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  1. Djebbour just lost a golden opportunity to score the equalizer.
  2. Valverde just made both of his last changes Makoun and Ibagaza IN Fetja and Fuster OUT
  3. They controll the midfield so they create a lot dangerous situations for us.
  4. Marseille controlls the ball more and they look a lot more dangerous and ready than Olympiakos so far.I feel lucky that the game is still 0-0.
  5. Irlandos does my link work for you?
  6. http://real-tv-sport.com/channel-4.php I found this one.
  7. Do we have any link for the game?
  8. Great game for Olympiakos especially since Marinakis and Valverde looked that the team has major needs that need to be covered right away......wake up call i hope so we can NOW adress more seriously the fact that we dont have a REAL DM in our team and now we might get one or two of those plus another striker/forward.......GOOD TIMES...
  9. First off all hello. Second it is weird the fact that the greek press green and red and other colours,have a short memory and dont remember that the same exact thing happened last year but Olympiakos was in the same shoes that Pao is right now so no need for all this big doom words and front page bs that i saw today.. Pao was unlucky on the game yesterday not to score in crucial moments of the game and unfortunatelly Maccabi was able to capitalize after their first goal in the second half and manage to score 2 more after that. Many things are wrong with the club,no real president or boar
  10. Thank you all for not forgeting about me....i am old now,36 damn it...:)
  11. You called it alright and i still not get what is the story with our players making stupid fouls after being provoked and getting red cards for it.First Torosidis with Leto,now Riera,wtf?
  12. pao123 i would have agreed with you on principal since most of us here are the same,normal thinking greeks that like a team and our country but mostly we enjoy the game but after the official Pao announcement and especially that part:<<(
  13. I have been saying that for 5-6 years now but nobody else in Greece sees things the same way that we do.
  14. No points should be deducted.Olympiakos giving a few games with no fans at home and a big fine,yes but points no way Jose....
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