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  1. This night reminds me of when a top European side goes to Kairaskaki in European comp and hammers them and leaves!
  2. Paok fans Sydney is organising a get together on the 12th November in Sydney. Any paok fans from sydney reading this PM for details or head over to our facebook page for more details
  3. We should smack these s%$#! c**nts and get a good victory here
  4. Lol @ dellias call up. Kid just started relax with calling it politics
  5. Your playing hearts and dont have a whingee on the bench! Your name is PAOK not atromitos... WTF
  6. Transfer window in Greece finishes on the 11th September the last day to register players for European competition is 4th September.....
  7. The starting line up you went for was so wrong lol
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