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  1. Mitsos


    I guess the dream of winning the Championship is over, better luck next year. Oh, it might make sense for Karipidis to not get involved with the transfers going forward, just a thought.
  2. Mitsos


    I could not help but laugh this morning when I read the following article this morning: Αθώος παμψηφεί ο Καρυπίδης για το Βέροια-Άρης -Απαλλάχθηκε από την κατηγορία του κακουργήματος (metrosport.gr) Below is what I wrote almost 5 yrs ago after watching the game in question: Posted January 31, 2018 This was the first game I have watched all year and it made my eyes bleed. At the end the Veroia defenders did everything in their power to allow a goal but put the ball in the net for Aris. If Aris, and by all accounts it appears everything is working in our favor, do get promoted they will need a new roster for the Superleague. Does our current owner have such financial capabilities? I guess I owe our fearless leader an apology!!!
  3. It has been a long time since I've felt that Aris is equal to, or shall I dare say, better than OSFP. I believe victory is very possible, we shall see.
  4. Mitsos


    It's official, Alan Pardew is the next coach of Aris. I said previously that Karipidis needed to hire a known coach and he did, hats off to him. Pardew knows many of the players on this roster and I can only assume that the managerial office, based in England, Aris used this offseason to acquire players had a hand in the hiring of the new coach. Now stay out of his way, give him TIME, and allow him to do his job.
  5. Good article Δεν ξέρω αν το προσέξατε, αλλά είμαστε μία ωραία ατμόσφαιρα… | Blog - Μιχάλης Τσόχος | Gazzetta
  6. Aris can't afford to drop more points, having said that, another draw seems the most logical result.
  7. It will be great if Aris continues last year's dominance over PAOK (4 games played - 3 wins - 1 draw - zero goals conceded) but it will be very difficult under the current circumstances. The most logical result will be a draw, but nothing will surprise me.
  8. Mitsos


    He hired Raul Caneda. Who, you might ask? Exactly! I hope senior Caneda turns out to be the best coach to ever come through Greece and leave Aris for Real, but he is not what they needed right now based on the goals set for Aris by President Karipidis. A known name, preferably someone who had success in Greece would have been preferred. His name doesn't come to me but the Spaniard who coached AEK for example would have sufficed. As for Bourgos, I'm never in favor of getting rid of coaches before they have a fair shot to show what they can do, not sure why anyone wants to work in Greece where most are not safe after a loss but that's neither here or there right now. Apparently Karipidis wasn't happy with his work going back to the end of last year, which begs the question, why make so many changes to the team and bring him back? Clearly the motives of investors in the Super League are not the betterment of the their team or the league for that matter, so all I can do is hope that Aris is competitive enough to keep my interest all the way to May. I'm not his biggest fan but under Karipidis Aris has made it to Europe four straight years so you have to give him that. Now, what have they accomplished there? That's another story.
  9. Mitsos


    Bourgos out, good luck to him in his future endeavors. Our fearless leader came out before the season started and stated that the championship and the cup are both the team's goals, now it's up to him to put his money where his mouth is and hire a high-priced coach to manage what he considers the best roster in Aris recent history. We shall see.
  10. Bravo to Panetoliko on a clear a deserved victory. As an Aris fan all I can say is that really sucked.
  11. Not sure how much you can surmise from the first week but Aris I believe has higher quality players and is the favorite, let's see if they can make it two in a row.
  12. I don't like when the opening game is at home against lower table teams, they tend to park the bus so if an early goal isn't scored the pressure builds, fans get restless and forget about it if the opponent scores on one of the few occasions they attack. In games like these having a player that can break down defenses with individual ability is necessary, so I hope that Manou Garcia is up to the challenge. Gray should get some scoring opportunities and I hope he puts one or two in the back of the net. Anything other than a victory will be very disappointing and dark clouds will appear over the head of Burgos.
  13. Aris were eliminated by a team that was better, plain and simple. I'm curious to see what happens now with transfers, departures, as well as with the coach. The world of Aris is always interesting and not in a good way most of the time.
  14. Same lackluster performance as in the road games against Molde and Astana. Truth be told, you can't expect to make so many transfers and expect them to be a cohesive unit. Good luck next week.
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