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  1. Players will play anywhere the $$$ are put on the table. We needed a left winger & a striker this transfer period. We so far have signed camara as a replacement for Marco A and kept out squad. Surely we can sign two decent players this week, it can be Ivan riding a horse holding a trophy be the image that sits in our head of this summer period
  2. If anyones from Sydney, reach out as our new PAOK syndesmo is having another get together om 25th July.
  3. Weve been waiting patinetly all summer so far... every day.... Everyday another bs story...
  4. What is wrong with Ivan? 14,000 season pass holders & still not one signing. Camara just a replacement for Marcos antonio so far
  5. Whats the deal with Miete? He surely is a must sign...
  6. Anyonr else heard that we have signed Fabiano from aris on a free transfer?
  7. Forums back! What are everyones thoughts on this danish stricker from Spain? Is it a good enough addition?
  8. Toskitisis also said camara is a done deal...
  9. Woah been in the clouds last 3 days! What a season! Ivan drop the cash now no excuses
  10. If Aris beat us paoktzidis will burn down harilaou lol we got this
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