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  1. I've read that Mavropanos is out until the new year, he's had surgery.
  2. As a fan I'm happy he's staying, awesome we get to keep our captain (even if he won't officially have that title this year) and our heart and soul of the club. PAE has frustrated me with all their flip flopping this summer though, Matos wasn't in the coaches plans then he's a starter and one of the captains. We didn't want Mauricio then ended up offering him a contract. I know PAOK never closed the Vieirinha door, it was he who posted his farewell and said he wouldn't be returning but still. He's basically been sitting there for 2-3 months, it just wreaks of amateur hour the whole summer
  3. Simply must win this game if we want qualify from the groups. Won't be easy as Olympiakos had a tricky time cracking open Omonia during the 1st leg of their Champions league play-off. Who partners Schwab in midfield? El-Kaddouri isn't fit and this is a match where we are going to have the bulk of possession and dominate the ball, so basically it's not a match where Esiti should start. I would assume Augusto isn't fit enough to start, but he maybe an option. Ninua is our only other option who maybe given the nod. Unless Ferreira has some tricks up his sleeve and he changes formation
  4. That is not the case at all do you honestly think Martins and JVS haven't 'thought' to ask him to do it? I can guarantee you Fortounis has been told to press and track back once his team's lose the ball. Both Martins and JVS would've told him this countless times and I think it's the main reason he isn't a regular starter for either team. Which is crazy when you think about his talent and ability. Watch the best teams in the world, Liverpool, Bayern, Man City all players press the opposition and work hard without the ball, I don't think Fortounis is above doing the dirty work that playe
  5. @Dean97 I think JVS can and should take some of the credit for how Limnios has developed and how he has played for the NT. I watched Limnios week in week out for PAOK and he plays far better for the NT than he generally did for PAOK (he did have his moments) I think JVS has given him a lot of confidence and has told him "You're the man, I believe in you and you have a massive part to play for the Greek National Team moving forward." You're gripes with his player selections are justified (some of them) but he has implemented a playing style that is sustainable and has allowed us to boss an
  6. It seems the media are really piling the pressure onto JVS, wanting him gone IMO. They are questioning Fortounis trying to get him to speak out against the coach to add more fuel to the fire. I think Fortounis handled himself well and didn't speak out of turn at all, I would be surprised if JVS has any issues with what he said. Now we have Manolas chiming in and obviously he's not happy with JVS. It seems to me a matter of a time before he's chased out, which at this point would be the wrong move. Again Van't Schip isn't Klopp or Pep but he has modernized the ethniki, before he came on
  7. AEK has some key outs, Mantalos suspended and Simoes is injured.
  8. Lmao what? I think your response here kind of proves you talk non-sense and can't really back up anything you say much of it is baseless. You have a clear hate for JVS which is fine you don't have to rate him as a coach. FWIW I don't think he's a mastermind but I do think he's brought the ethinki into the 21st century with our style of play. It's not perfect and he does things I don't agree with (I agree with you Lambropoulos coming on was ridiculous as was the Bouchalakis sub) My issue is you were no were to be seen in the 1st half when we were playing quite well, the 2nd half sta
  9. Don't speak any sense re!! It ruins the narrative our buddy is trying to push! We don't want facts!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Embarrassed? Did you miss our run post world cup 14 to 2016? That was embarrassing not tonight. Ase mas file, you're just a straight up troll
  11. Bochalakis touch is awful, gets him into so much trouble. Don't agree with Zeca being pulled off instead of Kourbelis who has a yellow card
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