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  1. Baba Rahman is set to join us on loan from Chelsea for the rest of the season. He is a 26 year old Ghanaian left-back. Over the last 5 years he has been loaned out to Schalke, Remis and Mallorca.
  2. To Dani Alves? What a footballing power couple 😍
  3. Keeper breaks his arm in stoppage time as your team is 1-0 up in a big game and what happens? Bad luck because some teams waste time with a sub in injury time you have to play the remaining 4 mins a man down and with an outfield player in goals. What needs to happen is they need to increase the time added on for a sub from 30 seconds to 45 seconds or even a minute, especially in stoppage time. AND the refs needs to actually add on that time instead of blowing the whistle when the originally allocated time has expired.
  4. I tend to agree with the majority in here, I'm not thrilled about the Kagawa signing. Yes he's a big name and has played at big clubs throughout his career but he's now 31 and hasn't had a club for 4 months and his last stint was in the Spanish 2nd division. We've seen how players like this coming in the twilight of their career tends to go, Berbatov, Khacheridi and Wernbloom. I hope he is able to recapture some of his past form and prove to be a real difference maker for us moving forward but I'm skeptical. As silly as it sounds from marketing point of view this might be hugely ben
  5. We are being linked to Christian Oliva, a 24 year old Uruguayan defensive midfielder who currently plays for Cagliari. We apparently want him on an 18 month loan, Cagliari want to sell. Probably won't end up happening but his profile seems to fit the type of midfielder we need.
  6. Lmao Antenna in Australia cut off the game to show Joe Bidden being sworn in as US president. Are they kidding? Who cares about U-S-A I WANNA SEE TZOLIS SCORE 4!!!!!! (no offence to all the beautiful Americans in here)
  7. there is the third goal from Krmencik! Grab one more and then sub off El-Kaddouri, Warda, Tzolis and Krmencik
  8. Garcia goes with a slightly surprising strong line up. ---------------Zivkovic----- Rodrigo-------Ingason----Varela----Pereira --------------El-Kaddouri----Augusto A.Zivkovic-----Warda-------------Tzolis ---------------Krmencik--------
  9. He's been given a 4 match ban for spitting at an opponent in a friendly over the winter break. https://www.sport24.gr/football/foyntas-timoria-rapint-antmira-aystria.9115308.html
  10. Clear red, correct decision was made via VAR
  11. Crazy good form, bravo sto paidi! @Dutch Eagle is there any talk in Holland of any bigger teams coming for him? I see Venlo is quite low on the table so it's understandable if bigger clubs want to see him do it across a whole season at least. Either way he's flying and he's giving himself a good chance of leading the line when World Cup qualifying kicks off in March.
  12. And he's injured again! 2nd game back just a few days after his successful return and he is subbed off at half-time with a thigh injury. Apparently Saint Etienne will be looking to bring in another CB over the January transfer window. He unfortunately appears to be made of glass, gonna be tough for him to establish himself in a top European league with his body constantly braking down.
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