacking in this area. And i would rather have Kagawa starting next to Elkhadourri or next to Schwabb then Esiti! 2) He can also play as a #10 and we can move Warda to the wing 3) He age & experiance will be a great help to the young squad we have! 4) For me signings l
  11. Italians been broke since 2009! I dont see em paying. Sell him to da germans for 3.5m and move on! He stats look impressive but hes a klause, hell fizzle out in a year or 2 I say
  12. Hopefully this important clear out will pave the way for some cracka new signings
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