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  1. What would suffice as concrete evidence?
  2. yes it is his son, in fact i think there a two currently in our youth.
  3. About the wikipedia entry , that was me that edited it to remove his link to pao haha.It originally stated he spent a short spell at panathinaikos, and referenced the webiste i showed earlier. Thanks for the sentra goal link, i suspected it would have been for a another lower ranked team. It still surprises me that a professional football club, can still get the credentials of there own footballers wrong.
  4. On the Adeliade United website (Australian A-League Team) its states that there player Francisco Usucar had a stint on loan to panathinaikos (2009?). http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/adelai...sco-Usucar/1934 I have had this argument before with some friends that he has never ever been on loan to Panathinaikos. However every article or report on this player states the same thing, surely the club would have the legitimate records of there players? Can anybody clarify, or confirm?
  5. I sincerely hope alafouzos plan comes to fruition. i would be willing to put my own money where my mouth is, as long as the right systems are put in place, to ensure the clubs survival. At this point the playing roster is less important as opposed to laying the right foundation to give financial stability to the club.
  6. Selling simao for anything less than half his buy out clause would be bad business. Especially to russian teams, who seem to pay ridiculous figures for players. Personally i wouldnt sell him at all, he is a valuable player. I classify him as a player we produced and plucked out of obscurity. Essentially its like he came from our youth system even though thats not true. In terms of boumsong, fine if a decent offer comes in, sell him. However he needs to be replaced, with another CB who has height. As relying on Kante/Sarriegi & Bjarsmyr to bail us out under the high ball is suicidal. Hopefully Moras does come in when boum leaves, even though i have never really rated Moras to begin with, but it is what it is.
  7. The talent is there, the depth isnt. Yes i believe if they play to there abilities, and have the desire to win we can defeat Odense. After Odense is a different story, if the new players arent ready to play, then no we dont have the talent to go beyond Odense.
  8. 100% correct...From memory alone i can think of the following youth players since 2005, who signed professional contracts with the club, only to fade away 1 year after doing so.... Bousinakis oxyzoglou sikalias tripotseris kritikos tsemperidis gadzhev siontis vellidis stathis pantelis katranas pangalis kravaritis konstantindis pantidos boutzikos ninis I can keep going on with list. The only one who has actually progressed, and we are still doubting his actual progression is Ninis.
  9. I understand and i agree, just to clarify i wasnt specifically responding to you, it was merely a response to general comments ive read on the web who were unsubstantially hyping up Odense ( even though they know nothing about them), and rubbishing Pao unfairly. I do also fear our defense will never solidify or work well, (especially if boumsong is sold without a replacement). However i have some faith that the team as a unit will improve, and perhaps our defense can start from the front, rather than our defense copping the full force of every oppositions attacking play.
  10. As much as we may be disappointed in our own team, i still dont think we should be that pessimistic, Odense is no powerhouse ( not saying we should underestimate them either). There results in Europe last year werent that impressive, and despite coming second in the danish league, they did finish 26 Points behind Copenhagen, with 16 Wins 7 Draws 10 Losses. Of course the next stage is when it gets difficult, but till that stage, we will hopefully be alot stronger, fitter, and with squad depth.
  11. I will try to pao123....by the way what happened...i havent been on here in ages...it seems a bit deserted? Also i agree with you on Plessis... I am still struggling to understand apart from his height, what potential was seen in him, i mean he has to have some?? right? Is his attitude wrong that makes him seem so hopeless, did he just have the games of his life when scouts were watching? This player amazes me, as i had high hopes.
  12. I have watched all the friendlies so far, and i can say that Cleyton hasnt be horrible, he can still provide a spark in pao's dreary midfield, however playing as a lone striker didnt help his performances. I think its unfair to judge him when he is played out of position. He will definetly be handy this year.
  13. wait you beat the better and stronger team Roma but then say,ok that is enough,lets lose to Standard Liege??I find that hard to believe. your probably the only one who finds it hard to believe.
  14. on other transfer related news, my local team...well the team i play for has signed up chris kalantzis (former oly/pao player)...so he is in his late 40's....thats the closest i will get to playing alongside a pao player.....exciting stuff..
  15. he shouldnt be tired at all.....simao has been doing all the running for him the past few weeks...
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