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  1. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay Uruguay I don't know why..
  2. And so they should. F.I. are a superpower, they beat our sleepy ass twice.
  3. Ah yes Larnaca, I got rejected by a gorgious woman at a coffee shop there once, good times!
  4. Relying on Bakasetas, with class goals. No one would of said that a week ago..we are a fickle bunch.
  5. Can't tell me I'm not Patriotic, I'm having my Yeeros with tzatz to prove it! Opah boythes!!!
  6. At least its not the group of death with Faroe Islands, San Marino and Kosovo. shite a brick, we have Kosovo! Oh no Kosovo! Oh no Kosovo!
  7. Why didnt anyone from the staff warn the player about bindies and to not walk barefoot on the pitch hmm?
  8. Baldockoglou will own it, Bravo re maik! Next he must learn about Pythagoras' theorem.
  9. I hope Gaffer will have the team reflecting his playing style, given he has one. If the players can carry that out then they will win more. There is a continuation of previous regimes though, for whatever reason, injuries aside. None of Manolas, Sokratis, Siovas, Fetfa, Ninis and Fortounis. There is a reluctance in desiring technically gifted and experienced players anywhere near this squad, unless you are Tzavellas and Bakasetas.
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