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  1. You would assume that Lucescu and George Savvidis have moved on from whatever issue they had in the past, otherwise it's unlikely Lucescu would've returned. If George does head back to Thessaloniki and take up some day-to-day role, it'll be interesting to see if the peace remains. I take all his cryptic Instagram posts to be more about transfers and players coming in during the January transfer window but we shall see. Ironically enough, IIRC that was their past issue. George started brining players who Razvan had not approved of and the straw that broke the camel's back was the decision to let both Canas and Shakhov leave.
  2. An aging team which has completely lost its confidence is what I put it down to. A win would do wonders for the teams confidence but the issue is how the heck are we going to get that win. We have had some good performances this season, so we know we are capable of much better. Next season a lot of the current team will have cleared out and our average age I suspect will drop. Regardless it is fair that we expect better results and performances as we should be beating Atromitos and Ionikos. I fear we aren't far away from a coaching change, which is never the way as has been discussed to death on this board. The saving grace maybe Lucescu's massive contract. I don't know how but we just need to qualify in Europe, the fans (actual fans not the organised ones) need something to look forward to. It will also help keep the howling media away, even if only for a few days...
  3. Looks like this game will go ahead as scheduled. Will be tough for us given our poor run of form, I'm not confident but hey our form has to turn at some stage!
  4. Started his first Premier League game in over 2 months today against Newcastle. He did some nice things, set up a good chance which was fluffed, as well as having a few attempts on goal. He was subbed off at half-time and reading around most Norwich fans seems to think he should have been given the 2nd half and the manager pulled the trigger too early.
  5. "Organised" fans are living in another decade. They have too much power and they think they are more important than they are. As for the on-field, our form has been patchy all season nowhere near enough consistency to compete for the title. The only way this season is salvaged IMO is by getting out of the group in the Conference League and hopefully progressing beyond the round of 32.
  6. Must win game. We know Aris lives to take points off us and they are always up for a dog fight. Them losing 5-0 last week I think will only motivate them more to get a result here. It will be a tough, physical game but I think we will come through with the 3 points.
  7. If those are the options, keep JVS.
  8. Terrible result, our form is never great coming back from international breaks but regardless we should not be dropping points to winless Atromitos.
  9. He has finally found a new club, he will join Fortuna Sittard in the Eredivisie for the rest of the season. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWc7947oJm0/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=f487c1eb-0448-4729-a6ae-9ace5f360f80
  10. That is correct, but don't let facts get in the way of a good coach bashing session! The fact that people still harp on about Manolas and Sokratis despite being given an answer so many times shows part of the issue. People can't move forward and cling onto the past for dear life. FFS people still bring up Ninis who isn't a regular starter at Volos and Samaris who hasn't played in 18 months! Whether JVS stays or not will be not judged on whether he and Manolas go out for frappe when holidaying in Naxos. In terms of the manager it could go either way, it looks like he will stay on. I tend to lean towards stability as well, but that doesn't mean JVS will deliver results. Skibbe was kept on after being trounced by Croatia, the players went into bat for him (Manolas and Sokratis leading the charge) and 4 competitive games later he was sacked.
  11. We need to chase the game, I would be hooking Giannoulis and subbing on Tzolis. Push Tsimikas to left back and go to a 4-3-3 with Mantalos playing as a pure attacking mid, Tzolis/Masouras out wide and Pavlidis down the middle. Beyond that Bouchalakis isn't built for a game like this too much pace and pressure from Spain for him to be effective. Alexandropoulos is probably the only option but it's basically impossible that JVS does that. Demoralizing that penalty, really Spain created 1.5 good chances and neither was the penalty.
  12. We knew we'd only manage to get 3-4 chances to counter a half, so far twice we've shot ourselves in the foot on these breaks with a poor touch (Androutsos) and a poor pass just then.
  13. Every goal/Pen is checked by VAR, just because they didn't show the lines being drawn doesn't mean it wasn't. I thought he looked clearly off to the naked eye, so I'm not surprised it was a quick decision.
  14. Although not a good angle, on the only replay shown so far you see Giannoulis wildly swing at the bouncing ball to clear he misses and lightly catches the Spain player. It was soft but it's giveable, if the ref doesn't give it I'm not sure if VAR intervenes. Either way still waiting for a better angle.
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