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  1. Hi mangas. It's a fake internet game :) A Championship Manager type game where you buy and sell players in a league. It's free to play and you can sign up if you wanted to.
  2. For those interested in how the fight went: http://www.phantis.com/blogs/midfield-maes...s-danny-couzens
  3. Mitroglou has been superb. Time he moved to a bigger leaguehttp://www.phantis.com/blogs/midfield-maes...eadly-pistolero
  4. Hi guys. Just to let you know, there are two London born Greek Cypriot boxers that are brothers and highly rated. There's the younger brother, Chris "The Flash" Evangelou is a light welterweight, who has just one defeat (and it was very controversial. Every pundit, fans, former fighter etc, said he won that fight. So it was hugely controversial. You can see the controversial defeat here: His brother is Andreas "ACE" Evangelou is a light heavyweight and is still undefeated. I interviewed Andreas just over a week so if you fancy a listen check it out here: Read the article Listen to the podcast They are both in action this Saturday at the London Olimpia. It will be televised on Sky Sports
  5. The British boys? AEK played well for spells in the first half. The 2nd half was sloppy but AEK did what they had to, and once it went to 2-1 they were solid and comfortable. I like Linen. I'd leave him in charge for years! The team seems to have more belief under him, is more well organised and he seems to be leader too! Katidis seems to be a trouble maker and he was dropped today, so he knows how to put his foot down! AEK will survive in my opinion and Linen is a manager that could help develop the youngsters
  6. Carroll could've done better for this goal, but he is certainly still Olympiakos' best keeper. For a meaningless game I'd play Megyeri to keep him happy. I also hope Fetfatzidis and Vlachodimos feature. Arsenal will rest numerous players so hopefully Olympiakos win this
  7. How have we regressed? We won our first competitive game under him (against Iceland 11/9/12) for the first time in just under 2 years (the last was against Bulgaria October 2009, and even that didn't mean anything because Bulgaria had nothing to play for. The last competitive game of any significance that we won was against Georgia 28/3/09). We have not regressed.As for who he selects, yes it's true that Laban and Dosa are not Cypriots, but that's not the manager's fault. I too would rather foreigners didn't play but he has been employed to select the best players available to him. If Nioblias didn't select them then KOP would want to know why. What can he say? He has to select them. Nioblias has done a good job imo. In the first game Cyprus were unlucky not to get a result in Albania. Then beat Iceland at home, playing well. An injury depleted Cyprus went to Slovenia and narrowly lost 2-1. The Norway game was frustrating, Cyprus lost 1-3 at home but played fairly well so that was disappointing. Then for the Finland game Cyprus were poor, but numerous first team players were left out because it was a friendly and he wanted to experiment. That's what friendlies are for. You're being very harsh on him in my opinion
  8. Cyprus were depleted in this game. As for Firing him, why? He usually picks the right line up, good formation, etc. The fact is the Cypriot national team is in a transitional period. The experienced players are either retired from international football or past their best (Okkas, Konstantinou, Aloneftis, etc), and the younger players are not at a level to replace them.
