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  1. Djebour,the former AEK striker is at this moment at the Olympiakos main offices ready to sign a 6 month + 2 year summer option with our club.
  2. Olympiakos has freezed for now the talks with Panionios about Komourtzi and we also have a negative result about Vellios of Irakli because the player did not want to stay on a loan to his current team for 6 months and join Olympiakos in the summer.He wanted to move now to Peiraias and the deal is off as of right now.On another front Olympiakos is also in talks with Panseraikos for Gerorgiadi and Anakoglou but that is transfers the future and not for right this moment needs of the club.
  3. The latest news: 1)Maniatis will be signing and joining Olympiakos today after the Olympiakos vs Iraklis game. 2)Komourtzi will also sign in the next couple of days but he will join Olympiakos after Panionios game against Pao. 3)Moniakis from OFI will get signed but then he will be given on a loan to Kerkyra for 6 months. 4)Iraklis and Olympiakos are ready to make a deal that will send Vellios to us and Galitsios to Iraklis.
  4. Apparently in the meeting that Marinakis had with Ventouris the 2 Panionios players,Maniatis and Komourtzi will join Olympiakos now with Mitroglou and Galitsio or G.Papadopoulo or Moniaki paid in full by Olympiakos going to the Nea Smyrni club + 1.5 mil euros.Maniatis said that he wants the move to happen now and he would veto a deal that would had him wait the 6 months.Nothing is signed yet so we should wait for a few more days.
  5. Long time ago,almost 10-15 years ago,Panionios was gathering every year almost 200-300 kids and had one of the best youth academies in Greece.I know that because i played many times against those "atimous" when i was a soccer player in my youth.Now almost every club has academies and trying to become Barca. As for our transfers,Marinakis and Ventouris are supposed to have a meeting today and hopefully we will have a deal for Komourtzi and Maniatis with the first coming to our club now and the second one at summer time.As pao123 said Olympiakos will propably give Mitroglou and then either Moniaki or G.Papadopoulo also.Komourtzi was supposed to be a Pao target also but with the last couple of weeks drama over there i see that they might lose players instead of buying any. Komourtzi is a player that i like and he can really help since Dudu is recovering from the knee surgery and Ourtado had another injury today and does not look ready yet.My only question is why over-stall a transfer for almost 2 damn years.That is how long Olympiakos management and newspapers are talking about us getting that guy......mind you that summer time we said no of getting him with the excuse that he is not a DM exactly,while now we are getting him because we are lucking DM......anyway.
  6. Moniakis and Mitroglou have both said yes to go on a loan for 6 months to Panionios and also Olympiakos to pay 400k now and another 400k summer time but former Panionios president Tsakiris is asking for an extra 200k...
  7. I know that Milan put an 8 mil euros fee on him if anybody wants to buy him out.That is why yesterday they were saying that he might stay in Italy untill the summer but who really knows??? Olympiakos is doing some movements today since Manolis Moniakis from OFI has gone to our main offices and he is ready to sign a 4 year deal but he will go on a loan to Panionios propably with Mitroglou and 500k as we get Giannis Maniatis from them.
  8. Olympiakos so far has not made any deals yet but it seems that the Maniatis transfer to Olympiakos-Mitroglou on a loan and some money deal with Panionios is a posibility.AEK has also made an offer already but Panionios turned that offer down. Olympiakos asked the price for the 22yr old Ivan Rakitits of Schalke but the 11 mil for 3 year demand of the player is too much for Olympiakos at this moment. Then we have a big list of names that have made the newspapers that as always include Castillo as 1 of the names but i wont post anything unless i see a signed paper for any of the players that olympiakos is "looking at".
  9. Aris proved to all of us that greek teams can perform miracles.Great away win against the UEFA cup current title holder in their home is not something that we see every day.
  10. AEL FC Arena is the name that they picked for the new stadium. Here is the whole announcement from AEL president Kostas Pidalakis:
  11. Maybe we should start using the 5 ref thing that UEFA is using for the CL games this year but also we need to create and allow the greek version of the Kolinas to take the head reaf jobs instead of the corrupt and manipulated system that exists today.We need to stop promoting the ones with friends and relatives in high places and use only the capable and corect people.The bad thing is that the big clubs are the ones that are complaining the most while the small are left in the wind....
  12. Apparently Olympiakos had an offer of 1.5mil to sell Zairi to Genoa but management and coach said no.Nice.
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