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  1. I haven’t watched a game in yonks so I can’t really say what the problem is. Stats for a game can be misleading but stats for a season don’t lie. Our defending (note I didn’t say defence) is obviously our main problem. We have the second best attack in the league and I know we still struggle to score easily and our attacks can be one dimensional but right now that isn’t our main problem. As for why we concede so many and so easily that’s for the team to work out. Is there a lack of pressing ? Are the lines too spaced out ? Is it set pieces ? F*** mate, it shouldn’t be that hard to
  2. Oof forgot about this game and my koumbaro just me a message (he’s a Panathinaikos supporter) teasing me. I checked the stats on livescore ... are they even accurate ? It says they had 3 chances for 3 goals. Can they be that efficient ? That is most Germanic. As for us, the solution is self evident. We need to restrict the opposition to zero goals scoring opportunities. Alternatively we need to create 10x the opportunities they do so we can make up for our poor defence.
  3. The class difference between the players of Spain and Greece is huge. That much should be obvious. Even if we wanted to play an attacking game with more possession the current players are simply not capable of doing it. I would be surprised if they could string 3 or 4 passes together before they succumbed to pressure and turned the ball over. I don't think any manager could have played this game any other way really. Sure you could change the formation and the starting 11 but ultimately you know, no matter what, Spain are going to have lots more chances than Greece and will possess minimu
  4. The coach you would like I think only exists in video games. A world class manager that can coach in top leagues is not coming to Greece with that the exception of possibly Olympiacos. I’m not saying there isn’t better than Garcia, I’m saying these better managers can’t be convinced to come to PAOK. Add in FFP rules and that’s the nail in the coffin. All of our managers in the past 5 or so years with the exception of Huub Stevens who was a has been have all been coaches who never coached a “big” team. It so happened Lucescu worked out. Ivic was looking good there but politics got in the
  5. End of the day what manager is out there that can make this current squad win the title ? I don’t think even Lucescu could get within 10 points of the title. The squad is lacking on all lines, defence, midfield, attack. It’s not terrible by any means but even one weakness can be exposed and there are small weaknesses all over the place. Lack of concentration in defence, lack of defensive cover in the middle, lack of transition from the middle, lack of creativity, lack of finishing. I think this talk of replacing Garcia is ridiculous. Replace him with who ? Even Lucescu had a budget
  6. Beef Wellington or Kourada sandwich, a conundrum.😀 Hate to suggest it but maybe Ferreira was onto something with playing 3 at the back. We leak so many goals. It’s reminiscent of the team pre Lucescu when the opposition would pass the half way line we’d have heart attacks. The level of all our defenders with the exception of Ingasson has dropped - regardless of the excuses/reasons. If Garcia sticks with 2 in the middle I don’t see this changing with the current squad. Seriously lacking a number 6 who shields the defence and covers ground.
  7. Clear evidence that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
  8. As always when there are hardly any concrete facts, go with Occam’s razor. According to Siabanis “someone” from PAOK tried to bribe him. Siabanis left PAOK on quite bad terms. The club tried in vain to retain his services and in the end he chose to not sign a new contract with PAOK. So in all likelihood, if you were PAOK, ask yourself, would Siabanis be the first or the last player you would try and bribe ? Knowing he has no love for PAOK why would you try and bribe him ? Side note: If I wanted to actually fix a game I’d be speaking to Karypidis and his relative who “lost” the ga
  9. Forget about the ref calls. Some will go your way some won’t. If you wait for all the right calls each game you’ll be waiting forever. Penalty ? I wouldn’t have paid it. But who cares. If you can score 4 goals you can beat the unlucky calls. But we can’t do that. Struggle to score one let alone two per game. Simply put, not enough firepower. No full backs scoring goals ala Matos/Vieirinha. Lack of goals from midfield ala Mauricio/Shakhov. No striker. No ten. Where will the goals come from ? Can’t rely on Zivkovic and Tzolis cutting in to score every time. Importantly, a la
  10. All of a sudden this got all complicated and technical. Filters, pop, mp3, isolation chambers, shields, warp drives. Maybe Boston just needs to get his ear checked. 😄 On a serious note, the audio quality is ... ok. Specifically CT sounds very good. But paokarag4 sounds not so good - kind of like a dodgy skype call. But you can make him out just fine. It’s not as if you can’t make him out. The only episode that was completely dodgy was the first one where I had to adjust the volume all the way up when pg4 spoke and all the way down when CT spoke. That was funny. Moral of the s
  11. Exactly - the fix is in. So you're stuffed either way. Time to watch another sport - maybe women's tennis ?
  12. @Dutch Eagle how are the Dutch media reporting the game ? Are they making out like PSV were unlucky or just had a "bad" day ? Any praise for PAOK - or is it just a case of they made mistakes ?
  13. +42 Some coaches just over engineer their teams unnecessarily. What they see, I don't know. Keep it simple. Adjust to your opponent if they are clearly superior, likewise if they are clearly inferior. Exploit obvious weaknesses. Be flexible when required. It's not that hard. Ferreira seemed to get it right in Europe with the 3-4-3 we did well but he'd use the same system in the GSL for no valid reason. Maybe he thought the players can't cope with two systems. Really ? I don't know if Garcia got lucky today, time will tell. One thing is for sure, he won't accept crap per
  14. With Garcia one thing is for sure - we will win the title for yellow cards.
  15. Yeah not good. I’d like to know how many injuries have occurred during training. Seems to be too many.
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