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  1. Another disappointing result, we played ok in patches but overall not well enough to get the win. I can't even say defensive woes cost us, it just seems teams score against us on their first foray into our box.
  2. Warda unlucky there. Again frustrating, they have created close to nothing yet they have equalised it's a trend that we concede when the opponent creates half a chance. I'd say we will see Kremncik soon, probably in a 4-4-2
  3. Nice goal Swiderski! Showing us his worth with a goal, well deserved for him bravo
  4. Swiderski kills a potential counter with an awful pass despite having multiple options. If he's not scoring he offers nothing in the way of build up play. He had 2 guilt edged chances, which he should have buried that's his specialty scoring in the box. He was unlucky on the first one but that's his bread and butter.
  5. Geez Paschalakis looks shaky, summer can't come quick enough for us to sign a keeper.
  6. That's a pen, dumb by Crespo. I think we got away with one
  7. Swiderski header off the crossbar, we are playing well but need to convert
  8. Tough game to win, our record in Tripoli is horrendous over the years. Despite the win against AEK midweek our form has been poor, so we are going to need a big lift to produce a performance that can get us 3 points. Interesting to see if Garcia plays the midfield 3 of Schwab, Augusto and El Kaddouri or slips Wards back into the XI as a deakri. My guess is it'll be the former.
  9. This is it for us, our season comes down to the Cup. AEK were embarrassed 5-1, so no doubt they will come out breathing fire. We need to get either a score draw or a lead to defend heading back to Toumba. I honestly expect this to be an arm wrestle, both coaches can't afford another heavy loss so I think both will set up defensively not push too many numbers forward. On the other hand you could say AEK is more of a shambles than us atm, so if we're not going to beat them comfortably in Athens now, when will we ever? Paschalakis had a shocker against PAO, I'd say he'll be droppe
  10. Torosidis played at left back for the Ethniki since he debuted in 2007, long before he ever moved to Roma. He was 22 so I'm not sure your experience argument holds up. Toro was only moved to his natural right back once Rehhagel left and Santos took over post 2010 World Cup. We don't know if Tsimikas would fail or not at right back, there are challenges with playing on your opposite side as you have correctly pointed out. If JVS is going to insist on Mavrias as the no.2 right back and not consider other options, 10/10 times I would rather see Tsimikas playing on his weak side.
  11. Honestly at this point I agree, right back is a massive problem and since JVS seems to have no interest in calling up and trying Kitsiou/G.Masouras (I haven't been crazy on G.Masouras getting a call-up but at least he's a starter) It's worth trying a left-back there at this stage, which just speaks to how poor we are at right back.....
  12. I am very surprised that Swiderski started, I know Lewandowski is injured but still surprising. Anyway he was subbed off at HT, as was Tzolis. Ingason played the full 90 in Iceland's victory.
  13. I am a fan of JVS and what he has done so far with the Ethniki but today he shot himself in the foot. The team was flat and was only pressing half assed, ok it happens you could hear JVS yelling "press" and "up" so the tactics didn't change, for whatever reason the players weren't able to execute. Understandable every team has those days, now let's take a look at JVS's managerial decisions that sealed our fate. You don't sub off Tzolis your biggest goal threat at HT. For an out of form and average Limnios none the less. Limnios is not half the player Tzolis is, Tzolis is direct, runs at
  14. I think you can add Zeca/Bouchalakis to that list, who were left out of the squad all together today along with Tzavellas.
  15. Giannoulis on and into left back, we have shifted to a 4-3-3 with Kyriakopoulos moving into central midfield with Mantalos and Siopis. Limnios/Masouras on the wings and Douvikas leading the line
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