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  1. Would like to see us give Vlaxodimos a chance, has settled in as Benfica's starting keeper, keep an eye on him in the play off against Paok tomorrow. We need to make sure we cap him in a competitive game soon to make sure he can't play for Germany, just as a precaution. Although, I would be happy with any one of him, Karnezis or Pashalakis as the starting keeper though, all are good keepers. The LB spot seems to be an issue, I would be totally fine with Stafylidis if he was fit though. What about Lykogiannis? Haven't heard much about him lately, but apparently he is playing in Italy now.
  2. He's made a great start to this season, plenty of assists and even a goal. Watford have been the surprise package in the EPL so far this season, winning their first few games. Part of me would like to see him still in the NT, but at 34 he's too old to be going to the next euro's. I still enjoy watching him in England though.
  3. Somehow I'm not surprised by that at all. Twitter has an agenda, they are allowed to have an agenda of course as a private company, but I would appreciate it if they admitted their blatant biases.
  4. I am against naturalising players with no Greek heritage whatsoever to be frank. They would have to be an absolute world beater to sway me otherwise, which Zeca is definitely not. I'm not saying he is a bad player though, I've always liked him at PAO for his energy and passion, but even at PAO he is nothing spectacular.
  5. christ what a mess. I guess we may find out more, but Brazil is one F***ed place. Can't control their own cops from killing Greek diplomats. Funny how this comes just after a Turkish cop shot a Russian diplomat, albeit for very different motives. And the moral of the story is don't marry Brazilian hookers who are 10 years younger than you (I don't know how old she was, but she looks a lot younger than him at 59).
  6. Its great seeing all the Rangers fans on twitter fuming at Lescott for choosing AEK over them.
  7. Dortmund currently 1-0 up vs Mainz 75' in. Sokratis started with the Spaniard Bartra (ex Barca i think). As for the Sokratis vs Manolas debate. I'd say Sokratis is more reliable, we saw Manolas have a few off games for the NT, but when he's on it he's as good as Sokratis defensively. However Sokratis is far better on the ball for me, which is massive if a cb wants to make it at a big club today.
  8. Amazing job by Ekaterini, pole vault gold is a massive achievement. Was so nerving to watch, I was sure the American had cleared 1,90 for a second. I'm so happy for her, a lot of people had high hopes and she was able to make her country proud. This olympic games must be Greece's best sporting tournament for a while now.
  9. Yes it is a shame that Isinbayeva won't be there, there is no evidence she was doping herself and I want to see the best athletes complete in the olympics. And good for them stealing the torch, love the craziness south americans have.
  10. Will be high hopes for Katerina Stefanini in the pole vault, hopefully she can make Greeks proud
  11. couple days after that mate
  12. yeah what about fini tantra?
  13. Issues have been simmering in Turkey for a while now, Islamist Erdogan had something like this coming. Shame Greece can't get their own shop in order, while Turks are at each other's throats.
  14. Exactly Reaper, the tide is only moving in one direction, and that is against us. Mosques are being built in Europe as Muslims come over in droves. While Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and North Africa for their faith.
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