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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned but I was watching the highlights of Panathinaikos vs Ionikos and I'm like "that looks like Canas" and sure enough after checking the squad for Ionikos it is he. Looking as passionate as ever when they scored ha ha. He was a good player for us.
  2. Prouder ? Maybe psefto pride. I can tell you what we were back then - we were poorer, unorganised and lacking trophies. We were the bitches of Athens with no owner who could stand up for the club (because that’s how it works in Greece unfortunately). All we had were our european nights (and they were good) the occasional derby win against POK (but we knew deep down we would not win the title) and the fans/Toumba ( but the fans even shat on that by getting us banned for 5 years). We would pay our players peanuts and even then fail to pay them and have to release them or sell our talented players. Shameful and worse, embarrassing. I’ll take what we have now over that. I’ll take having a respectable budget, 4 Cups, 1 League title thanks. I do agree with you the signings have been fairly disappointing this summer - I expected better - but compared to the old days, man, you needed Xanax to get through those days - they were rough.
  3. Maybe the rage can be like the old days and we get banned for 5 years from Europe. Ah those were the days.
  4. Yep the group isn’t tough and we can finish first but we also might not qualify. Copenhagen and Slovan are nothing special but the truth is the same goes for us. I don’t think they’re quaking in their boots and they certainly haven’t penned us down as guaranteed first place.
  5. A decent draw. Really there were only 2 teams to avoid 100% and they are Tottenham and Roma and I suppose all Dutch teams ha ha. It will come down to form and injuries and simply the game on the day. The teams in the group are fairly even for the most part. A guy from my work who is a Rennes fan would love to play PAOK. I have converted him after showing him clips of Toumba. He is not happy with their group. Easily the toughest group. To put it in perspective Rennes have spent 65 million so far on transfers and we have spent … 300K. Yes he likes to make fun of me. if you want to have a laugh go and look at the team value for the Lincoln Red Imps. To laugh some more check how much they’ve spent on transfers in their entire history. Anyway I guess we’ll see how good (or not) we are in the coming months. Definitely qualification from the group is the goal but it’s not a given. We’ll need to be ready or we’ll get a lesson.
  6. What's the go with Tsiggaras ? Is he holding out for more money or is it something else ? We've seen this scenario multiple times and I don't recall it ever works out well for the player. Tzandaris did this and went from having a bright future with us to playing no games at Olympiacos and from there his career didn't improve. Siabanis similar but I guess he's not 100% failed.
  7. I don’t think his account has been hacked, rather I think he was always here to troll. An imposter I tells ya. Just been letting a few too many things slip.
  8. Asto, they’d still complain even if we won 5 leagues straight. You can’t stop the grinia.
  9. That should be the last of your concerns. I’d be more worried about the lizard people that run the world. Seek and find the *real* truth.
  10. Just media hype I reckon. If Akpom goes to Panatha, it'd be only because we choose not to make him an offer. Could even be his agent pressing the issue.
  11. I'm not putting Savvidis on top of PAOK. I just prefer a PAOK with an owner who is a billionaire compared to a PAOK of old where we had cheap skate, broke assed scumbags (with the exception of Zagorakis) "owning" the club. If Savvidis left we'd possibly go to the "good old days" of Batatoudis and Goumenos and in today's world where money is everything in football that would be it. Who knows, maybe you'll get your wish one day and Savvidis will tire of the criticism and just think what the hell, I don't need this crap, I pour in 100 million and these gooses still curse me.
  12. Yeah maybe not having G4 at the games is a joke but people getting infected at games and passing it on is not a joke. Public health or G4 ... which should be favoured ?
  13. If Savvidis let's in G4 unvaccinated and people die from it, he'll get blamed. If he doesn't let in G4 he gets blamed. How can you win ? I am beginning to think PAOKSYD is really a reds supporter in disguise.
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