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  1. You guys miss the point, no one is arguing that EPO isn't a rabble and unfortunately will continue to be. But when you play on a team and you're a leader, attitude is everything and when senior players do what they did it's toxic. What's to say if they were called back up they wouldn't sabotage again from the inside and same guys that are on here advocating for certain players to return would be crying out about why are we losing to the Georgia's of the world. Attitude is everything in team sports and a few bad apples CAN ruin the whole bunch. EPO is a rabble but saying something post-ga
  2. The form Warda is in he won't be dropped. More likely Kagawa will continue to come off the bench or one of the two will be pushed out to the wing in order to play both. For example this week if Tzolis isn't fit to start we may see both in the starting line-up.
  3. WOW!!! WHAT A COME BACK !!! Stefanos was 2 sets down and he rallied and came up with a historic victory!!! Medvedev up next in the semis and I'll be there cheering him on! Pame STEF!!!!!!!!!
  4. It's highly unlikely JVS will call up either Sokratis or Manolas (probably Siovas as well for that matter) Retsos has played 4 times in France this season with injury restricting him. Mavropanos has played some football of late, he needs to remain fit and he'll be called up come March. Not sure whether JVS will start him but we need the option. I'm interested to see how JVS sets us up against a powerhouse, we got a taste against Italy back in 2019 and we played well. Defended well, frustrated the Italians and were threatening on the counter. Kolouris missed a golden chance to give us the
  5. Bless your soul, stay positive!! Lord knows we have enough negativity in here
  6. Schwab's impeccable record from the spot remains
  7. Another penalty, does Vierinha step up to try and redeem himself?
  8. Positive as always, Zivkovic comes up with the goods.
  9. Such a silly foul Ingason has just given away, no need at all. He's an experienced defender those are mistakes you'd expect Michalidis to make.
  10. Nadal has been in great form and hasn't dropped a set so far this tournament. It's gonna be tough for Stef but hopefully he pushes Rafa all the way.
  11. Lucescu's contract was mutually terminated with Al Hilal. I'm sure with a couple more bad results he'll be linked with a return to us, even though I doubt it will happen.
  12. No Pereiria either, I guess it'll be either Vieirinha (likely) or Baba (less likely) that start at left-back.
  13. Indeed it was, I was lucky enough to be in the stadium and watch it live. Tsitsipas through to the 4th round after dismantling unseeded Swede Ymer 6-4, 6-1, 6-1. He now awaits the winner of Khachanov-Berrettini
  14. I think it was Paschalakis who actually replaced him for the 2nd half of the 17-18 which led into his career best form in the 18-19 season.
  15. sAvViDis iS dIrTy aNd rUinIng gR3eK foOtbAlL Anteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee apo edw. I'm sure Olympiacos will go to CAS but regardless it's a big win for the club and just re-affirms that Olympiacos really want Ivan gone and will go to any means to make that happen. Including but not limited to what has transpired with Xanthi and what they bullied Siampanis into doing.
  16. Another goal for him overnight, scoring the first in Trabzonspor's 0-2 win. 2 goals in 2 starts for his new club, both goals interestingly have been with his right foot.
  17. Sakkari has been dumped out in the 1st round losing to the unseeded Mladenovic 6-2, 0-6, 6-3, disappointing result for her. Tsitsipas plays in a few hours he shouldn't have too many problems with Simon who, despite being a seasoned pro has aged now at 36.
  18. We haven't played well but they really deserve to lose given their time wasting and carry on, one last chance from this corner..
  19. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUSS THE KEEPER I hope we get a winner and then Warda lies on the ball
  20. For a good player El-Kaddouri has some massive brain fades... That's a penalty and it's reminiscent of the Omonia game, he gives the ball away and then dives in to try and cover his error
  21. Zivkovic did well to take that ball cleanly, can't help but wonder what would've happened if Paschalakis was sitting under that ball
  22. It's like Ingason has been trying to get himself booked 😉
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