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  1. The ref yeah....Karnezis also really screwed up..That was just awful.
  2. First team ball and the space to develop a key role at Iraklis is worth more than the EPL reserves. At his age, hes old enough to be playing with Professionals. He should be doing so. The defenders in the Greek league are way tougher than what he'll come up against for Everton B, Greek sides and league is tough and the league is really not that easy as everybody likes to make it out to be. Well see. If he gets to train first team, and make an occasional sub its good. If he sits in the reserve for 3 years then goes and plays for some obscure Belgian or Second Divions team, a Superleague tra
  3. He takes up space, not creates it. Hes been garbage for years, and couldnt even make the squad at ARLES,. Now hes moving to a large club in a large league with strikers he's not fit to even train with. Its a pretty amazing transfer and should come as a suprise to everyone.
  4. Cisse. He has the talent, attitude, and leadership. Face it, hes the best player in the Superleague and its no wonder Liverpool and other clubs are going to be trying to take him back, especially with PAO crumbling. Ninis.....good player, but his attitude on the pitch is starting to make me angry. This year I see him diving, complaining, hes getting injured all the time, and hes not delivering. I agree.....sell him off while hes valuable. This clubs about to go into the dark ages and well need the money, there are superleague players who can contribute as much as he does.
  5. nice! hopefully he can make it, but I dont have much faith in EPL youth development, they never seem to give the patience and just outsource there talent (especially strikers). Bundesliga would have been better.
  6. wow i missed this........3 great signings.. and yes that jersey is hideous. Shame because BJK actually have cool jerseys and badge.
  7. this season has been awful from the very beginning. I watch, every step forward finds 2 steps backward down the line. Katsouranis has got to go, hes awful. Karagkounis one of my favourite ever PAO players but we cant continue to give him a role, hes really done. Cisse cant do everything, no player can. Cisse already does way more than what we could expect from him. Also, his penalty taking has been absolutley phenomenal lately. Pretty much the season is done. With us going to Toumba, Faliro, no leadership, no signings....This is going to be a depressing season, and so will next year. If we
  8. the german league has ownership rules where 51% of the clubs must be publically owned (private non profit), they also require youth programs and have a ton of standards for clubs to compete. Bundesliga is the best overall league in the world. At the rate its going, I fully expect it to surpass the EPL by 2020. Salary caps are a horrible, horrible idea. You prevent teams from being competitive. If the most PAO can pay for a player is "X", and the most say Everton can pay for a player is "X", then theres reduced incentive/reason for top players to come out to Europe. Salary caps are preventing
  9. Clearly? It hit his hand, but he didn't punch it. Come on...It happens, the ref didnt see it and it didnt get called. Regardless PAO would have taken this. PAOK had an even worse penalty not given when they were down 1-0 too, just let it go.
  10. aek was way better second half. deserved win. strange though, it seems all the yellow-black teams in Europa had quite big wins tonight.......*Young Boys Bern, Mettalurg, AEK and Aris
  11. this was embarassing campaign, definitley among the worst if not the worst in our Clubs history. Not just 2 points with Kazan and FCK...... We have only scored one goal in 5 games...... Total garbage. Nioplias should have been fired after Copenhagen.
  12. well, we went from absolultey no club experience coach, to maybe too much club experienced one? Jacek Gmoch is back at the helm after 21 yeras.
  13. Nioplias is so unbeleivably stupid..... Luis Garcia on, for Lazaros??? Karagkounis stays on, despite not making runs, and complaining every 5 mins/ already had a yellow????? Lazaros is our BEST midfielder at the moment without question. Without him we wouldnt have 6 points in the last 2 games...no question. And we needed to score, we take him OFF!??!?! For LUIS GARCIA????! also putting Petropoulos on at half was pretty stupid, as the guy cannot contribute anything at all. The books need to close on him because really, his development is finished at PAO it seems. Govou was bad, but still
  14. Nioplias needs to get lost. This was utterly pathetic.... Karagkounis CANNOT play this game, and cannot play 80 minutes. Lazaros was a STAR against OSFP....And we let him play 10 mins? Govou on the bench? This was a MUST WIN GAME to stay in the Champions League, and Nioplias played it like a total pansy. He really is a horrible coach. If you think theres any point in waiting till the last 20 mins of a must win game to go for it you truly are an idiot ---- unless your playing a powerhouse team that can seriously punish you. Kazan was so beatable. They were not very special, they played c
  15. well it was the biggest game of the season and we won, its extra exciting for PAO fans because up to the 2nd half of this game our season had been a total disaster and disapointment. I don't think there would be much recovering from -7. Now that we won, our confidence should pick up, and then pick up again when Ninis and Leto come back. We have to win in Kazan tommorow if we want to stay in Europe.....Even with this big win in OAKA, i dont see it happening.
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