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  1. A game of two halves really, fantastic in the first half, and no where near that level in the second. Our centre backs are now C grade
  2. So 4 players bought in, all on loan. Great to see they're building a team for the future.
  3. Georgia unlucky to only draw. They were far more dangerous, Greece have no one that can tie that Kvaraskeila's boots, way better than any of our players.
  4. He wasn't the best, but we were asking an awfully lot from so early on. Not keeping Matos, for one more year, that's the mistake.
  5. Setup to fail form the starting lineup. Pathetic coaching
  6. Thought overall we played pretty well, and as previously said, we were unlucky to lose. I'm optimistic for the return leg, in all our previous attempts, we have s#it the bed, after getting a more positive result in the first leg (away draws) So different set of circumstances, compared to the past, and lack of crowd might be helping at this stage.
  7. Fantastic fightback, and a really good result in the end. After the first 20 minutes this one looked like it was heading for a 5-0
  8. We are looking like minnows out there. Have not steadied, and they are doing as they please
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