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  1. Awful result. Opportunity to go clear on top and knock Olympiakos out of the running goes begging. Instead we are now neck deep in a 4 horse race. Clearly a concerning trend with regards to 3 home derbies in a week for 0 wins. Now the midweek 2nd leg of the cup tie becomes so important, mentally for the team to be winless in 4 derbies in the space of 10 days could be fatal. The team needs to stick together and bounce back strong, block out all the outside noise (and there will be plenty, I've already read knee-jerk reactions about our season being over) and get to work. Hit the game at Leoforo hard, and absolutely win our next 3 league games. Make no mistake we are still in the race, but we have shot ourselves in the foot over the last week. If we win our last 3 league games before the playoffs, this bump will be in the rear view mirror. If we don't then it will feel like the end of the world (footballing wise).
  2. With PAO dropping points overnight, it's a big opportunity for us to create a little lead at the top of the table over them. A win would also extinguish what little flame still flickers for Olympiakos title hopes. If they manage to beat us, the difference will only be 4 points. A win puts us 10 clear of them, so the 6 point swing is massive. Hopefully the lads are up for it from the start. With Taison suspended (and carrying a niggle anyway) I'm looking forward to seeing Konstantelias hopefully start. He may still come off the bench, woulnd't shock me to see Lucescu start Murg as the 10, and Zivkovic/Despodov on the wings.
  3. I believe every club can request one league game to be pushed back due to European Competition. We did it a couple of years ago in our Conference League quarter final run. For Olympiakos, a run in Europe is all they have left. Qualifying for the round of 16 is massive for them and keeps their season alive so it makes sense they do not want a game in between, especially a derby. For us, I guess we are willing to accept because of the 2nd leg against PAO midweek. I wonder if Lucescu and the club new about this pre kick-off though, and if it would have affected his choices for the starting 11.
  4. Didn't catch the game, but based on the highlights we deserved at least a goal. Pana could have had a 2nd with that Sporar shot from close range that Kotarski saved brillianty. As for Taison-Bakasetas incident, disappointing that we will be missing Taison from either the Olympiako game (if it goes ahead) or the 2nd leg. I am a fan of Bakasetas and what he has done with the Ethniki, but a player losses instant respect in my eyes when they wanna act tough, engage in the push and shove and then the switch flips and they hit the deck like a sack of sh1t. You wanna step to an opposition player fine do it, but stand your ground manga. I know he's not the first and he won't be the last to do it, but not a good look for any player. I am glad the Dutch ref didn't buy his awfully acted performance and he was sent off too. He would be feeling foolish right now.
  5. Had honestly never heard of this kid until a few weeks ago. 22 year old right-back, born and raised in Athens but he never played professional football in Greece. Instead he moved to Italy's regional leagues at 18 and has since worked his way up the divisions until he was playing Serie B for 2 seasons. His performances caught the eye of Ligue 1 strugglers Lorient, who forked out between 1.5-2.4 million (mixed reports) to snap him up in January. Since moving last month he has played in 3 games, scoring in his 2nd game (a 2-1 win) and assisting over the weekend (a 2-0 win). They are 2 wins and a draw in his three appearances, doubling their win tally in the space of 2 weeks and moving off the bottom of the table. It looks like he has been playing as a right-wing back since moving, as part of a back 5. This kids story is pretty incredible, he has risen from nowhere really doing it the hard way to now be playing in one of Europe's big 5 leagues. Not sure how far he can go and if he is Ethniki calibre atm, but either way his story is pretty cool. Good luck to him and Lorient in their fight for survival! https://www.transfermarkt.com/panos-katseris/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/816308/wettbewerb/FR1/saison/2023
  6. Our biggest game in almost 7 years. Still over a month out but some things to keep an eye on in terms of player availability/form. -Tsimikas returned to the Liverpool bench and was subbed on to a play the last few moments on the weekend. He is fit again which is good news. -Chatzidiakos, since Christmas has only played 45 minutes for Cagliari in Serie A. He last had a full 90 on the 2nd of Jan, in a 4-1 cup defeat to AC Milan. As one of the prefered CB's it is a concern. He was hurt in training over the weekend, not sure on prognosis at this stage but assuming its minor Poyet will have to a decision to make if we get to this game and he's still riding the bench. -Vlachodimos: Nottingham Forest brought in another keeper, so he's effectively been relegated to 3rd choice. New keeper (Belgian Metz Sels) hasn't been setting the world on fire, which hopefully means Vlacho will get another shot at some stage. He hasn't played a Premier League game since early December and last played all-together in the FA Cup almost a month ago. Again Poyet will have another decision to make if he continues to not play come March. -Baldock has been injured the last month or so, I believe he is expected to be fit for this game. If fit he is a starter for Sheffield United, so if his body is right he will come with some game time under his belt. -Kourbelis was loaned to another Turkish club (Karagumruk) in January, and was injured after one game. He returned over the weekend and played some mins of the bench. Hopefully he continues to play over the next 5 weeks and is in some good form come the 21st of March.
  7. Take a point considering for large portions of the game AEK was the better team. As Dutch says, we do not match-up well at all with them and they seem to have our number. Lucescu has one win in 7 games against Almeyda. Lucescu will have to navigate the 2 playoff games against them and find a way to at least get one win from those games. Not being able to start Konstantelias hurt us, he would've been able to break through their press and create more. Either way the subs did help, and we improved throughout the 2nd half. We stay top for now but we have a big week coming up. Bring it on.
