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  1. People must understand that no matter who Greece faces in this WCQ, it would be a grave mistake to take any opponent lightly.
  2. Hey everybody, how are you guys doing? It's been over a year since I posted here on the boards. Hope you guys are having fun around here. :LOL: I moved back to Sweden after all the problems we had in Greece so me and my wife are looking for a better life. It's a real shame how screwed up the Greek government are. I'll be back superivising this forum as well as posting. Na eiste kala pedia! :tup: :)
  3. BTW, I can't wait till the World Cup starts ! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  4. dark_horse

    Mod duties

    Hello everybody, I would like to announce that I'm going to offically relieve my mod duties (such as TV listings, etc.) and let somebody else take over. Lately, I've not been actively involve with Phantis, there are so many things going on in my life, from work to spending time with my fiancee (I'm getting married in July). I moved to Greece from Sweden for good just before the New Year and life has been totally different. I will still be making some visits here if I have free time. Until then, take care everybody. :) :gr:
  5. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes, sorry I've been away for a long time. School, work , other activities, dating my new woman (she's Greek). A lot is going on in my life.
  6. Wow! Nobody wished me a happy birthday even after I was away from this website for soooo long. :LOL:
  7. Hi everybody, sorry I haven't been posting here during Greece's victory over Ukraine to claim a World Cup spot and the draw. I was having a problem entering this website on my laptop, it may contain a virus or two. I'm not saying the website itself has a problem. It may be from my computer that's causing the problem. It's been a very busy 4 weeks for me. Work, traveling, more work. :LOL: Alright, I personally love this draw for a few good reasons. 1. I love the fact we're playing Argentina and Nigeria again ... it's time to get some revenge like we did vs. Ukraine. 2. Techincally, all 3 of our opponents have not played quite well in there qualifying confederations. Those are good signs. 3. South Korea and Nigeria are not as good as they were 5 to 10 years ago. An old Greece team would not be able to beat them. Argentina remains to be a good side despite there recent struggles. Good thing we play them last and not first.
  8. Hi everybody, what a great day it was yesterday. Greece are going to the World Cup for the first time in 16 years! I am in Athens watching this match with some friends of mine at a local resturant and many crazy Greek fans around Omonia. After the goal was scored by Salpigidis, the whole place just exploded hahahaha. Celebrations we're started after the goal, and at the end where Greece held on to win, they partyed like as if we won the World Cup. LOL This is one of the greatest day of my life, if you guys we're in Athens you would have enjoyed this every moment of it. :tup: HELLAS OLE OLEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELLAS OLE OLEEEEEEEEEEE DEN STAMATO NA TRAGOUDO POTE OOOOOOEEEEEEEE !!!!
  9. So FIFA have confirmed in the drawing Greece will play it's first leg at home. Venue TBA later in the week. It's Greece toughest test so far, it's only a matter of when will they finally show up and play inspired football.
  10. My first reaction to the draw, very pleased. This is our chance to get revenge on Ukraine. I will never forget how we lost in Karaiskakis and it serves right Greece should get another crack at him. You guys should not fear a team like Ukraine. There no Brasil or Argentina or Spain. We can beat them if the Greeks can ever show some balls, show some flare, show some passion for the game. I'm going to Greece for the first leg and I will cheer on for them cause I have faith in them they will unexpectingly show up and play good. WE CAN DO THIS ! MOLON LAVE ! :gr: :box: :gr: :box: :gr: :box: :gr:
  11. I think both players should be fit to play, still waiting on word with Matt Derbyshire. :(
  12. hahahaha seems like he has an issue with the French. France has been on the downhill lately so I would admire his "confidience" in believing his country can deliver the 1-2 punch.
  13. Rankings posted as of October 16 1 Brazil 1632 0 28 2 Spain 1629 0 41 3 Netherlands 1340 0 -36 4 Italy 1215 0 29 5 Germany 1161 -1 -25 6 Argentina 1103 2 -10 7 England 1101 0 -26 8 Croatia 1087 1 -14 9 France 1049 1 9 10 Portugal 1042 7 162 11 USA 1025 0 51 12 Russia 982 -6 -147 13 Switzerland 961 2 63 14 Cameroon 949 15 130 15 Czech Republic 928 3 58 16 Greece 921 -4 -50 17 Chile 909 4 63 18 Mexico 904 6 69 19 Cote d'Ivoire 903 1 51 20 Serbia 892 -7 -24 21 Paraguay 879 2 37 22 Ukraine 857 3 28 23 Bulgaria 854 -4 -6 24 Australia 848 -10 -59 25 Uruguay 838 3 18 26 Israel 837 -4 -7 27 Denmark 830 -11 -62 28 Egypt 798 4 12 29 Algeria 781 15 74 30 Colombia 775 18 118 30 Northern Ireland 775 1 -20 32 Nigeria 763 2 -10 33 Slovakia 758 12 71 34 Republic of Ireland 755 4 12 35 Honduras 754 7 42 36 Romania 752 -10 -75 37 Norway 751 6 42 38 Ghana 746 -6 -40 39 Turkey 737 -12 -89 40 Japan 735 0 1 41 Sweden 728 0 5 42 Bosnia-Herzegovina 721 4 39 43 Costa Rica 707 -4 -28 44 Ecuador 697 -8 -52 45 Gabon 691 -10 -68 46 Scotland 687 -16 -117 47 Latvia 683 11 128 48 Korea Republic 671 1 30 49 Slovenia 663 5 87 50 Hungary 645 -3
  14. My take on the playoffs. This will be the first time ever that Greece will try to qualify in a major tournament from the UEFA playoffs. In our own right, Otto and the boys have to look deep and say why did they make this qualifying campaign look so hard? Look at the brightside to this, we get to see 2 matches that mean something in November that only 7 other countries have that same privledge. We cannot always get a free pass like Greece have done in the past. You got to work hard and earn your badge to play in a major tournament like the World Cup. I have some good news in regards to Sotiris Kyrgiakos, his injury is not as severe as first thought, it's a deep bone bruise around his knee. He will be out about 4 to 5 weeks instead of 4 months as first indicated. Chances are he could be back for action in the second leg of the UEFA playoffs. In the upcoming draw this Monday, I personally do not care who we take. Every team in that group (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, Ukraine, Slovenia) are tough and we should all know better that there are no weak teams in that group. Bring on anybody, I know I have the faith and courage to believe this Greek team will show up and fight ever ounce of sweat, blood, and tears there is in our guys. MOLON LAVE ! :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr: :nw: :gr:
  15. We really need to be at the World Cup, can't stress the importance of that tournament. Maybe the play-offs are a good thing. Ireland, Bosnia, Ukraine and Slovenia are all decent challenges for us. Maybe with these two matches against one of them, we can play much better and go into S. Africa with confidence. If we can't beat the teams that are mentioned, then we truly don't deserve it, and I will accept it. But now, we've got a chance to qualify still and we just have to play two more games. With the right tactics, healthy players and luck we can do this. If we qualified today coming off with a win like this against lowly Luxembourg, I'd probably worry for the World Cup. But to beat a team in the play-off where you need arxi**a, a do or die clash, then I'll feel a bit better. On that note, that draw in Moldova did indeed bite us in the kolo. :D
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