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  1. Well now that the season is officially over is it not time to sack a coach like we normaly do?
  2. Look the freeview channels by (dvb-t) is available with a normal antenna and a normarl lcd-plasma tv with all have mpeg-2 tuners onboard. some also have mpeg-4(hd) tuner onboard. and not so long ago i saw a greek superleague match broadcasted by NET where the camera was a hd camera so i think ert already have the equipment ready along with skai and nova.
  3. Latest news is september 2009! nova mix will be the first hd channel by nova and it will also show greek football live!!! also ote is also testing on hellas sat and next year a whole package will be available by them! skai has also said they are ready to start broadcast in hd.
  4. also the digital swichtover in greece are in 1408 days!
  5. they are all been broadcast by nova in sd(standard definition) for many years now! and actually nova will start broadcasting 1(greek) and some international hd channels by november 2009. also the dvb-t in greece will start for also the private run channels(mega-star and etc) in october-nover 2009. until now it is only 4-5 channels but soon ert will also launch more. for more info check this. http://www.ertdigital.gr/index.html
  6. there is also a non writen rule! u dont give such penalties in the 93 min aka last second.
  7. we are dead and the sooner we fire htc the better we will not even finish 5th this year with that fool! we won 2 games in cl but still got arsefooked in cyprus in greece he is making frinos a manga! it is all his fault no one else cause hi picks the squad and also makes the subs!
  8. ok so why dont we just play with our youth team then?i am sure they would have as many points as thoose clowns we have in the 1st team.
  9. Sorry, but if I was manager I'd put the bus in front of the goal and hope PAO hangs on because a 0-0 would be a tremendous result. I'm sorry to say that when considering a team that scores for fun (Weder) against a team without a defence (PAO) in Germany, then all I can see is an embarassing result.Prediction: Weder 5-1 PAO :( spot on mate!that will be the result on sunday! :box: :box: :box: :box:
  10. Here u go! phantis league 39598-15884 :box: :box: :tup: ofcourse i am also in
  11. luca toni had several good seasons at palermo before
  12. we need TOP CLASS goalie and atleast 1 TOP CLASS center back or else we will even have major problems against sparta prague.
  13. exactly! salpi is a player who can reach a certain level and i think he already has done that or close to.he will never get much better that this
  14. dean bouzanis(liverpool youth squad) has already played for the under 19 i think
  15. as long as we win we still have a chance! but i think it will be 3-1 to us if we play the 4-3-3
  16. 5-4-1 against sweden? it is not like we are playing spain or argentina-brazil. why should we play with 3 center backs? we should have been playing 4-2-1-2-1(4-3-3) with 2 centerbacks 2 full backs 2 dm 1 amc 2 wide forwards 1 center forwards. this is gonna be to easy for sweden to cope with! we can only pray for a win :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: pame ellas.
  17. Im saying recently... Aside from Dimoutsos, Spyropoulos and Petropoulos (who I forgot about) We shouldnt have slept on Rikka and Kiliaras... Kiliaras is a young creative CM player we can use as a sub for the future.... Its better having Kiliaras on the squad than losers like Yergi Tsitsi... We have no young defenders except for Siontis and hes loaned out...The rest are sub par... We need some good young defenders in ADDITION to getting Starting defenders.. koiliaras!he is a left mid! we already have ivan and kara can also play there! if we need some mids we should go for some high-profile players from outside greece. or else we will not make a glory run in europe.
  18. i also hope pes gets the boot! but this not his fault(loss today) it is goumas-especialy morris(pure s. once again)- ga.inovic(4th string goalie at most at any b-division side in the top 5-6 euro leagues!- vyntra- spyropoulos(pure shiite in terms of value)- tsiolis . ps! the tsiolis and vyntra comments have been removed cause they are not even worthy of even the worst words! next year :gr: :tup: :tup:
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