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  1. Poor passing, no rhythm, can't hold the ball and especially can't build pressure against the "powerhouse" Estonia. Very embarrassing so far.
  2. Yeah the online one, seems they have the rights in Aus to show a lot of the NT games.
  3. Taxi should definitely start as the CDM, will be very disappointing to see Skibbe go with someone out of position. We can't take this or the Estonia game lightly. P.S. for those in Australia the game is being shown live on ESPN 3.
  4. At times they looked good, but also a bit one dimensional in attack. Nearly every attacking play was down to the winger to put the cross in, nothing came from in the middle where Gibraltar looked pretty exposed. We should take the points and focus on the next game, after the last campaign the real objective was not to embarrass ourselves in the first game. On a side note, Vellios is completely out of his depth. I'm not sure what he brings to the team, he's slow, his touch is off, he can't hold up the ball and his link up play is atrocious.
  5. What a stark contest this game was in comparison to the game in Sydney! Was a really good game plan from Greece, pressing the Australian team from the get go! I think this win is a definitely a step in the right direction and hopefully gives the boys some confidence leading into the World Cup Qualifiers later in the year. Not to mention Greece were without 5 starting players. Really proud of the performance!
  6. I think Omonoia will give them a run for their money in the return leg, just need to make sure not to concede any away goals. I see Omonoia qualifying from here though.
  7. I think this photo was taken some time ago. If he was playing well and we were in a different position in terms of qualification, I don't think this would of received much publicity as it has.
  8. You can always hope and pray, but I really don't know where the goals are going to come from to at least win one game. The team and set up needs a major overhaul of everything and at the moment morale and confidence is very low. Unfortunately from what I have seen I don't think we can qualify.
  9. In hindsight Greece should win this game, however the confidence of this team has really been down. They look lost in all their attacking plays and nothing comes off. It has come to the point where they just need to win this game no matter what. I hate to say this but I don't think Greece have enough quality to qualify from here, I really hope I'm wrong.
  10. We clearly need to attack and defend in this match. We need to lift our performance, we played very poorly against Kazakhstan and we were lucky to get away with a win. Denmark are in form, especially after beating England 4-1. If Greece wants to make 2nd spot, we need to match the Danes in every aspect of the game. It will be a tough match, the outcome I am not sure what it will be but if we dont get our act together we can expect a loss.
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