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  1. Metrosport & Petrotos! Making up the colak story as requested by PAOK if u ask me, so they can focus elsewhere
  2. Yeah sign a Cavani , lets make some real noise!
  3. Veirinhia has been added to our PAOK FC transfermarket page again.... Have we signed him on the sly?
  4. If we can upgrade Akpom its a potentially a good move for us. He did his job for us, when we sold Prijovic he stepped up. But really fizzled out last season.
  5. According to Tsorbatzoglou on sport-fm we have sold chuba akpom to middlesborough for 3m euro.
  6. We need to buy 2 players. A right wing back & a stricker! & were ready to go. We need to release / sell Matos, Moulin, Mihojevic, Warda. & transfer are done for us!
  7. Looks like our new formation & coach are here to stay! Absolutely huge victory today!!! Elkhaddouri man of match for me! Schwab very good along with Michalidis, Ignason & Varella. The two Zivkovic were instrumental! Swiderski is not good enough for paok!
  8. I had a guy on the weekend in Sydney explaining he wont buy a paok tv season pass, but he spent more money online at the boutique that day.... So i do not agree that buying a season pass is the only way to support PAOK. I think someome travelling to the places athens has is unbelievable & commands respect. I just feel that people are not passionate about being Greek anymore & this is reflected in Greek football. Their would be around 20,000,000 people in the world outside greece with Greek names & lets be serious only 2,000,000 would identify as being Greek. So o
  9. Yeah watching it now! Working for me fine
  10. Just bought my season pass for paok tv. Cost $130.49 aussie dollars on my mastercard. I do hope we have more subscribes from OZ this year, i have shared it on my Sydney Paok fans page. Hope the boys purchase more this year. Might push the tight asses!
  11. I really am looking forward to this match. Really want to start the season with 3 points, Really want to smack Kougias team and get in a good performance before the all important Benfica match
  12. Does that mean we will not be resigning Veirinhia?
  13. Great deal i reckon too! Time for Jaba to shine now
  14. If PAOK TV works for abroad them I dont give a s%$#! if we go to Nova suits me fine!!!!
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