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  1. Greece did the best they could've done against a world-class German team. Alllowing 4 goals against a German team that, in WC 2010, scored 4 goals, respectively, against Australia, and world-class teams England and Argentina, is nothing to be ashamed of. Those teams combined managed to score 1 goal which leads to the next point below. Greece managed to be efficient on there very few scoring chances and scored 2 goals, which is the best that any team has done against Germany in Euro 2012 so far. It became interesting, for all of 6 minutes, when Samaras tied it at 1-1 early in the second half before the German machine scored 3 goals in 13 minutes. There was obvious tactical errors on Greece's defensive scheme but Germany scored 4 well-deserved goals and are the only team that can challenge the defending champions, Spain. Greece did well in Euro 2012, their best performance outside of Euro 2004, which consisted of a historic victory against Russia and, what could have been, a victory against co-host Poland if not for a missed penalty. Unlike the Euro 2008 and WC 2010 group stages, Greece managed to score in all their matches at the group stage of Euro 2012, including the quarterfinal, and that, in itself, is an accomplishment considering their defensive style of play and lack of offensive ability. Heck, after the penalty scored against Germany, Salpi became the only player to have scored in a Euro and WC for Greece. Congrats to ze Germans on a well-deserved victory. For Greece, now, it is on to WC 2014 qualification and, before that, a friendly against the Norwegians in August.
  2. Interesting stat: The last four Euro Champions (Germany, France, Greece, Spain) were in a division that consisted of the Russian NT, be it the Qualifying Stage (France in Euro 2000), or the Group Stage (Germany Euro 1996, Greece Euro 2004, Spain Euro 2008). Based on this, the Euro Champion of 2012 will be either the Czech Republic or Greece :tup:
  3. Listen to Helakis go crazy Even better, you can watch and listen http://www.sport-fm.gr/videos/1024779
  4. (goal.com) Sit up and take notice, the Greeks are contenders Fernando Santos, the Greece coach, has presided over 16 matches without a single defeat - a national record. The 2004 European champions are about to embark on their third consecutive appearance at the finals and they sit just outside the top 10 in the current Fifa World Ranking. Although the Greek Super League, with its financial issues and explosive match fixing investigations, among other issues, has never seen its profile drop so far, the national team is single-handedly keeping the reputation of Greek football buoyant. They have emerged undefeated from a group containing Croatia and Israel and, following a dismally poor World Cup 2010 effort, they have that indefatigable swagger back in their step. Greece boast some of the continent's most promising talents in the shape of Kyriakos Papadopolous of Schalke and the currently injured Soitiris Ninis and have the nous and experience provided to them by the veterans elsewhere in the team. Like France and Italy, the other European teams to win trophies before the Spanish 'big bang', Greece have re-emerged from the chastising of South Africa as a better, more cohesive unit. There is no reason to consider the Greeks as underdogs; they have qualified for four major tournaments of the last five, only missing out on the 2006 World Cup, and it is time for observers to consider them as the veritable threat that they are.
  5. Croatian coach (Bilic) said Greece cant score 2 goals and one of their players (Modric) said Croatia is a better team. Well, this Croatian team couldn't score in either match. Greece's first big home win against a name team in 5 years... Page 6 Equality of points after the group matches: 7.04 If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied, in the order given, to determine the rankings: 1) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question; 2) superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in question;
  6. Why do so many people think this is a "mickey mouse" group? Our group is the only one that has 2 teams that qualified for WC 2010 (Greece and Slovakia) while a 3rd team (Bosnia) made the playoffs.
  7. Congratulations to Turkey on reaching 2nd place and winning a silver medal. Turkey played well and coach Tanjevic was outstanding. Not to throw cold water on their achievement but Turkey, in the future, has to prove that they can win a medal and/or reach a semifinal of a major tournament (Olympics, Eurobasket, FIBA world cup) without being the host nation. They won a silver medal in both Eurobasket 2001 and FIBA world cup 2010 where they were the host nation but never won a medal as a non-host nor reached the semifinal as a non-host. The Meditteranean Games basketball tournament is not a major tournament because that is really a youth tournament. However, with Tanjevic as coach and Turkey's defense, they could do so in the future. Good luck to Turkey.
  8. Gekas and Tzorvas are considering retirement http://contra.gr/Soccer/Europe/Euro/Euro20...ece/287691.html
  9. This game is very important for both teams. Whoever finishes in first place, which can also be Russia as well, can avoid playing USA/Spain up until the medal round. Whoever finishes in second place will, for sure, play against USA in quarterfinals. Whoever finishes in third place has a legitimate shot playing against Spain in the second round. The president of the Basketball Federation of Puerto Rico wants an investigation done on referee Carl Jungerbrand of Finland who also refereed the Russia-Puerto Rico match Coach comments (contra.gr):
  10. Contra.gr says he's flying to Italy to sign for AC Milan....
  11. The era 2004-2010 is Greece's "golden period" with Otto at the helm. We all know what Greece was like before 2004. If Greece does not succeed for a long time, then we will appreciate Otto more. Greece is playing a friendly against Serbia in Belgrade on August 11. Will a new coach be named until then?
  12. (From ESPN.com) Posted by ESPN Stats & Information • Suspect Argentina defense: Going forward Argentina look like world-beaters, but the defense remains error-prone and with only three on the backline, pretty stretched at times. Walter Samuel was injured in the South Korea game and is in doubt for this game. • Lionel Messi, the reigning FIFA World Player of the Year, has done everything but score in the Argentina's first two games. Looks to get his first goal at the finals against Greece. He celebrates his 23rd birthday on June 24. • Gonzalo Higuain: Scored a hat trick against South Korea and looks for more goals to put himself in a strong position to win the Golden Shoe. • Juan Sebastian Veron: Argentina's playmaker missed the South Korea game due to injury but is expected to return in this game. • Argentina has lost only one of its last 10 group stage matches. Seven of those games were shutouts. • Argentina has won only three of its last 15 World Cup matches against European opponents, dating back to the 1990 tournament (3-5-7). • Jonas Gutierrez, who is suspended for this game, was one of the players who received more playing time for Argentina after Diego Maradona became the team's coach. Argentina was 4-1-2 in the qualifiers that Gutierrez started, outscoring its opponents, 9-4. In the 11 games he did not start, Argentina was 4-5-2 and was outscored by two goals, 1614. • There are eight Panathinaikos players on Greece's World Cup roster, the largest representation by one club on any World Cup team. There are three clubs with seven representatives on one squad: Bayern Munich (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), and April 25 (North Korea).
  13. Ghana-Australia match ends in a 1-1 draw. Australia played with 10 players from the 24th minute and were the better team in the last 30 minutes while Ghana was unable to score one goal. Yet, Greece scores 2 goals against 10-man Nigeria and the media makes it out as if Nigeria gave the victory to Greece on a silver platter after the red card.
  14. http://www.sportdog.gr/v3/article.aspx?id=137036
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