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  1. Look the freeview channels by (dvb-t) is available with a normal antenna and a normarl lcd-plasma tv with all have mpeg-2 tuners onboard. some also have mpeg-4(hd) tuner onboard. and not so long ago i saw a greek superleague match broadcasted by NET where the camera was a hd camera so i think ert already have the equipment ready along with skai and nova.
  2. Latest news is september 2009! nova mix will be the first hd channel by nova and it will also show greek football live!!! also ote is also testing on hellas sat and next year a whole package will be available by them! skai has also said they are ready to start broadcast in hd.
  3. also the digital swichtover in greece are in 1408 days!
  4. they are all been broadcast by nova in sd(standard definition) for many years now! and actually nova will start broadcasting 1(greek) and some international hd channels by november 2009. also the dvb-t in greece will start for also the private run channels(mega-star and etc) in october-nover 2009. until now it is only 4-5 channels but soon ert will also launch more. for more info check this. http://www.ertdigital.gr/index.html
  5. not only offside but also a clear faul on the xanthi player
  6. aachen-bochum 0-1 gekas in the 36th minute :nw: :gr:
  7. has scored in the 50th minute as man c. is leading 1-0 another one in the 63rd minute he is back!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. noboby is reporting anything on this match? i beleive if we win and score 2 or 3 goals then we will qualify! :gr:
  9. greece. oaka(pao-nantes 3-1 1996?1995 cant remember) Karditsa :nw: :tup: (several times also i have trained there many times when i was younger) panthesaliko( very nice stadium) leoforos :tup: :nw: :nw: panathinaiko(several times) denmark broendby stadium(hundred of games atleast) parken(many times including alot of uefa cup games with broendby and ofcourse greece last year) ab stadium(whent there 3-4 times when both henriksen and michaelsen where playing there)
  10. and arminia also missed a penalty + had a goal disallowed for offside wich a very close call!and u scored almost on every chance u had! now blackburn awaits
  11. arminia is awaiting in 1 hour! if u lose this 1 then it is 1 step forward(beating bremen) and 2 steps backwards(losing to arminia) ;)
  12. It was not his fault either.Where are you going(ennoo pou pas?) with Anatolakis,Maurogenidis,Kafes,Pantos,Maric,Rezic,Vallas?To play in europe? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :nw: :nw: thanks for the laugh man :tup: :tup:
  13. for me it is like a club!but u have to be near 30 to get in :LOL: :LOL:
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