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  1. A new stadium is 5-10 years away! We need our own training facilties first! A WORLD CLASS ONE
  2. Hes next move to Bochum will fail if history has anything to do with it. He went awesome at Kalithea and went to PAO and was a flop. Only reason he made the national team is cause he was playing for an athenian team. He will od the same this year. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE!
  3. Your account has been placed under moderated posting rules... The Moderating team
  4. Bravo fani, he scored again in the cup keep it up champ
  5. BRAVO FANI PROVE IT TO PAO that u have something
  6. For the Greek League to improve Paok must become strong. They must stop quick fix solutions this is bullshit. Why is it so hard to have a strong PAOK. yamoto
  7. Watching the game Olympiakos v Ionikos on the weekend on Antenna Pacific in Australia, it had a very profesional feel to it. Watching the game it felt like i was watching a game from the LA liga or the Seria A soemthing many A Ethiniki games dont have and with a new stadium of PAO and given that it will be sold out, it will help to the improvement of the A ETHINIKI AEK MUST BE NEXT WITH THEIR NEW STADIUM. VOTANIKO NOW. START F***EN BUILDING CUNTS!!!!!
  8. Whats the latest on the Pao stadium plans?? will they have one buy next season in two seasons, whats the latest???
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