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  1. So who will play left wing... koutsias first start of the year?
  2. It would be good to see: Pascha Sidcley , Kouleriakis , Ignasson ,Sastre Schwabb, Tsingarras, Soares Jaba, Murg Colak
  3. Was soares really that bad? Most ppl smashing him online..
  4. This would be my starting 11 and squad based on performances this season and players we have in certain positions. Giakoumakis (9) Bakasetas (10) Tziolis (11) Masouras (7) Siopis (6) Bouchalakis (8) Tsimikas (3) Mavropanos (4) Nikolaou (5) Lyratzis (2) Vlachodimos (1) Bench: Giannoulis, Retsos, Hatzidakos, Saliakas, Alexandropoulos, Tsinngaras, Pelkas, Limnios, Foundas, Vrousai, Pavlidis, Pashalakis
  5. Andre is great for team morale and a good player to have in tge squad even for another season. But we need two new left backs!
  6. The players we nees to sign IMO Left winger Dekari 2 x left backs 1 x CB 1 x CF
  7. Pressure now on PAE to bring in 7 starting 11 players for next season and go that one step further in the confrence league!
  8. Pesta Athens4 dutch people and thier issues with greece is messed up
  9. Payet too good for us. We missed to many chances We dont have the quality players you need to win a match like this. Lets hope the summer transfers bring us some solid players & we can have more European runs like tbis one
  10. Is crespo our curse tonight... Header doesnt go in Goal is his fault as he has a brain attack and tries to be messi Blocks akpom shot in last minute corner
  11. Nice post Athens4 I too am sick of feeling as if Toumba is our weakness!
  12. Counting down the days for the match of the year! Season ticket holders get in for free & the remainder of tickets go on sale on Monday at 9am With regards to milik, i reckon hell play... one report says hes out the other says hes in. Anyone have any solid info?
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