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  1. Yes I'm worried about this position too. Too many players described as a "number 10" but they are anything but. This is why I am loathe to get rid of Biseswar (and Crespo for that matter). It's not that they shouldn't be replaced - yes they are too old and can't keep up anymore. It's can we replace them ? We're not exactly the most attractive club in the world. So until we do find adequate replacements, I'd like to hang on to them ... just in case.
  2. Paschalakis I was surprised he is leaving as his form has really improved and he is "good enough" right now unless we can't find better which is easier said than done. I didn't realise the club had made him an offer that offended his ego. Surely he wasn't asking 1 million ? Even on his current contract - I think it's 600K or so - he is very well paid. I would offer him half that. Varela not much to say. It's time to go. Schwab - I hope he stays. Crespo - I hope he stays. Crespo is much better than Mihaj. If Mihaj want to take the spot than my advice is play better. Vieirinha, Biseswar - I hope they stay. They still have much to offer if used correctly. Sidclay, Akpom - nothing special really. Very replaceable. Mitrita - when he's on he's on. But he's not always on and his wages are over 1 million in the US. I guess he won't be staying. Sastre - dunno. He seems like 1/4 of a Matos.
  3. I didn't realise Limnios was used as a LW in Holland. With his time with us he was solely used on the RW and I just assumed he wasn't suitable for the left. All the more reason to sign him. 😀
  4. It's a heartache, nothing but a heartache.
  5. If you think Limnios is not good enough for PAOK you guys are crazy ha ha. What if Zivkovic is out of form or injured, are we going to rely on Jaba ? Limnios is a work horse who helps defend and wears down his opponent - that's his style (think Campos). He's the anti Rodrigues so to speak. He'd be a good signing. Not awesome, not a "bam" but definitely solid.
  6. Why wouldn't we extend Schwab's contract ? He was very good for us in the first half of the season and is a really good player to have as a rotation option.
  7. Thing is unless you're there watching these kids in training etc. it's too difficult for us to judge the next up and comer. I was certain Mystakidis would become a first team player and Giannoulis pfft he was *never* going to make it. So what do I know. Likewise with Lyraztsis. I thought he was just too physically weak for us and wondered why we hadn't gotten rid of him and all of a sudden this season he's bloomed. Hopefully he continues improving.
  8. Hmmm, I'd take Limnios on loan in a heartbeat (assuming he's interested). He's played all season in Holland so he's match fit. He's got "run" which we're lacking and we also need a proper winger out on the right. He would definitely give us options in terms of rotation. If we can get better cool, but he wouldn't be a bad option me thinks.
  9. Well, that's how it goes if you want to bring up players from the youth. My attitude is if Lucescu didn't see something in the kid then he wouldn't throw him in. And against Olympiakos in Athens no doubt. All the team can do is give them opportunities and then it's up to the player to seize it. Do you want to train hard or go to the barakia and post pics on facebook.
  10. Sounds about right. I guess the papers have to create drama if none exists. Either way, nothing to see here.
  11. Yep Lucescu out (I heard it from a reliable source at the kafeneio) and we'll be getting Ancelotti to replace him.
  12. All things considered a very good result. The team averted the worst case scenario (disaster) of us missing out on Europe next season. How did Tsaousis play ? Also, nice to see Soares score a goal and also not get a yellow card.
  13. Nice observations @paokarag4. Overall I'm content with how the two games played out. I really expected Marseille to bash us and was expecting an aggregate loss of 4+ goals. We competed well for 3 out of the 4 halves of the games. Great run overall and hopefully more to come. Great adventures and stories of their trip to France from @Athens4 and @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK. Thanks for the stories guys. Much appreciated. It's a shame we couldn't score early. So many good chances but the boys gave it their all. This is where if we had a better class of striker it could've change the game. Give us a Milik and we'd win this game. I like Akpom, the kid is a work horse but he'll never be prolific. If had a Berg type of striker (when he was at his best) this could've been our game. As posters have noted, Marseille were there for the taking. Lots for the club to think about in the upcoming transfer period. Let's see which contracts get renewed (and piss off posters on this forum ha ha). As always, it'll be difficult to attract good talent to Greece. And lastly, El Khaddouri getting injured in the warm up, ha ha, what can you say.
  14. Looks like there will be changes regarding FFP rules. The change being clubs can only spend 70% of their incomes (presumably the 70% being on transfers and wages). Let's see what happens. Not sure how this would affect us as I find the financial side of PAOK a bit of a mystery.
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