  8. Add to our average record, they have been greatly improved since changing managers and are making a run for the top six (loss to Asteras last weekend hurt them). They've taken points off Olympiakos and PAO, as well as beating the latter in the cup last week. It will be tough, as always in a game like this an early goal is super important. You imagine Atromitos will park the bus, so with that in mind this is a game where Konstantelias needs to start over Murg. Get all our attacking power on the pitch from kick-off to break them down.
  9. For me, Murg staying is predicated on Lucescu staying. Lucescu has worked out how to use him and has him playing the best football he ever has for us. I don't think another coach would get the same output from him. Given all the noise is that Lucescu has agreed to an extension and it is merely a formality in actually signing the paperwork, I'd be happy if the club offers him a 2 year deal. With an option for another year. As for Taison, he is having a great season and has been superb for the year he's been here. Clearly he deserves another contract with us, the issue is commiting a 2-year deal (as he reportedly wants) to a 36 year old is just a no-go. 1 year + one more if he meets some performance bonuses seems the most logical offer. Hopefully they find a compromise and he stays on because he is a very good player and is fantastic to watch.
  10. Much tougher opponent for him next up, he does own a 3-1 H2H record over Fritz. They played at the Australian Open back in 2022, with Tsitsipas prevailing in a 5 set epic.
  11. Don't be embarrassed beautiful boy, it's being widely reported that we are into him. It does seem tough to get done but no doubt we are interested in him and there has been contact between the 2 parties. I read the only way it gets done is if he becomes a free agent, which seems possible given Wolves want him gone due to a brawl with a coach and teammate which old Jonny had.
  12. Seems like Bakasetas is on the verge of returning to Greece and joining Panathinaikos. https://www.sport24.gr/football/panathinaikos-eskase-metagrafiki-vomva-provarei-ta-prasina-o-mpakasetas.10250968.html
  13. After a tough start, Tsitisipas overcomes the Belgian qualifier 5-7, 6-1, 6-1, 6-3. Next up he'll face an Australian, the winner of the Thompson-Vukic match-up.
  14. No more drinking pash! The reason we are a round ahead is because the first legs of the Aris-AEK and PAO-Olympiacos ties were postponed at the request of the police because that same day Erdogan was visiting Athens.
  15. Yeah seems like a strange one, don't think we are in desperate need of another winger atm. Right-back probably a more pressing concern, I'd personally be after a center back too. All the noise around is that we weren't going to sign anyone for depth, it would only be a difference maker coming in. Lucescu is generally happy with the state of our squad and seems to trust most of the players. So interesting to see how it plays out with Kaschuk, given his CV doesn't scream someone who is going to come in and displace one of our current attacking mids/wingers.
  16. PAS always has a way of troubling us, you can see that in our recent history with them. Only four 2-goal wins since 09-10 season against them. Everything else is either a squeaky 1-goal win or dropped points. I am a little surprised that Tzimas is going to start as is being reported, not used to Lucescu giving a youngster responsibility like that. But I'm excited to see what the kid can do! Just need to win here even if it is by our favourite one goal, AEK-PAO also playing at the same time so one of them will drop points meaning 3 points here will see us skip past at least one of them on the table.
  17. No chance pash, we are fools if we do. Tzolis was sold for 11 million, Konstantelias is a level above in terms of both output and his potential ceiling.
  18. For us, sell to the highest bidder. Kid is a talent and has the ability to play in a top 5 league for 10 years if he wants it. Remember he is still only 20. He is having a good season for a club that is competing for a league title and is having a good run in Europe. 20 million should be attainable, can't see the club letting him go for 15 but I might be wrong. For the player himself, England now isn't the right move IMO. I think history has shown in order to succeed in England, Greek players need to go a little later in their career when they are more mature as players. Obviously every individual case is different, but if I was Konstantelias I'd be pushing for a move to either Germany or Italy first up. Develop there for a few more years and then take the step to the EPL as a more seasoned professional. In saying all that I think he should stay until the end of the season and move on in the summer(if he is to be sold). He is a key part of the team and as mentioned, we are in the mix for plenty of trophies as it stands.
  19. I think Tzimas will rotate through the starting XI with Samatta gone, agree with you pash maybe it will only end be being 20-30 minute cameos off the bench but still some solid minutes for him. I think Despodov can play as a striker too (think I've read he has done so for his old club and occasionally for Bulgarian NT) so he may also come into calculations.
  20. Just another example of a Greek club knee-jerk reacting to a couple of results. Awful management from PAO. On the other hand it bodes well for us that 2 of our competitors are having an unstable few weeks and changing managers heading into the new year.
  21. After about 2 months as the starting left back (due to Andy Robertson's injury), Tsimikas has broken his collarbone in an unlucky incident where he was shoved into his own coach and landed awkwardly on his collarbone. He will be out for a while, early reports are at least 3 months which would put him in big doubt for the playoff against Kazakhstan and any potential subsequent playoff final.
  22. Great win, dominate performance. Murg really has been a revelation and giving us quality minutes when covering Taison. Special mention to Despodov, appears to be finding his feet a goal and 3 assists is a brilliant game regardless of opponent!
  23. He has definitely overtaken Nasberg as the back-up to Koulierakis as the left-sided center back. It seems Lucescu doesn't want to overload Koulierakis and he rotates him quite regularly, so Michalidis will continue to get a good amount of game-time in the 2nd half of the season.
  24. Always a tough game in Tripoli, and they have been in solid form lately and find themselves 6th. Far from the game you want Taison and Zivkovic missing. Opportunity for Konstantelias to really take over and run the game with those 2 out. Will be a tough one that's for sure.
  25. I don't think they can stop European competitions, they don't have that jurisdiction. It would be domestic football. As we know that won't solve anything and really how many match days were left this year, 2-3?
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