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  1. same format as last year? group stage then knockout? or has it returned to a knock out format ?
  2. It comes down to the contract, if a clause is put in there that the player can't play against there parent club then obviously it happens. Good move by us putting that in there, as I recall a few years ago players who we had loaned out to other Greek teams playing against us. As for the Berbatov signing, I dont believe what I'm reading!! HUGE signing, if he plays at 75% he will dominate the superleauge. Wanna wait till its official to get too excited but this is big! Apparently PAOK is waiting to hear from Uefa if he can play in the Europa league, they are hopeful an exception will be made given the De Gea situation
  3. I wonder if Tudor hasn't like what he's seen from Malezas? He played in the 5-0 route, where I thought he was good and solid and hasnt seen the pitch since. Unless he is not quiet match fit and they realized that coming off the first leg against Brondby
  4. I refuse to comment on the grounds it may incriminate me
  5. gotta say considering we started with Dortmund thats a pretty good draw. It wont be easy, it never is but could have been far worse
  6. Krasnodar from Russia, without knowing there squad I'd say thats good? lowest ranked team from pot 3
  7. F*** I knew it. group C with Dortmund, pots 3/4 yet to be drawn fingers crossed for some easier opponents
  8. Must win against a team that we have struggled with over the last few seasons. Hopefully the game is shown on Antenna for us here in Australia, ridiculous still waiting for sports plus or something to come to Aus so we can watch the games
  9. yeah good to see most of the old posters back here! didnt barcelonapaok (cant remember he's exact name) get banned for fighting with gavori posters as well?
  10. Looking at the seeding for the group stage and its going to be tricky. We are seeded in pot 2 amongst some tough teams, which will be good to avoid. But looking at pot 3, there are some tricky teams in there and its tough to find an "easy beat" from that pot which include: Monaco, Fenerbache, Bordeaux, Dynamo Moscow (who if I'm not mistaken swept there group last season 6-0) Plus of course the "Powerhouse" we will get from pot 1, so it seems the quality has gone up in the Europa League this season. Fingers crossed for a favourable draw later today http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Europe/EuropaLeague/klirosi/oloi-oi-pithanoi-antipaloi-paok-kai-astera-tripolhs.3632822.html
  11. I was wondering in the wilderness for months with no PAOK forum!! thank god I stumbled across this one the other day, good to be back!
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