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  1. dave


    thank you i hope for good news
  2. dave


    someone knows why giovanni is out from the game against levadiakos? thank you
  3. GOOD LUCK GIO :nw: :nw: :nw:
  4. Giovanni has been the most skillfull player of OSFP! HE IS A GREAT PLAYER! CIAO GIO
  5. Gio MUST REMAIN at OLympiakos! He is, with Rivaldo, the best and skillfull player of the champioship Non capite una mazza, andatevi a ricedere il suo ultimo gol...... me Rivaldo kai Giovanni 8a mas kanete tsimpoukia sto limani!!!
  6. :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: GIOVANNI :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  7. dave

    Group 8

    A.O. Aiolikos Mytilinis (best attack, best defense, 9 win on 9 games, top scorer Papadimitriou with 13 goals) continues his road to the promotion in C division, also in the last day the team of Lesvos gained 3 points against Glyka Nera (3-0). The only team that could create problems to the leader is now Iraklis Psachnon (District of Evoia), still –5 to the top but with a great opportunity in the next game, in fact the match scheduled (day 10) is at home against Aiolikos. A.O. Koropi and A.O. Enosi Aspropyrgos Doxa follow in the table (-3 to the 2nd place) and if there will be a victory of Aiolikos they could profit, exspecially Aspropyrgos (away with Agias Marinas). We can also say that a very imporetant match will take place in day 11, Koropi will face Aiolikos. Koropi won against Kaspakas (as expected, 7-1) and returned to victory after 3 games. I think that A.O. Glyka Nera Athens (Anatolikis Attikis) and A.O. Mandraikos (Dytikis Attikis) will be a danger for all the top-teams but won’t be involved in the promotion-affaire. A.O. Panelefsiniakos lost 2-1 away against Aspropyrgos in the derby of District of Dytikis Attikis, not a bad result with one of the strongest team of the group (if compared with 0-4 with Aiolikos-day 4 and Koropi-day 2), but Pyrgos Chios gained the 7th place (1-0 with Agias Marinas). Last year in the final of EPS Dytikis Attikis Cup Aspropyrgos won with the same result with Panelefsiniakos, while in D Division 2002-2003 the result was 3-1 (but in the return match Panelefsiniakos won 3-2). Next day Panelefsiniakos has a very important game against Evoikos. Atromitos Agiou Georgiou (Chios) made a good performance away with Evoikos Chalkida (team with the worst attack of the group) and let the other team of Evoia 1 point below. Atromitos Agias Marinas (Lesvos) was supposed to obtain more points in the last 4 games-most with teams that last year were in Regional Division,-but made only 4 points (3 against Kaspakas and 1 with Panelefsiniakos, lost with Agiou Georgiou). We can remember that also Koropi last year was in Regional Division (EPS Anatolis Attikis Division 1). A.O. Kaspakas Limnos (Lesvos) in 2002-2003 D Division championship after 9 games on 30 had 3 points (day 4 , 2-1 with Mykonos), at the end of that season 8 points and 110 goals conceided (average 3.6 per game). This season after 9 game the average is 5.2. DAY 9 Results
  8. Situation of Group 8 after 8 days Aiolikos is on the rop (+5) with an impressive demonstration of power (+ 5 on the second team, 8 win on 8). Koropi (1 point in the last 3 matches) after a good start lost the second place in favour of Iraklis Psachnon, the others teams that can fight for the second place are Aspropyrgos, Glyka Nera and Mandraikos. Panelefsiniakos made 8 points in the last 4 matches but lost an opportunity to gain more points in the last game against Pyrgos Chios. On the bottom Kaspakas has 0 points (as in the championship 2002-2003 the team is going to be relegated), there are 4 teams in 3 points. Next day (21-11-2004)
  9. dave

    7th place

    :tup: Last 2 matches of Panelefsiniakos 2-0 against Atromitos Agiou :tup: 1-1 with Agias Marina :D We reach the 7th place in the standings with 8 points (2-2-3 ; 6-11)
  11. dave


    FINALLY :tup: :tup: :tup: FIRST WIN FOR PANELEFSINIAKOS :nw: :nw: :nw: first 2 goals :D :D :D PANELEFSINIAKOS-AGIOU GEORGIOU 2-0 :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: The last victory in D Division of the team was against Kaspakas in the 30 day of 2002-2003 season (18-5-2003), 3-1 the final result and.....next day we play against Kaspakas (the last team of the table....)
  12. dave


    As expected Panelefsiniakos lost against Aiolikos, a very strong team, the championship of the team of Elefsina begins next day against Atromitos Agiou Georgiou, we must win! A negative note Panelefsiniakos is the only team of group 8 without a gola scored :( :( :(
  13. dave


    thank you very much!
  14. Dear Gobekli i TOTALLY agree with you GIOVANNI THE BEST :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:
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