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  1. I actually think Limnios could make a killer fullback or wing back assuming of course he was willing to put his ego aside and play the role. He’s not a real winger. He has some good attacking instincts and gets up and down the line well though. I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks if this is real or not. Expect truck loads of rubbish stories in the mean time. Journalists gotta write.
  2. One day someone might sit down with Masouras and teach him how to finish. Seriously terrible in front of goal. That first chance he just had to make sure he lifted the ball 6 to 12 inches over the keepers outstretch leg and it's in. Maybe if he had a pappou with a vitsa that whacked him each time he missed in training he might up his game. Finally, soccer finishing 101, hit the far post for f--ks sake. Demonstration below. Showing my age. Hit mute on the terrible music (what is it with soccer highlights and terrible music).
  3. 3 years ... hmmm ... would have preferred 2 years given his tendency to get injured. What wage is El Khaddouri on now ? Overall, I'd be happy to still have him in the squad. As his lover boy @paokarag4 always like to remind us, he is *very* good technically and has much to offer if used correctly.
  4. Hopefully it’s just the media making fables. I loved Prijovic - he was the first real striker we had in years. A dereki that could finish and was hungry for goals. Simple yes, but effective and he created a lot of space for those around him. He was also solid in the air. Defences feared him as they should. If I believed he was as good now as then I would have him back, but I don’t believe that. He has had a poor season in the Arab League where by rights he should be smashing in goals. That is problem number one. Problem number two is his very high wages. Problem number three is hi
  5. I can't see Lucescu relying on the old guard as part of a serious 3 year plan. They are literally too old to be with us in 3 years from now. They will all need to be replaced but this doesn't mean it has to happen right away. You can still get another season out of them. I don't really care what transfers we do so long as they are good transfers. Tired of signings expensive duds or cheap youngsters that are nowhere near ready for first team football. When Matos, Crespo, Varela, Shakhov, Canas, Biseswar, Prijovic were all signed, they were clearly an upgrade and ready to lift the team. T
  6. kassiesa has been around a long time - his website is far better than UEFA's ha ha.
  7. Thanks for episode #23 guys. As always much appreciated.
  8. The rumours were pointing to this for a while now. It is overall a logical decision and I think a good one. I guess whatever problems Lucescu had with Savvidis son have been smoothed over and the club has realised it's probably best to just let Lucescu run the team. Realistically I can't think of a better candidate even though it's all been a fiasco in how it's played out. Regarding the situation for Garcia, it sucks but he needs to look at the big picture. Lucescu *is* a better coach currently. Garcia still needs experience (which he has gotten a lot of this season) and to get his l
  9. Nice analysis pash. Agree with the sells, especially Tzolis. His value is dropping by the day. Three months ago 15 million seemed possible now we'd be struggling for 10 million. I am ok with selling Swiderski if we can sign Krmencik who he is an animal. We don't want a situation where we don't have both. El Kaddouri - I would keep if he signed for a reduced wage. He had arguably his best season for us in terms of consistency and stepped up when required. Still, his wage is too high for my liking. I'm sure will shop around and if he can't find anything better will then consider
  10. Ha ha that's the way. Great result to finish off the season on top of a fairly solid finals campaign. Always nice to add another Kypello to the cabinet. That's 4 in 5 years and one against Olympiacos is doubly good. Couldn't ask for anything more from the boys. They played well in a game that could go either way. The team has definitely regrouped since Garcia change the core formation to a 3-4-3. The off season will be interesting ...
  11. I haven’t watched a game in yonks so I can’t really say what the problem is. Stats for a game can be misleading but stats for a season don’t lie. Our defending (note I didn’t say defence) is obviously our main problem. We have the second best attack in the league and I know we still struggle to score easily and our attacks can be one dimensional but right now that isn’t our main problem. As for why we concede so many and so easily that’s for the team to work out. Is there a lack of pressing ? Are the lines too spaced out ? Is it set pieces ? F*** mate, it shouldn’t be that hard to
  12. Oof forgot about this game and my koumbaro just me a message (he’s a Panathinaikos supporter) teasing me. I checked the stats on livescore ... are they even accurate ? It says they had 3 chances for 3 goals. Can they be that efficient ? That is most Germanic. As for us, the solution is self evident. We need to restrict the opposition to zero goals scoring opportunities. Alternatively we need to create 10x the opportunities they do so we can make up for our poor defence.
  13. The class difference between the players of Spain and Greece is huge. That much should be obvious. Even if we wanted to play an attacking game with more possession the current players are simply not capable of doing it. I would be surprised if they could string 3 or 4 passes together before they succumbed to pressure and turned the ball over. I don't think any manager could have played this game any other way really. Sure you could change the formation and the starting 11 but ultimately you know, no matter what, Spain are going to have lots more chances than Greece and will possess minimu
  14. The coach you would like I think only exists in video games. A world class manager that can coach in top leagues is not coming to Greece with that the exception of possibly Olympiacos. I’m not saying there isn’t better than Garcia, I’m saying these better managers can’t be convinced to come to PAOK. Add in FFP rules and that’s the nail in the coffin. All of our managers in the past 5 or so years with the exception of Huub Stevens who was a has been have all been coaches who never coached a “big” team. It so happened Lucescu worked out. Ivic was looking good there but politics got in the
  15. End of the day what manager is out there that can make this current squad win the title ? I don’t think even Lucescu could get within 10 points of the title. The squad is lacking on all lines, defence, midfield, attack. It’s not terrible by any means but even one weakness can be exposed and there are small weaknesses all over the place. Lack of concentration in defence, lack of defensive cover in the middle, lack of transition from the middle, lack of creativity, lack of finishing. I think this talk of replacing Garcia is ridiculous. Replace him with who ? Even Lucescu had a budget
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