  9. I thought Olympiakos played well. Solid through the spine but lacked a cutting edge when trying to attack the flanks. On another day Olympiakos could've grabbed something here. I also think Abdoun's penalty shout could have been given. It was a clear tackle from behind. Qualification was lost in the first game, not this game
  10. I'm flattered that you'd use my post (even if it is against me - smart move! lol). I agree, for Fetfatzidis to improve he MUST move abroad. That doesn't mean that he isn't already at a level that can help Greece though. Gianniotas is still a long way behind Fetfa. Another tricky youngster, Kolovos of Panionios, should also look to move abroad. But if they are good enough they should play, regardless of where they are and how much they play. At the moment we simply do not have a dribbler in the class of Fetfa and so we should use him Personally I think Karnezis is better than Sifakis, but regardless I appreciate what you're saying and I agree when it comes to goalkeepers because a keeper can't afford to make a mistake due to be being rusty. An attacking player can afford to give the ball away once or twice in the attacking third until he finds his sharpness. Having him introduced off the bench is an option we could do with
  11. Playing 10 minutes off the bench is hardly the equivalent of being match fit. Even when Fetfatzidis was fit and featuring Santos wouldn't give him a real chance. And Amanatidis didn't rebel because they were playing for Greece whilst not playing for their clubs. His outburst came about because of favouritism. He saw that they were playing badly for Greece and yet were seemingly irreplaceable because there was a "clique" within the team. There's a big difference between playing badly and not being given a chance at all. If Fetfatzidis doesn't play between now and March I would call him up for a friendly and play him for 90 mins. If he is capable of playing at the level that I know he can then yes I'd call him up. Santos could easily have given him 30 minutes against Ireland. In fact, despite the fact that we got to the quarter finals we had 1.5 good games at the Euros. The 2nd half against Poland, and the Russia game. We were abysmal against the Czechs and overwhelmed by Germany (because we got our tactics wrong imo). During that tragic period why wasn't Fetfatzidis given a run out? Against Germany it was clear that Ninis was in atrocious form and with Karagounis injured too we had no effective attacking midfielder. The Germans were able to over commit and we were pinned up without an outlet. They were primed for the counter and despite all their attacking talent the fact is Germany cannot defend. Italy undid them with one school-playground long ball over the top. They have big, immobile defenders in Badstuber and Hummels, yet Santos decided to take Ninis off at half time, put Gekas on and play a long aerial ball to him! How dumb is that? Katsouranis played at the attacking centre midfielder for goodness sake and he was frequently in acres of space in the hole between their defence and midfield. Get Fetfa on and let him run at those big statues at the back. Let's see how Badstuber and Hummels would have coped when isolated against him. Also that was at a time when Fetfa was on form for Olympiakos and he still wasn't given a chance, despite the fact that tactically it made perfect sense for him to be given a chance. Let me finish by asking you a question. Forget the fact that Fetfa is at Olympiakos. If he was at Barcelona it would be perfectly understandable as why he would be on the bench. Teams like that have a plethora of talent and they don't always play. In that scenario would you call Fetfa up to the Greece squad or would you leave him out because he's not playing first team football? @mangas, How are you? I've been working long days and haven't really had the time to get online much. When I win the lottery and am a millionaire I'll have the luxury of sitting on a beach, sipping cocktails while surfing Phantis all day long! :tup:
  12. Was sent off in the last game away at Leverkusen. He then threw a tantrum and kicked a cup of water, which soaked someone else nearby. Oh dear!
  13. There have been many examples of players not playing for their club sides and would still get called up to the squad. Karagounis was one, Samaras was another, Gekas too. Fetfatzidis is a top talent and would certainly add something to the squad that we lack and need. Just because Olympiakos don't use him does not mean that he isn't good enough to play for Greece. It's not just the fact that he skips past players for fun, and has a terrific through ball, he also draws an extra marker, creating space for his teammates. We have no one like that. He should be featuring.As for why he signed a new contract, the simple reason that he was on a contract worth 120k euros a year, now he's on 200k euros a year. They've, apparently, promised to let him go on loan and there are Spanish teams interested. However the truth is that they might have also said "if you want to go on loan you will sign an extension, otherwise you'll rot in the reserves". The kid should move to the Bundesliga or La Liga asap imo, whether it's a loan move or otherwise. He is wasting his talent in Greece
  14. Why not? He's a proven goalscorer. A real fox in the fox, particularly at small clubs. Levante had a great season but they certainly punched above their weight. There's no reason he can't help them have decent season
  15. Some things I liked, others I didn't. VERY poor defending for both of their goals. Not convinced by Spyro either. Stafylidis has to be given a chance (so does Zaradoukas when he's fit). Also it's ridiculous that Fetfa isn't being given a chance. I just don't understand it. I did read that because of sponsorship deals (with Amstel I think) Santos was pressured to take Fetfa to the Euros. Does his omission now prove that? Has the kid done something to annoy the manager? He seems like a nice, quiet kid, and is a super-player. So what is the problem? Mitroglou was lively. Missed a one on one but had a decent header go just wide and scored. Karnezis did ok, but he's no Chiotis. I guess that ship has sailed though after his outburst. We need to tighten up
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