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  1. Soares adequate, hmm, he’s half the player Matos is. Anyway what’s done is done. The way we send off players that served the club well, that’s kafeneio 103. Who knows, maybe he’ll be back in 3 weeks. Deficit ? Do we still have one ? Anyone have some figures.
  2. You say that about everyone ha ha. Is there any player you wouldn’t want to be sold ? I’d be ok with this if we had an equivalent player but we don’t. He’s been our best RB since probably Borbokis. Not easy to find a quality full back. We can’t buy a goal to save our lives and we get rid of a full back that you know will score you 5 goals a season and drives the team. And we just made him a “captain” ... kafeneio 101 kafeneio 102.
  3. paokarag4 has nailed it with the clubs dealings with exisiting players. Not a good look - straight from kafeneio 101. As for Vieirinha don’t write a long goodbye and then 3 weeks later you “changed your mind”. That looks just as bad.
  4. Likewise I've lost interest in the CL now. Not sure if it's because the excitement has worn off or because of the big money involved. It was good in the beginning when you could have teams like Ajax, Deportivo come out of nowhere with great teams. Now, the big money has been funnelled for too long to the same teams and the concentration of money has made it relatively boring. At least to me, everyone has their view. One thing is for sure, the big clubs want it all - they want this new league plus to be able to play domestically. The only way they will back down is if UEFA gets involv
  5. Horrible idea but hey if they can make it stick good luck to them. I still remember the shock I got when I found out the LA Dodgers were like from ... Brooklyn. Wtf, ha ha. Let's just pick up PAOK and move them to Athens and call them a different name. But it works in the US. UEFA and the Leagues at some point will need to draw a line in the sand. This idea keeps getting pushed every few years so I don't know if it's just a media beat up so the big clubs can get even MOAR money and power (their avarice just can't be satiated) or if these big clubs really want this to happen. The
  6. See you Yiankos - I understand. Good luck with everything my man.
  7. Pelkas has served the club well. I'm happy for him to go if that's what he really wants - good luck to him. Obviously would have preferred he stays but he is, with no offense intended, replaceable. Still, always hurts when one of your own leaves.
  8. The CL has become a self fulfilling prophecy. There was always stronger leagues and stronger teams but now the gap is VAST. I remember when Juventus got smashed 3-1 by Panathinaikos in Athens in 2000. Now that will never happen in the next 1000 years. Thank you UEFA, keep funnelling that money in the right direction (and your own pockets of course).
  9. UEFA champion of the common man. It was much more interesting in the old days when you played a team whose squad were composed of players from that country. If you beat say a Hungarian team it was composed of you know Hungarian players (probably a bad example). Now, it’s like you’re playing a corporation.
  10. That’s because they’re idiots. Having said that I think it’s a decent draw. I much prefer PSV over teams like Arsenal, Roma, Napoli, Benfica. Granada, most people think we should beat but once again, unsurprisingly, they have a bigger budget than us, so it won’t be easy. They play in a proper league with proper teams and won’t be initimidated by us. As paokarag4 said, we have to get 6 points against Omonia, to even think about progressing. Again not easy, but essential. If we play to the general standard we’ve had in these CL qualifiers we are a chance. But it all depends on how th
  11. @paokarag4where did you get that info ? I tried making sense of kassiessa but my mind imploded.
  12. It's a new competition below Europa League. So now we have 3 competitions :- * Champions League * Europa League * Conference League (terrible name by the way). The current system where 3rd place from Champions League Group Stages goes to the Europa League Knock Out stages will become obsolete. So, once you're in one of these 3 competitions, that's it. You'll need to finish 1st or 2nd in your group to proceed further. Otherwise, you're done in Europe for that year. Because Greece is ranked 18th in Europe, they will only have 4 teams next season. One in Champions Le
  13. As others have mentioned our poor runs in recent years have cost us and until we get a steady run for a few seasons we can't expect CL football. Some nasty teams in Pot 1, half of them are CL quality. Pot 2 the only plus is we'll avoid Leicester. Pot 2 and 3 are of similar quality. I think Zeus will throw a Dutch team at us. I'd prefer Glasgow, just so we can take points from Scotland who are above us. Then again everyone is above us these days. Pot 4 I'd like to avoid French teams.
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