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  1. November 6 ... for the 2nd tier competition in Greece. What a joke. And then we wonder why our football is so bad these days compared to the rest of Europe.
  2. OFI deserved a goal. They made enough chances to score 1, possibly 2. But we should have scored 2 or 3. Them is the breaks.
  3. I'm (to my surprise) not that fussed. I liked Paschalakis when he played for us. He is by all accounts great in the clubroom, well loved and a good guy. But he had his deficiencies as a GK and from what I've seen of Kotarski so far, Kotarski is better. I don't mind if he earns one final decent pay day at Olympiakos. I'd be surprised if he becomes their main GK - if he can, more power to him. Hopefully he does one of his clangers against us. 😁
  4. I think what PAOKSYD is trying to say is he doesn't rate Boto. He is just trying to make sure we get the picture. Yeah man, we get the picture.
  5. Yeah good news about Koulierakis. It's good to see talent from the youth coming through. It would be a damned waste if the youth team that has been smashing the league couldn't produce some first team players.
  6. What sort of financial reasons ? That doesn't sound good.
  7. Maybe he was just popping in for a friendly catch up. Why are people so cynical. 😁
  8. I think it's a bit harsh to judge Tsiggaras based on goals/assists. That's not and nor should it be the DM's role. Ideally he would stay and be played and develop. But if he's not going to be played then this is the best outcome. Extending his contract by one year also a good move. Knowing our luck one of Augusto/Kurtic/Schwab will get a long term injury two days after Tsiggaras leaves for Toulouse.
  9. @PAOKSYDdo you think Boto and Lucescu made this decision or it was a unilateral decision by Savvidis ?
  10. I don't care about the price of Fernandes. I care about the quality. No more duds please. Bring in quality or don't bother.
  11. Yeah I was gonna say, 3 of the back 4 in the last match are academy products.
  12. Tsiggaras being loaned seems a bit odd. You would think with Kurtic, Augusto and Scwab being 99% not with the team next season that Tsiggaras would be part of the rebuild for the future. Unless of course the team has decided he just isn't good enough. Still if he's good enough for Serie A you would think he's good enough for PAOK ... or the Bulgarian league ha ha.
  13. I'll believe it when I see it. Right now it's as much vaporware as our own stadium. I find it difficult to believe given how much other pressing economic issues the government has. I doubt this is a top priority for the government.
  14. They were some crazy kids! Real messed up mofos! Your post reminded me they had a site they created when they left but it appears to no longer be around.
  15. I don't consider it lost, not yet. It's not unusual after an "era" comes to an end for this to happen. The only clubs that don't experience this are the big boys who have virtually unlimited cash. Then again, how would one explain the absolute mess that has been Man Utd in recent times ... it's not like they are short of money. Anyway, I would consider this season lost if we don't start to see the formation of a core of players, a nucleus, to build on for the forthcoming seasons. If even half of our transfers this summer prove to be first team regulars I think that would be a good start. For example, we paid 2 million for a new goalkeeper ... I would like to think that by the end of the season we can all agree he is considerably better than Paschalakis. Otherwise, what is the point. Kargas, Nasberg, Quagliata, Narey, Soares, Ricardo ... let's see if we signed duds or not. Thomas I have a bad feeling about already but again let's see. There is a lot of work for Lucescu to do, that is for sure. The media and the "hardcore" fans will start with their diatribe no doubt. This is where the club, manager and players just have to get on with the job and ignore the inevitable "drama". For now I will wait until the winter break before meting out judgements and justice.
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