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  1. There is nothing wrong with a buyout clause assuming it's not too low. The risk is always there that a club will pay it out and would've potentially paid more. If you take Tsimikas as an example, who would've though 12 months ago he'd be sold to the EPL for 13 million. So what would you have set his buyout clause at ? 5 million might've sounded about right 12 months ago, hell, make it 10 million just for laughs. And yet, he got sold for 13 million. Bang, you've just lost 3 million. So it beggars the question, why even bother with the buyout clause. All it can do is hurt your negoti
  2. Colak - whenever I see his name I think of the old TV show Colchak - The Night Stalker.
  3. This beautiful piece of literature sums up it all better than any words. I can visualise the keyboard getting bashed. I wonder though what an alien civilisation will make of it while they attempt to decipher what it means.
  4. Tricky game, but to be fair probably our best chance ever to qualify for CL. No Benfica or 020 this time around. The Russian League is into round 7 so they are match fit, unlike Besiktas and Benfica. For once it was the opposition and not us whose league started later and aren't match fit. Maybe something for the EPO and GSL to take note of, the stooges. Either way, even if we fall at the last hurdle (again) it's been nice to get some revenge on Benfica. That just leaves 020, or any Dutch team for that matter.
  5. Regardless of what people think Giannoulis is worth or what they'd be satisfied with a sale amount, I'd prefer we don't sell him at all. I just don't think he's easily replaceable. Also, the level of his improvement in the last 24 months, and especially in the last 12 months has been simply astonishing. Knowing our club though, we'll probably sell him for peanuts, and do it before the Krasnodar game. Who knows it could go similar to the Limnios sale, extract below. FC Koln: Limnios good player. We buy. PAOK: Very well. 7 million. FC Koln: 3 million. PAOK: You craz
  6. What's that ? Sorry, need to put the volume up, gimme a minute. Maybe a sojourn in Hollywood might help.
  7. I think we should replace them both with voice actors.
  8. Think of where Limnios was as a player two years ago, then one year and then today. He’s improved immensely. Exactly what you want from your younger players. Other than him only Giannoulis has done the same. It drives me crazy how we are so eager to sell our youth that are still improving so cheap. Take Pelkas as a counter example. He has improved but kind of flat lined that last 18 months or so. I think he’s hit his ceiling although I’ll be happy to proven wrong. Either way, I feel we’ve let him go to cheap. Worse even, the timing just before a CL qualifier. Everything about
  9. No Limnios in the squad. Yep, let's not give ourselves our best chance of winning. While we're at it, let's sell a player who is 22 years of age and is currently the most in form player in the NT for a measly 3 million. No lube thanks, I like it dry. I wonder what Olympiacos would've sold him for - not that we should or can match them - just curious.
  10. Any idea of the cost of AEK's stadium ? I remember reading a while back around 50 million.
  11. Just to clarify with PAOK TV, are the games only shown live or can they be streamed at any time ?
  12. A friend of mine who is a Panathinaikos supporter made an interesting point. I was telling during the season that Ferreira is all over the place and my friend said it's not his team - it's still Lucescu's team even though he's left. Maybe this is what it's all about.
  13. No buy out clause for Tzolis. What is the world coming to.
  14. That team ... with Ginola, Asprilla, Beardsley, great squad.
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